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Note: Takes place in modern time!

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Forget Me Not: it takes on the literal meaning don't forget me and the flower which stands for true love.

Kisa, Haru and Tohru are related. I made Haru older though! Tohru-16/17, Kisa-13, and Haru–18

Two teenagers sat lip-locked under a cherry blossom tree. Pink petals fluttered around aimlessly landing around the couple. They broke apart after a minute or two. The brunette girl stared at the boy, a mop of silver hair sat on top of his head. He reached forward and held onto her hand in a loving gesture. On her left ring finger sat a diamond engagement ring. She smiled and opened her brown eyes staring at the man, but instead of his face, all she could see was a peach colored smudge. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against her cheek. She shut her eyes again and wrapped her arms around his waist, and he did the same back to her.

"I love you Tohru…"

Tohru jumped up sitting upright in her bed waking up right away. She glanced around her room wildly for a minute before she realized she had just had a dream. Tohru swallowed nervously. That was an embarrassing dream to have. Covering her face with her hands, she could feel how warm her cheeks were. She usually didn't fantasize about boys or kissing them, but his kiss and his embrace, they both felt so realistic to her. Just remembering that kiss was enough to make her blush. Shaking her head, she made an attempt to clear that image from her head but failed miserably. Still unable to stop her dream from replaying in her mind, Tohru climbed out of her bed and decided to get ready for her day. Today was a very important day after all, and she couldn't waste her time day dreaming about some man and her.

She walked over to her closet and pulled out the outfit she had selected yesterday. Slipping out of her pajamas she pulled on a plain tan skirt and a white shirt. Tohru made her way over to her dressing table after she had changed out of her night gown and selected a simple ribbon from her drawer. She pulled the front half of her hair back and wrapped the ribbon around her brown locks to keep her hair in place. Next, Tohru draped a hooded cloak around her shoulders. Her hands fumbled tying together the two strings of her cloak together. Now, only her bright brown eyes and a little of her face showed with her hood on. This look suited her perfectly considering the fact that she didn't want anyone to recognize her at town today. Being a princess, she usually drew a lot of attention to herself.

She took a deep breath checking around her bedroom one last time before she opened the window. Tohru grabbed the rope off of her cabinet and tied one end to her bed post. Gathering the rest of the rope in her arms, she headed over to her open window and tossed the rope out. The thick rope dived down the castle wall and landed on the grass behind a bush in a bundle. Slowly she climbed out the window. Her hands were wrapped tightly around the rope as she made her way down the wall from her third floor room. As she went downwards, she continued to count to ten repeatedly to keep herself calm. Despite her efforts to remain relaxed, several feet from the ground she lost her grip. She shrieked as she dropped onto the bushes below her. Soft footsteps could be heard nearing where she was lying. Tohru quickly scrambled out of the bushes spotting Haru standing in front of her.

"Niisan(big brother)! You found me…" Tohru sighed kneeling on the ground with her head hanging in shame.

"Well, you do always sneak out this time of year…" replied Haru flatly.

"You're not going to tell Hakufu(uncle), are you?" asked Tohru nervously.

Her eyes glimmered with fear. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to go out and get Kisa, her younger sister, a gift. Today was Kisa's birthday, and as of now she had nothing she could give the little girl. That wouldn't be good; she would hate to tell Kisa she had no gift. Kisa would be so disappointed in her. Tohru looked up with him with a sheepish smile hoping he wouldn't be angry. As far as she knew, this was the first time anyone had caught her when she was sneaking out. Haru kept his expression strict, but he wouldn't tell anyone. He was her big brother; he wanted to help her, not make her hate him or work against him. Though with Tohru, hate and work against didn't seem like terms she was familiar with.

"If I did, Kisa wouldn't have a birthday gift, now would she?" Haru muttered with a smile.

"Thank you Nii-san!!!" exclaimed Tohru as she got back onto her feet. She wrapped her arms around her older brother tightly. He patted her back three times before pulling away from her. If she stayed here any longer, he knew she wouldn't make it back on time. Tohru wasn't aware of it, but Haru knew she got Kisa a gift on her birthday every year; he knew when she left, and he knew exactly how long it took her to pick out a gift and get back to the castle. Tohru beamed at him and bowed her head with pure gratitude. She didn't know what she would have done if Haru didn't let her go. He was a rather overprotective brother after all.

"But be careful. A princess of Daichi shouldn't be out without any guards," Haru warned as he pulled a leaf out of her hair.

"I will," replied Tohru with a reassuring smile.

