A.N. This is no ordinary Harry Potter fic. This story involves lies, deceit, deaths, "dead" people, and of course, the Order of the Pheonix and their weird way of recruiting members. There will be action, drama, Voldemort, Death Eaters, and maybe I'll throw in a little romance (I said maybe!). This is not related to my other stories, HP and the Snake Keeper, HP and the Duplaticus Curse, HP and the Deathday Curse, and After the Curses (but I really recommend that you read them!). I own nothing. It all belongs to the literature goddess (otherwise known as J.K. Rowling)


Run! Igor Karkaroff's brain was screaming at him. RUN! He was running faster then he ever ran before. His legs were in pain, and he had a cramp in his side, but he kept running.

He heard a rustling of the bushes behind him as someone chased after him.

Keep Running! Karkaroff ran for what seemed like hours. Through the dark and damp forest, jumping over tree roots and logs. He even sank halfway into a small pond, which he quickly got out of and continued to run. He stopped in the very center of the forest, leaned over, hands on his knees, and breathing hard. He seemed to have lost the thing chasing him. He stood upright and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. He had lost his wand a way back, and he was defenseless. He sat down in the small clearing, his legs not able to stand any longer from the extreme exercise.

Snap! Karkaroff stiffened suddenly, as he heard a twig snap somewhere in front of him. He stared into the blackness of the mass of trees.

It's probably just an animal, I'm in the woods, after all, Karkaroff thought, trying and failing to reassure himself. Another twig snapped, only closer this time.

"Wh-who's there?" Karkaroff called.


"I-I'm warning you! I-I'm armed!" Karkaroff yelled.

"No you're not," Said a familiar voice from behind him. There was a loud sound and Karkaroff went unconscious.

Karkaroff opened his eyes slowly. He was being pulled to his feet, and roughly dragged somewhere.

"Where am I?" Karkaroff asked weakly. He got punched in the stomach by the person dragging him.

"Don't talk," said Lucius Malfoy sharply. He pulled Karkaroff into a torch lit area in the middle of a graveyard. There were several people dressed in dark cloaks and wearing masks in a circle around him. Malfoy took his spot in the circle and stared at Karkaroff, like the rest of them. It was silent. There was not a breeze, or anything. A hissing sound broke the silence and a large snake appeared out of no where. A man was with it.

"Igor Karkaroff," said the man. He had a cold voice, colder than ice. "How good to see you."

"My lord," gasped Karkaroff, "I- er… We… I-"

"Shut up Karkaroff," said the man with the cold voice. "You were never a very good liar anyway."


"I said, shut up," the man repeated. "Now, to business. Not many people here are pleased with you Karkaroff."

There was a murmur of agreement around the circle.

"I was just coming to ask for your for-"

"Forgiveness?" spat the man. "I am not very forgiving Karkaroff, you should know that."

"I know my lord," said Karkaroff, starting to shake with fear.

"Yes, you would know that," said the man lazily. "And you know what the consequences are also." Karkaroff really started to shake now.

"My lord! Please-" The man laughed cruelly at the Karkaroff's panic. Nevertheless, the man took a wand from his cloak and pointed it at Karkaroff, who was still pleading on the ground.

"No! Please don't-" Karkaroff didn't get to finish his sentence. With a flash of green light and a sound of rushing wind, he fell limply to the ground, dead.

"Boy! Wake up!" Barked Aunt Petunia, coming up the wooden stairs. "I need you to cook the eggs!" Harry Potter groaned and rolled over. Tap Tap Tap. His aunt, Petunia Dursley rapped on the door, still yelling at him.

"Wake up! It's Dudley's birthday and you have to help!" Harry opened his eyes slowly and looked around the blurry room.

"Are you up yet?"

"Yes," Harry said sleepily, throwing the blankets off of him. Aunt Petunia gave an angry snort and stormed back downstairs. Harry got slowly out of bed and pulled on his glasses. The room came into clearer focus and he noticed something that hadn't been there the night before. His pet owl, Hedwig.

