To: FlameTurk at Shinra .org

From: Psychopath at Shinra . org

Subject: Ignoring the world

Dear Red headed demon child

Due to a scary moment where 'Elena' somehow stumbled into my apartment while I was in the shower.

I have decided to ignore the world after compiling this list, well ignore it till I finish completing the list.

1. Elena must die, I will pay the headhunters

2. The next time Hojo comes over I'm shaving him bald, he mentioned zack and breeding in the same sentence

3. Go back and time and kill my mother, I just found out that my middle name is literally the letter A.

4. Track down my fanclub and gut them

5. Find out why I'm not getting paid overtime?

6. Drag Cloud into the closet everyone says doesn't exist on the top floor, I love that rumour

7. Remember to kill Elena.

From Ignoring the world Middle A.