"You have a couple of hours to spare. Be back by noon though," Haru reminded her.

"Don't worry! I'll be fine," Tohru reassured the worried white haired teen.

Haru walked with Tohru to the secret exit which was hidden behind a thick row of thorny trees. He was actually the one who had discovered the exit when he was a child. Always looking for ways to leave the castle by himself, he had been the rebellious child. Tohru didn't like the fact that she was leaving without permission, but she had no other choice. Her aunt and uncle didn't like any of them going to town on their own or with a guard. Deciding not to fret over it, she knelt down in front of the dull grey, brick wall and ran her fingers across it looking for the loose bricks. Tohru's face lit up as she found them. She lightly pushed them out one at a time. Haru helped her shove the rest of them aside so she could get out quicker. The hole made after they had removed the bricks was barely big enough for Tohru to squeeze out of, but it would have to do.

Rarely anyone came by here since the wall seemed tall and sturdy, and the trees were hard to get by. This was perfect for the siblings because if guards did come by, they wouldn't be able to sneak out anymore. Most of the guards hung around the gate and castle anyways. They never thought anyone would want to sneak out of the palace, they didn't even know that their strong wall had any loose bricks. Only three people knew about it, Tohru, Haru and Kisa. Tohru crawled under the small gap in the wall and waved to Haru before standing up. He smiled before he put the bricks back in place cutting her off from his view. She brushed the dirt off of her hands and skirt before scurrying down the road grateful that she had gotten out safely.

He ran one of his hands over the top of his head surprised that no one had ever caught her yet. She wasn't exactly a sneaky person or quiet since she was so clumsy. He was pretty shocked that she had managed to get to the other side of the wall without hitting her head. Haru sighed as he headed back to the castle worried that she would get lost or get in trouble and come back late. Either way, it would be partially his fault for not stopping her or even offering to go with her. A part of him wanted to follow her and watch her to keep her safe, but he knew his role know. All he had to do now was cover up for her until she got back. He couldn't help but wonder what she'd do without him. Didn't she know that people were constantly looking for her on days like these?

"Nii-san!" called Kisa as she ran towards Haru.

His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of his youngest sister, Kisa. Haru stopped walking so she could catch up to him. She stopped breathlessly by Haru gasping for air. Haru turned around to face her with a half smile patiently waiting for the birthday girl to catch her breath. It seemed like she had been running around for a while looking for him. He was curious to know why she was looking for him, usually she preferred to go to Tohru, but Tohru wasn't here. Tohru not being here was probably why she was looking for him. Her disappearance was noticed quicker than he had anticipated. He patted her head, a wordless, beforehand apology for making her worry and for not being able to tell her where Tohru was.

"Hey Kisa," Haru greeted her.

"Good morning… Have you seen Onee-chan (big sister)?" Kisa gasped in between breaths.

"No I haven't…" Haru lied coolly.

"I should tell Oubasan (aunt) and Hakufu! Onee-chan is missing!" cried Kisa worriedly.

"Don't worry about Tohru. She'll show up sooner or later…Why don't you go get ready for your party?" Haru suggested trying to distract the light orange haired girl.

"Yeah okay… but I'm still worried about Onee-chan," replied Kisa with a slight nod.

Haru smiled as he watched her run off. A sigh of relief left his mouth. Kisa hadn't suspected a thing. She was so innocent, not yet grasping the concept of a lie yet even though she was thirteen. Secretly he preferred her ignorance; it made things a lot easier. He didn't know what else he would say if she hadn't bought that, but he was a good liar; he was sure he would have been able to come up with something. Haru decided he had better come up with one story for where Tohru was before he made up several excuses; they'd know he was lying for sure then. He would have stuck with pretending he knew nothing, but then they'd send out a search party for her. That meant he'd have to use his old lie, he had sent Tohru out on an errand. Satisfied with this choice, Haru moved on, whistling a soft tune ready to practice his acting with more lies to anyone who questioned Tohru's whereabouts.

Tohru had arrived at the town pretty quickly. She walked around the streets stopping to look at the items each shop had via the windows. Nothing stuck out to her as something Kisa would adore and cherish for a long time. Kisa was the type of girl who would like anything, but she wanted the gift to be special! She continued down the sidewalk lost in her thoughts. Her head hurt a bit. Haru had explained to her she had been in a car accident recently even though she couldn't remember it. She assumed it was from hitting her head during the accident or something like that. Rubbing her head she continued on her way. She didn't have time to stop; she had to get back to the castle before noon.

