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Chapter Forty Six-An Epilogue of Sorts

"What do we do?" Conner asked worriedly. "So we go in now, or wait?"

"Which one of you is sneakier?" Billy asked.

"That'd be me." Trent replied. "Why?"

"Ok, this is what you need to do..."

Kim groaned as she dogded yet another stray jet of purple light. She inched closer to Aisha.

"We are getting way too old for this."

"Tell me about it." Aisha responded in between kicking two putties on the 'S' that were on their chests.

The putties had been an additional problem. Apparently, Scarlette liked to play 'fair', and had decided that seven rangers against one supremely evil being was totally unfair. So she had summoned about twenty putties to the throne room, which obviously made the fight totally fair.

On the other side of the room, Tommy and Rocky were busy trying to subdue Scarlette. She kept shooting those jets of purple light at the two of them, but as was made apparent earlier, she didn't have that great of aim.

As Kim dodged another puttie attack, she thought she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Straightening up, she saw that it was Trent, trying to sneak up on Scarlette. But then Kim saw something else. Something bad.

"TRENT!" Kim shouted. But it was too late.

Trent had been walking past the open door to Crystal's study, and just as he walked past, someone had walked out. And seeing the fighting, he had gone after the closest person. The closest person who happened to be Trent. Looking at the thing that could vaguely resemble a man, Kim thought he looked like someone Ann had briefly mentiones. What was his name again? Oh yeah, General Haxel.

Oh shit! Kim thought suddenly. Who knew evil people trying to take over the world, or whatever it is that Scarlette is trying to do, could replace their evil henchmen so fast?

At Kim's shout, nearly everyone had turned to see what the commotion was about. Scarlette smirked as time seemed to stand still.

Outside, Billy and Conner watched in anguish, knowing they would be risking any hope of saving everyone if they rushed in now.

While the seven rangers inside of the palace froze at the sight of their fallen teamate, Scarlette moved into position.

It was a moment later that Tommy finally unfroze and saw that Scarlette had moved. But for him, it was a moment too late.

Scarlette waved her staff in the air, and purple light showered all of the rangers in the room. In an instant, they were practically frozen solid, but still alive. With another wave of her staff, Scarlette opened the door to the ddark dimension next to her thrown, and with one final wave of the staff, all of the rangers were inside of it.

Tanya was silently pacing the floor of the command center. They had been gone for over an hour wihtout any communication. What could be taking them so long? Before she could answer that question though, two beams of light flashed into the underground room. Red and Blue.

Jason jumped out of his chair.

"What happened?" He questioned the two new arrivals.

Conner's face had gone very pale, and he just shook his head. It was Billy who answered.

"It's...over." He said softly. "Scarlette won."

It's over rangers. I have won. There is no way any of you can escape. This fate is worse than death. You are alive, but unable to do anything for yourselves. You are alive, but frozen in the moment of your capture. And frozen you shall stay, forever

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below is a sneak peak of something that's gonna play a big part in the sequal.

Sneak Preview-Revenge of the Legacy

"Look at her Ted, she's beautiful."

"I know."

Ann sighed softly as she gazed at her newborn daughter.

"I just wish her grandparents could be here to see her."

"So do I honey, so do I."

I promise it'll be out soon.