3: Equality

The reason why it was so easy to manipulate people is because of power. Everyone wants power, stopping at nothing to get it. Some are smart, calculating which pawn to move on the chessboard of life. It was survival of the fittest; only the strongest would survive. You had to make sacrifices. That's how the world was.

But others were stupid. Like Master Fung. Oh, the man believed he was quite brilliant – training little children to do his dirty work. They would never suspect a thing because well, he was Master Fung. He was respected, kind, and above all, he was on the side of good. It was easy to trick them – they were fighting evil. This was their duty.

However, Master Fung never realized that by "locking" the Shen-Gong-Wu up, people would be… attracted to come to the temple. People would attempt to steal the weapons. With only four children as guardians... hah. The man was stupid.

He deserves to suffer.

And suffer he shall.

You see, Master Fung made a very stupid mistake. He put Raimundo into a position of greater authority over his companions. No matter what Master Fung said, Clay, Kimiko, and Omi were not as equal to Raimundo, since he was proclaimed leader.

And these were children. Mere children whose minds were the easiest to manipulate.

Chase still had time; the children were still growing. That's why he smiled when the monks won.

I found this hiding in a Conan fanfiction folder. I thought I should upload it. It's still very raw, but I doubt I will make any changes, unless there are grammar mistakes.

I wrote this because, quoting Wikipedia, "Chase in Heylin form was seen after the Xiaolin's victory, smiling, which probably meant that he wanted them to win."

Ah it's been a long time since I watched XS... or posted anything.

Don't get any hopes up though with this drabble. I only posted what I found.