"I miss mom and dad. Oubasan and Hakufu are stricter. Mom would have come with me to go shopping but… now they both are gone… About two years ago mom and dad were killed by a terrible car crash. The driver was never found. Since then Oubasan and Hakufu ruled the kingdom. I don't remember the accident clearly but that's what everyone told me… But I know that things changed dramatically…"

Tohru let out a deep breath as she started to walk across the road. Depression started to get to her. Every time she thought about her mother and father she couldn't help but feel forlorn. She had been close to them, especially to her mother, Kyoko, her mom was practically her best friend. They did everything together, they cooked, they cleaned and most of all they talked sharing all their secrets. It didn't matter that they were royalty; they enjoyed to help the servants even though her father, Katsuya, didn't approve of them doing chores. It seemed like just yesterday her mother was laughing with her but now she just had Haru and Kisa. What she couldn't figure out was why she couldn't remember anything about them dying, nothing at all, Haru told her it was because she didn't want to remember that she forced herself to forget, she had believed that for a while but now she wasn't so sure. The timing didn't seem to match up at all.

"Hakufu got in a terrible fight with the king of our neighboring country, Kaze. They are now the worst of enemies, a war almost broke out a while ago. The tension slightly eased… but … they still don't get along. The town is on the boundary between Daichi and Kaze so I guess that's why Hakufu doesn't like it when we come here. That's why we sneak out. Mom and dad used to be good friends with the king and queen of Kaze… But I don't remember much about them except they had two sons and one was very handsome and around my age… I don't remember what he looked like… What was his name again? Haru should know… Maybe I'll ask him later…"

"Watch out!!!"

Tohru spun around to see a speeding car racing off in her direction. She couldn't move; her feet were frozen to the ground. The car continued to get closer and closer to her. She wanted to scream but no words came out; she couldn't even breathe. Her heart pounded in her chest loudly and quickly. Time seemed to slow down; the car was less than a couple of yards away from her now. She could already see the driver, and yet she still couldn't pick up her feet. A silver haired boy ran into the street swiftly yet gently shoving her out of the way. The next thing she knew she was lying on the floor next to the boy as the car passed. Her eyes were still shut, and her body was tense in preparation for the impact, but she felt none, other than someone shoving her out of the way. Tohru blinked, what just happened not fully sinking in yet. She glanced around, her eyes trailing to the car that was continuing down the road.

"Sorry! My brakes are broken! I can't stop!!!" the man called looking back out of his window apologetically.

His car continued to speed down the road not slowing down one bit. It sped past a red light, swerving around other honking cars until it turned a corner and was out of Tohru's sight. She peered around the area once more, still trying to piece together what had happened when her eyes landed on her savior. She blushed realizing that he wasn't a boy, more like a teenager, most likely around her age. The man ran his hand through his dark strands straightening out the silver mess. He turned to face her gazing at her seriously, his bangs falling over his eyes. He had silver hair just like the man from her dream she had earlier this morning. Gaping at him, her jaw dropped slightly and her eyes tripled in size. She shut her mouth only to open it again in attempt to say something. Blinking, she covered her mouth still struggling to speak.

"Are you alright?" the boy asked his head cocked to the side worriedly.

She stared into his grey eyes which were full of concern. He was very handsome. Strangely he looked very familiar like she had known him before. He was in her dream; of course she had to have seen him before at the least. How else would she have been able to dream about him? Who was he? Had they met before? If they had met before, she clearly couldn't remember him. At this point she couldn't even remember what had happened in her dream anymore. All she knew now was that he had been in one of her dreams, and that was starting to scare her. He continued to peer at her wondering why she wasn't responding to his questions. Peeling her hand off of her face, she took another look at her hero.

"I'm fi-fine," Tohru choked out with a dark blush.

"Are you hurt at all?" he continued.

"No…" replied Tohru.

"That's good," he responded with a smile.

His smile looked a little empty to her, but, nonetheless, it still lit up his face. A warmer smile would definitely make him look ten times more striking, if looking any better was even possible for this man. It was getting more difficult to look at him without blushing like a freaky stalker. She glanced down at her legs embarrassedly. He must think she was a complete idiot for spacing out in the middle of the road. Either that or he probably thought she had problems, serious issues. Tohru sometimes hated herself, she left the worst first impressions. She scolded her self mentally, repeating to herself over and over that she should stop thinking and walking at the same time; it was dangerous for her to do. Thinking and sitting didn't seem like something she should be doing either since she completely forgot that he was still there until she heard other people whispering about the two of them.

