Welcome Back To Tree Hill

Chapter 1

"Dear Tree Hill High Graduate of 2007,

We cordially invite you to our ten year reunion being held on Saturday, June 30th, at one o'clock, at Tree Hill Highschool itself. Save the date so you won't miss out on catching up with all your old classmates. You are allowed to bring up to two guests, but please let us know ahead of time how many people will be attending. Please RSVP by June 5th, we look forward to seeing you there."

"You'll never guess what we got in the mail today." Haley said, spotting Nathan walking towards her.


"There's going to be a reunion for highschool."

"We're not going." Nathan immediately said.

"Why? We haven't seen everybody in such a long time."

"Brooke lives right next door."

"Besides her. Lucas and Peyton are in NewYork, and I haven't seenEmily since she was born." Haley said referring to Lucas and Peyton's three year old daughter.


A lot had changed since the once five best friends graduated from highschool. Peyton and Brooke never really rekindled their friendship, especially after Lucas proposed to Peyton, Brooke got very jealous, she didn't even attend the wedding. Nathan and Haley hadn't changed much though, they had their first child, Jason, their senior year. Jason is very athletic just like Nathan, he is very smart like Haley. He is ten years old. The only that had changed was that their family grew. Five years after Jason, they had their baby girl, Chelsea. Chelsea isn't like Nathan or Haley, she is more like Brooke. Sometimes she has a bitchy attitude and she knows how to get what she wants. She is five. The Scott family sees Brooke practically every day, after all she does live right next door. Brooke acts like an aunt to Nathan and Haley's kids.

Lucas and Peyton decided to get away from Tree Hill and move to New York. Their relationship was fine. That is until Jake came back into the picture. Lucas noticed some sort of attraction between the two but let it pass as nothing. Two weeks later, Peyton admitted they had a one night stand and she swore it didn't mean anything and begged for forgiveness. Lucas forgave, but ever since then, he watched over Peyton more carefully. A month later, she found out her and Lucas would be having a child, Emily.

Brooke hasn't really been involved in any long term relationship since Lucas. However, she has hooked up with random guys but those relationships ended within a week. Her heart truly belongs to Lucas.


"Brooke is not going to be happy when she finds out about this." Nathan said, referring to Brooke's jealousy.

"It's been a few years. Maybe she's over it."

"Nah. I doubt it. Brooke will never forget it. She will always love Lucas and she will always be jealous that Peyton got him. She may not even want to go. So, I think we should stay home too, and keep her company." Nathan replied, trying to get out of going to the reunion.

"Um, no. Nice try, but you're not getting out of this."

"It didn't hurt to try." Nathan said while picking up the invitation, Haley shaking her head.

"It says here we can take two guests. Wanna take the kids?"

"I guess. That way if Brooke happens to go, there are little kids there so she can't start a bitch fight with Peyton." Haley said joking around.

A racket was then heard from upstairs.

"Stop bothering me!"

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"You sure you wanna take them?" Nathan asked with a smirk.

"Kids will you stop fighting!" Haley then screamed just as the doorbell rang.

"You get the door, I'll take care of the kids." Nathan said, getting up to break the fight upstairs.

"Who is it?"

"Brooke." Brooke did not sound happy, at all.

"This should be fun." Haley muttered to herself.

"Hey Broo-." Haley was cut short by a very angered Brooke.

"Lucas and the slut are coming to town!" Brooke screamed outraged, shoving the invitation in Haley's face.


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