1And it happened just like that. Neither knowing what was going on or how it had began, but there was a need within them both which was begging to be satisfied. Burning from the side out like everything was lit in flames with every touch, despite the cold air outside.

Freezing hands roamed smooth naturally tanned skin; remembering each and every spot of that persons body. Clothes forgotten on the floor. Those tanned hands buried themself in dark black locks of the person above him, trying to gain more skin to skin contact by pulling. Clinging to each other like it was the end of reality.

And maybe, just maybe it was to them. But it didn't stop.





At that moment it was only them in the world. Only Sasuke and Naruto, the passion laced between them, and the bed under Naruto's back. No one noticed the bed squeaking in protest to the hard movements, or the loud moans erupting from both men as desire washed over them. The muffled 'Naruto' and the scream of 'Sasuke' as both climaxed was hidden withing the love between them.

They were content wrapped in each others arms at the end. Blankets encircled their bodies as the snuggled close to one another.

And with a whispered, "Merry Christmas, Dobe."

It's enough to make the other know that for once he's actually wanted.