Sasuke was sitting at his table, enjoying the batch of freshly cooked pancakes when he heard a knock at his door. He sighed and put down his fork. Grumbling and glaring as he answered the door, and was even more ticked to find no one there. He was about to close the door and go back to his pancakes when something shiny on the porch caught his attention. He looked down to see a shiny, orange, badly wrapped gift.

"Great, more fan girls…" he sighed, picking the present up, intending to through it out, "But I've never seen one this badly done. Who's it from?"

He turned the box around but could find no tag or anything proclaiming undying love, just an excessive amount of tape.

"Is this person obsessed with tape or what?" he said out loud. Curiosity got the better of him and, after quickly glancing around to make sure no one was looking, he attempted to open the gift, 'Just to see if it's possible to open.' he told himself. It was surprisingly easy to get the tape off and he was going to throw out the box and wrapping paper when the top, that was on the bottom, fell off and the gift landed on the floor, along with a little card that said 'Merry Christmas, Sasuke' in messy hand writing. He picked up the card and looked at the familiar messy scribble, trying to remember where he had seen it before.

He bent down to pick up the present, a heart plushy that looked like it had been hand sewn by someone not experienced with sewing needles. He threw out the box and wrapping paper and took the gift and card to the table with him, wondering who it could be from, when suddenly it clicked. The orange wrapping paper, the messy writing, how could he not have noticed it before? The only person he knew obsessed enough with orange to get orange wrapping paper was Naruto.

Sasuke blushed, was Naruto trying to tell him something? He continued to stare at the heart, the blush slowly growing. 'No, it couldn't be…' he argued with himself, 'He couldn't like me, not the way I like him anyway.'

He sighed and gave the heart a hug before going upstairs and putting it on his bed.

"I'll have to thank him for the gift later….and get him something too. Hmm…." Sasuke shrugged and went back down stairs to finish his pancakes.

-at Naru-chan's house-

Naruto sat with his back to the front door, panting slightly from his mad dash away from the Uchiha mansion. He half hoped Sasuke realized it was from him, the other half hoped he never figured out who it was from, and never opened it.

'Knowing Sasuke,' he thought, 'he just threw it out.' He looked at his hands, covered in bandages from all the times he stabbed his hands. "Last time I sew something." he let his hands fall to his sides before standing up. "Oh well, time to go to the bridge."

He stood up and walked out of his house and walked down to the bridge to meet the rest of his team. He ran up to Sakura and immediately started talking to her. Sasuke was already there and Sakura was trying to talk to him. Naruto kept looking at Sasuke, and every couple minutes Sasuke would catch him and Naruto would look away blushing.

It wasn't until about half an hour after they arrived that Kakashi showed up and told them that they had the week off for a Christmas break.

"WHAT?" yelled Naruto, "You made us wait for half an hour out in the cold to tell us we have the week off?"

"Yup! See ya!" he said, disappearing with a poof.

Everyone sighed before going back home.

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