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Kisses of my Innocence.

By the door of his Uchiha manor I gave him my first kiss, and I realized that he had the softest cheek in the world;


Today was just a normal day at the academy, sakura was writing notes, Naruto messing up and pranking, hell even Hinata was staring at Naruto.

She looked up to the clock, hoping for it to go faster just so that she could run outside to see her one and only daddy waiting to walk her home. Haruno Sakura smiled at the thought of walking home and telling him about all the things that she had learned today.

Tou-san is going to be sooooooo proud of me! And then he will…take me to get strawberry ice cream! Yay!

While she was busy daydreaming she failed to notice the stare of one of her closest friends, Uchiha Sasuke. He had been stealing glances at her the whole day.

I wonder what has her so happy? Maybe she knows that I am going to walk her home today! No! The dobe told her! It was supposed to be a surprise!

He scowled and then shook his head the bell was about the ring anyways.


She stood up from her seat waiting for the rest of the kids to leave before she takes her departure. Looking around the room she noticed her best friend sitting at his desk a sad look on his face.

Maybe he doesn't have someone to walk home with, wait! I will just have to walk my bestest best bester friend home! That will cheer him up! I just know it!

So determinedly, 5-year-old Haruno Sakura walked over to the equally 5-year-old Uchiha Sasuke.

He stood up and turned only to be faced with his long time friend and somewhat first crush

"Hey, Sasu-kun. Do you want to walk with me and my daddy today?" she asked cheerfulness in every word.

He smiled and nodded towards her, " I would love to walk with you Saku-Chan."


The three of them walked together (her dad walked with them) her hand enclosed in her fathers large hand, her left hand in Sasuke's equally small hand.

Minutes of walking and Sakura's non-stop chatter they reached the Uchiha Manor. He looked shyly at her before letting her hand go and he began to walk away.

Sakura looked up to her daddy before running off towards her best friend and possibly her first crush.


Sasuke reached his door and was about to turn the knob when he heard soft pit patting of feet behind him. He turns around to see Sakura standing beside him.

He raised an eyebrow in confusion; she only smiled and leaned closer to him.

His eyes widened as he felt the soft lips of Sakura hit his left cheek. After a second, she pulled away to see his eyes staring right at her and his cheeks ablaze.

"See you at school Sasuke-kun!" with that she ran off to her daddy who had a smile on his face and waved to the young Uchiha who stood there holding his cheek and planning on paying her back.


The only thought that ran through her mind that night was…

Sasuke-kun sure has soft cheeks.

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Under the tree in her backyard, I gave her two things, a birthday gift and my first kiss. The funny thing was that I thought that her lip-gloss tasted better than my moms cooking.