"Amazing!!! He saved her!!!" exclaimed a short girl pointing at the two at the ground.

"Ooh! I am so jealous!!!" cried another.

He seemed to be ignoring these comments. It didn't seem to surprise her; such a gorgeous guy must attract a lot of attention. Did he get these kinds of remarks often? But those girls were right in more than one way. He was extremely good looking, and he had saved her from getting hit by a car, something she hadn't expected anyone to do, not that she wasn't grateful. Tohru really had no clue how to thank him; he had saved her! She owed him her life! Without him she would have died or at least wound up in the hospital. Shyly peeking up at him, Tohru checked to see if he seemed angry at her for not showing any signs of appreciation for what he did. He was looking down at the floor, seeming to be thinking about something until he noticed that she was staring at him. He raised his eye brows at her, and she turned her head away from him before remembering why she was even looking at him.

"Oh! I forgot to thank you! You saved my life!!!" Tohru thanked him bowing her head.

"It was nothing…" He muttered as he stood up brushing off his pants.

"He risked his life to save me and he says it's nothing?"

He held out his hand to help her up. For a brief moment, all she could do was stare at his hand. When she figured out what he wanted her to do with his hand, Tohru shyly placed her hand in his, and he pulled her up swiftly. Her hand in his, it fit so perfectly, like fate had their meeting planned out ahead of time. His hand felt so warm against her cold skin, she could have sworn all her body heat left when she was on the road. Suddenly, he released her hand, and she was left feeling disappointed. She wanted him to continue holding her hand, but maybe that was a little too much to ask for considering he had just rescued her. Besides, it was rather silly of her to want some stranger to continue holding her hand.

"Can you walk?" he asked.

"Yes… Were you hurt?" replied Tohru peering over at him.

Her eyes scanned over his body quickly checking for any signs of an injury. She didn't find any and smiled. He appeared slightly taken aback by her genuine concern for his well being almost as if he had never seen anyone worry over him before. Tohru didn't bother checking over herself; she didn't feel hurt, and she'd rather spend this time admiring him. At home she had all the time in the world to make sure she wasn't harmed. Besides, even if she was hurt, she didn't know where a doctor was, but she wouldn't mind if he was secretly a doctor. He'd make a good doctor; he looked smart enough to be one, and she was sure he'd look good in one of those white coats doctors wore. She could imagine him as one, and she almost did, but he might not like that. He could secretly have a hate of looking like a doctor! That would be terrible…

"I'm okay…" He answered raking his fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry if you don't like looking like a doctor!" Tohru squeaked.

"Wha-what did you say?" Yuki asked giving her a baffled expression.

"Ah! Never mind…" Tohru breathed timidly.

He caught her staring at him a little too long. She glanced away quickly, her cheeks darkening. He looked back at her oddly. That was one of the lamest things she had ever blurted out in her life. Luckily he didn't appear to be offended. What had gotten into her? Tohru wasn't the type of girl to be gawking over a man, but he was different. She was positive if she had a life size portrait of him and looked at it every morning, she'd still be intrigued by how he looked. He was that handsome, no scratch that, he was gorgeous beyond words, and yet she couldn't shake the feeling that she somehow knew him, but a guy like this wasn't the sort that was forgotten. She shot a sideways glance at him. Nope, she definitely had no memories of the man whatsoever.

"I forgot to ask, what's your name?" Tohru changed the subject awkwardly.

"Yuki… and yours?"

"Oh! It's Tohru!"

"Nice to meet you Tohru-san," he responded politely.

"Oh! The pleasure is mine!" she exclaimed bowing her head respectfully.

Yuki stared at her. She definitely wasn't like any other girl he had met before, and she was also beautiful. Pretty and yet sweet, a rare find nowadays. Something about her lured his attention making him forget all else. Nothing around him mattered anymore. His focus was on her now and on making sure that he found out more about this Tohru. He didn't even remember why he was out here in the first place, but she had a strong hold on him, what else could have made him jump into the street to save her? For some reason he felt the urge to wrap his arms around her and kiss her. He restrained himself to save him and her from embarrassment.

Was this feeling called love at first sight? He felt so drawn to her already. Or was this feeling chemistry and the fact that they were both teenagers caught in the time when they were interested in the opposite sex? Whatever it was neither of them had ever felt this way before. This feeling, it was so intense, the attraction so strong it started to scare him. For the first time in his life, he felt breathless when he looked at a girl, and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Tohru, on the other hand, made herself stare at a pebble on the floor, she wasn't sure if she could handle looking at him any longer, her palms already felt covered in sweat.