"Twenty bucks?" Nikki hissed disbelievingly. "For a leather jacket?"

Quickly she took the dark brown jacket off its hook and inspected it. It was beautiful…a dark brown that almost looked black, the fringes purposely worn to a light shade of brown. There were plenty of pockets inside and out and, as she tried it on, it looked quite good on her. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, it was perfect. And she'd always wanted a leather jacket. Again, she checked the price tag. Twenty bucks. There was no question about it.

Trying to suppress the glee bubbling up inside of her, Nikki bustled to the cash register and bought the jacket. Immediately afterwards, she yanked off all offending tags and shrugged it on. She unzipped the front outside pockets and slid her hands inside. Suddenly she frowned and pulled out a small cylindrical object with tiny buttons all over it. Digging a little deeper with her other hand, she pulled out a blank card, about the size of a business card. Without a further thought, she searched the other pockets to find many other recognizable treasures.

As the shock wore off, a powerful giggle crept up and out of Nikki and she skipped happily away from the store.

"I have the Doctor's coat!" she declared quietly to herself, giggling all the way home.

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