To most people, an owl is a very odd pet, but Harry wasn't most people. He was a wizard. At the age of 11 Harry had found out about a hidden world of wizard and witches. Harry went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. However, over the summer he sorely missed them both. He wished that he was back at school with them, or that Ron would ask him to go over to the Burrow for the summer.

Harry went to his closet and pulled open the door. After getting dressed he patted Hedwig, who clicked her beak appreciatively and stuck her head under her wing. He had been most worried about her when she hadn't returned from hunting the previous night.

"Harry! Get down here!" Yelled Aunt Petunia from the kitchen.

Harry pulled on his shoes and walked downstairs.

"Good, you've finally gotten up," Aunt Petunia said, handing him a bowl with four eggs in it. "Whip those and then make scrambled eggs out of them."

"Fine," Harry said, starting to whisk the eggs. Harry was starting to cook bacon when Dudley came downstairs.

Dudley Dursley was the largest boy that Harry had ever met, even though he had been on a diet for a whole year. Six chins wobbled under Dudley's mouth as he bellowed, "What did you get me?"

"My little Dudders is 15 already," Aunt Petunia said tearfully.

"Big whoop," Harry said under his breath.

After giving Dudley the eggs and bacon that he had prepared, Harry made himself a piece of toast and went back upstairs. There was an owl sitting on his bed, which Harry recognized as Errol, the Weasley's family owl.

Errol was looking a little tipsy, and fainted right after Harry closed the door to his room.

Harry took the letter from Errol's motionless talons and ripped it open. It was from Mrs. Weasley, Ron's mother.

Harry dear, It read.

I am just writing to make sure that you are all right. I hope that you are having an enjoyable summer, and I just thought that I'd tell you that I have written Professor Dumbledore, asking if you could come stay with us for the remainder of the summer. We will owl you when we get a reply. Stay out of trouble, and stay on your guard.


Molly Weasley

Harry folded up the letter and put it on his desk. If only he could stay out of trouble. Harry was always attracting trouble, for he, Harry had a mortal enemy, Lord Voldemort. Voldemort had killed his parents almost 14 years earlier, and had turned his wand on Harry too. The Killing Curse that had disposed of so many people prior to that night had not worked on Harry. Instead the curse backfired on Voldemort, leaving him without a body. He barely escaped with his life. All Harry had gotten was a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Only a month or two ago Voldemort had been reborn.

Harry had been competing in the Triwizard Tournament, and in the third task of the tournament Harry and a boy named Cedric Diggory had been transported to a graveyard, where Cedric was killed and Harry had been forced to witness Voldemort's rebirth…

Harry shook those thoughts from his head and finished eating his toast. Then he went back downstairs to where Dudley was opening his presents. The kitchen floor was littered with shiny wrapping paper and colorful ribbons and bows. A large pile of presents was on the table.

"I'm going out," Harry said, pulling open the door. Normally, Harry's Uncle Vernon would yell at him to go do a chore or something, but this time he just barked, "Don't get back until five. We don't want you blowing up anything in this house while we're gone."

Harry simply nodded and walked outside.

He had gotten almost halfway down the sidewalk when he heard someone calling his name. He spun around, and saw his old babysitter, Mrs. Figg.

"Harry Potter?" Croaked the old woman. "Why, I haven't seen you for ages."

"Oh, hello Mrs. Figg," Harry said, not wishing to listen to her droning on about her many cats.

"Why don't you come in for a cup of tea," Mrs. Figg said, beckoning toward her house.

"All right," Harry said reluctantly, not wanting to be rude.

Harry followed her inside and into her living room, filled with frilly things and pictures of her cats.

"Please, please, have a seat," Mrs. Figg said, motioning to one of her lace covered chairs. Harry sat down while Mrs. Figg went to her kitchen to get some tea.

