Author's Notes: This are drabbles or ideas I had for other fics that I probably won't have time to delve into. There will be hints of different pairings. This is also where I will post drabbles about other couples besides ChaseOmi (because that has its own exclusive story), though that be rare. Enjoy.

1: Five

A misused concept is that there is only four dominant elements, but in truth, there are five. Everyone is familiar with wind, water, fire, and earth. Only one remembers there used to be a metal dragon warrior named Gin. Incredibly lazy, she spent most of her time using her powers to create weapons that would do her work for her or objects that would boost her friends' powers. The Shen-Gong-Wu were her creations.

Unfortunately, she felt isolated. Day after day, her lonliness grew. Thinking her so-called friends abandoned her, she became angry and lashed out at her teammates. Summoning her Wu, she created Mala Mala Jong to help her destroy them. Fearing for their lives, they had no choice but to kill her.

She died, not knowing that it was her fault that she was lonely. Her connection with her teammates thinned as she constantly sent her robots to fight in her place. Where there should've been a companion to bond with, her friends saw nothing but a lump of metal.

In the Chinese Mythology, there are five elements. The last one being metal. Because the show was sort of set in a Chinese background... well... it bugged me for awhile.