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A Legacy Continued


He always remembered his mother being there for him. She was always there. It didn't matter that she had other children, she never missed anything. Not that she was missing anything, now anyway.

David Oliver could never remember a time when his mother hadn't been there for him. He could picture her anywhere. But that didn't explain the pictures he found one day.

It wasn't as if he wasn't supposed to be looking at them. They were the old picture album's from back when he and Ann had been very young, younger than two. He recognized all of the people in the pictures. They were his parents friends, his 'aunts and uncle's'; his real uncle actually appeared a few times too. He saw the pictures of himself and Ann, happy children; they were always with their father. That was the problem. There wasn't a single picture of them with their mother until the day their Aunt Trini and Uncle Billy got married.

Maybe she liked taking the pictures of us. I mean, she could have been camera shy. But then again, she is in almost all of the pictures after that. You hardly ever see dad in any of those. Why wasn't mom in those pictures? Why was she missing? David asked himself. As far as he knew, Kimberly Oliver had been present in her children's lives since day one. She knew every single thing about them.

What bothered David was what he could not remember. He had very few memories of his early childhood, like most people. One thing that he remembered most though was his mother sleeping. She had always looked so peaceful, even when Ann started talking away, and telling all of her stories. Then there was that thing that didn't quite seem to fit, that dark, cave-like room. It was very circular, and there was mist covering the entire floor. He remembered flashes of light in it, his mother being there, and then all of a sudden she was gone. David remembered Ann nearly having a breakdown, and turning to her older brother for support. The last thing he could remember of that cave was the two kind people in white who had helped him and Ann out. They had been very nice to the two toddlers, and they had seemed to know the young twins. David had gotten the impression that he knew them, from somewhere.

"Hey David, what are you looking at?" Ann had appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh, hey Ann. Just some old photo albums."

"How old?" She asked curiously. "Is it from back when mom and dad were kids, with Aunt Trini and Uncle Jason, and all those other people who's names you know and I don't have to repeat?"

David rolled his eyes at his twin. "Honestly, sometimes you can be so lazy. If you mean Aunt Trini, Uncle Jason, Uncle Billy, Aunt Kat, Aunt Aisha, Uncle Rocky, Uncle Adam, Aunt Tanya, and Uncle Zack, then no, it isn't that old. It from when we were younger, before the triplet's."

"Before the triplets. I remember that. I was so cute back then."

"Yeah, what happened?" David asked jokingly. Ann punched him in the arm, and not very lightly. "Ouch, ok, so you're still cute, happy."

"It's acceptable." Ann told her brother, putting her raised hand down. "So, anything interesting in there?"

"Yeah, I looked through every single picture, and there isn't a single one that has mom in it, until the day when Aunt Trini and Uncle Billy got married."

"Maybe she was camera shy." Ann suggested.

"That's what I thought, but there is barely a single picture after that that she isn't in."

"I wonder what that is about." Ann said thoughtfully. "But anyway, I'm supposed to tell you to get ready for the party, everyone will be here soon."

"Ok." David answered. "Just let me put these away."

"Sure." Ann said before walking away.

Today, was the triplet's twelfth birthday, everyone was coming over to celebrate. By everyone, that meant every single one of his parent's friends, their assorted spouses and children. It was going to be a huge crowd. There would probably be more people at their house that night than there had been there when Trini and Billy had gotten married.

David quickly put the photo albums back on the shelves as the doorbell rang; the guests had started to arrive. He would worry about his mother's absence from the pictures later, now he had people to go see.