Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Cosby Show' or any of the characters

Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Cosby Show' or any of the characters!

I hope you enjoy the story!!


"I don't know guys," 16-year-old Theo said to three of his friends. "You all know how my dad is. He won't let us throw the party at my house."

"Yeah, but Theo. Your house is the best place for a party. Especially this one," said one of his friends - Jake.

"You've got to ask him," agreed Dan.

"And if he says no, you'll quit buggin' me?" Theo asked.

"Yes," said Michael. "We won't say another word."

"Well ... okay," Theo agreed.


"Dad?" asked Theo, glad he could talk to his dad alone. Cliff was seated on the couch, and Theo sat down next to him.

"Yeah?" Cliff asked.

"You know ... school just got out, and --"

"You want a summer raise on your allowance, don't you?" Cliff asked, knowingly.

"No dad. Lots of people like to celebrate by throwing a party --"

"Is that where you've been lately?" Cliff interrupted.

Theo chuckled impatiently, "No dad." Then he brightened up, and said confidently, "Me and the guys wanna' have a party of our own this year. And we wanted to have it here!"

"And...?" Cliff asked.

"And ... and we're trying to compete with the other 'party throwers' to see who can throw the party of the year. There'll be girls ... guys ... dancing ... food ... oh, and did I mention girls?"

"Yes, girls. I believe you did mention that." Cliff said.

"Oh. Well, can I have the party here?" Theo asked.

"Well ... no!"

"But dad ... party of the year! Why not?"

"Well," Cliff started. "It's like this. Me and your mother have kinda' grown a liking to the stuff around here. Stuff like furniture ... breakables. And also, we're the parents. What we say ... goes."

"Yeah dad, I know. But --"

"Cliff," Claire said, as she walked into the room. "Where are we going after the movie tomorrow night?"

"Oh, I thought we'd go to ... Dave's Diner? Why?"

"Well, your mother called earlier and wanted to know where we were all going."


"I should probably call her back now." Claire said, then left and went back into the kitchen.

"Okay," Cliff called after her. "Now. No party. And if you do have one ... not here!"

"Dad, this is the best party place. Everybody says so."

"Oh good. People like it here. No party." Cliff said. He got up, and went upstairs.

Theo stayed in his spot on the couch. Now what? he thought. He decided to call his friends. He picked up the phone, and heard his mom talking. He placed the receiver back down, guess I'll have to wait a minute.

While he waited, he thought. His friends had seemed so intent on having the party at his house. So, how do I tell 'em?

He changed his mind, and decided to tell them when they played ball tomorrow. Making his decision final, he glumly went up to his bedroom.


"So Theo?" asked Dan. "What happened last night?"

"Yeah," said Michael. "Are we on for the party."

They look so hopeful, Theo thought. And so confident that I'm going to say 'party time'. But I can't! Wait. Wait. Wait. Why not?

Theo smiled, "Party time!"

Dan, Michael, and Jake suddenly burst out in excitement.

"That's great," came from Michael.

"I told you," came from Dan, at the same time.

While "Excellent!" came from Jake.

"And ..." Theo started. Then he said matter-of-factly, "My parents won't even be there ..."