When Mrs. Figg returned, she handed Harry a cup and sat down across from him.

"So dear, how have you been?"

Harry had just opened his mouth to reply, when there was a soft knock on the door.

"What in the world," gasped Mrs. Figg when she opened the door. Standing there was a dog. It was large, black, and shaggy, and it had a note in its mouth.
"Snuffles?" Harry gasped. The dog looked over at Harry and wagged its tail. Snuffles' real name was Sirius Black, who was an escaped convict from Azkaban. Harry had believed Sirius to be responsible for Lilly and James Potter's murder, but Sirius was completely innocent. The real person who gave away his parents' whereabouts to Lord Voldemort was a man named Peter Pettigrew, who most thought was dead.

"What's this?" Mrs. Figg said, taking the letter from the Sirius's mouth. She slowly unfolded it and started to read.

Before Harry's eyes, Mrs. Figg changed from her usual peach colored skin, to a pasty white, and then green. She fainted.

"Mrs. Figg!" Harry exclaimed. He jumped to his feet, just as Sirius transformed.

"Sirius, what are you doing here?" Harry asked, leaning over Mrs. Figg.

"I am here on work from Dumbledore," Sirius replied.

"What does Mrs. Figg have to do with Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"This is Arabella Figg, and she's not actually a 'Missus'," Sirius replied. "She is part of an elite group that Dumbledore put together in order to fight Voldemort. Of course, this was years ago. Now Dumbledore is contacting group members again, and I'm his messenger."

"You could get caught," Harry hissed. Sirius rolled his eyes.

"What is this group's name, anyway?"
"I don't think that we have one," Sirius said. "Look, make yourself helpful and go get a wet towel to sponge her forehead," Sirius said.

After Sirius lifted Arabella onto the couch and Harry had placed a damp towel on her forehead, did she wake up.

"So," Arabella croaked, sitting up slightly from the couch. "You're telling me that you're innocent."

"Yes," Sirius replied. Arabella, instantly transformed from an old, shriveled woman, to a woman of about Sirius's age, with pretty blond hair and bright blue eyes.

"And Voldemort has been reborn?" Arabella replied, clutching her forehead. Sirius nodded slowly.

"When is our first meeting?" Arabella said.

"Tomorrow, after I contact the rest of the old crowd." Arabella just nodded.

"If you read the rest of the letter it gives directions on where to meet and stuff like that,"

"All right," Arabella replied. Sirius stood up and started to go for the door. He transformed into the giant, shaggy dog before turning the handle with his paw and leaving. Arabella lay back down on the couch, before realizing that Harry was still there.

"I suppose that this must be very confusing for you," she said softly. Harry shrugged his shoulders and said, "Not really. I'm sort of used to this stuff now."

"Mmm…" Arabella said, not really paying attention.

"Well, I guess that I should be going now," Harry said, standing up.

"Oh! Goodbye dear," Arabella said, waving from the couch.

Harry continued to walk down the sidewalk, thinking about the day's events so far.

Not really paying much attention, he walked to a small park a few blocks away. A small group of kids were swinging on the swings and on the jungle-gym. Harry sat down on a bench near a small forest. He was trying to think of something to do until five in the afternoon, when he heard a rustle of leaves behind him. He slowly turned around and looked into the forest. He could've sworn that he saw someone looking back at him.

He turned back around, and almost instantly he heard a rustling sound again. Harry looked over his shoulder and stood up. He walked over to a small clump of bushes and pushed them apart, gazing into the forest.

"Hello?" he called. Suddenly there was a small ping! And a small flash somewhere to Harry's right. Harry walked over to where he had heard the ping. The spot was empty, except for a small, square, badge lying on the ground.

Harry leaned forward and picked up the badge. On the front, Order of the Pheonix was written in gold. Harry turned it over and saw the words Dueling Master. Harry stared at the badge for a few more seconds, before it suddenly disappeared, leaving Harry holding nothing but air.