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Band Geeks

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AU: Sakura and Syaoran have been best friends since kindergarten. They separated in middle school, but are reunited when they find out they're both in the same band!

Syaoran Li walked down the street approaching the school that he was going to attend for the first time. Syaoran Li had recently moved back to Japan from China. He stood in front of Tomoeda High sighing as a familiar voice called his name.

"Syaoran-kun! Syaoran-kun is that you!?"

He turned around to see his childhood best friend Sakura Kinomoto shrieking in happiness. Her emerald eyes delighted in joy as he faced her smiling and waving his hand.

"Kinomoto-san, I haven't seen you for a while." Syaoran said smirking.

"Hoe? Syaoran-kun are we back to last names again?" Sakura asked frowning.

"Don't frown! Does it really mean that much to you? To call me 'Syaoran'?" Syaoran asked curiously, smirking at the same time.

"Of course! How can I call my best friend Li-kun!? You don't call your best friends by their last name! That's just sad!" Sakura said angrily.

Syaoran laughed at her reactions, "Sakura-chan, you never change do you?"

"Nope. Hey what's that supposed to mean!?" Sakura said as Syaoran ran into the school.

Sakura yelled like a maniac as she chased after him. She ran through the door and tripped because she lost her balance. Sakura closed her eyes waiting for the impact of the floor, which never came. She looked up and realized she was in Syaoran's arms. Both flushed furiously as they stumbled into a normal standing position.

"Sorry Syaoran-kun. I'm a klutz." Sakura said looking at the floor.

"That's alright. I already knew that." Syaoran said grinning

They, again, started arguing in public.

"Hmph! Well forget hearing a thank you!"

"Your welcome!"

Sakura stomped her foot in frustration with smoke fuming from her ears.

"Argh! Syaoran, you're so sweet and nice, but you're as sarcastic as… H-E-L-L!"

"What can't curse or something?"

"YOU curse then! You know as well as I do that you're the goody two shoes out of us!"

"Haha! I'm sorry Sakura! But I've known you since we were little and I know that you've always been… a little off."

"Look who's talking! Who's the guy who always says things that make no sense!?"

"Hey! That's-"

Syaoran was cut off by the bell that had just rang signaling all students to head to class.

Sakura and Syaoran looked at each other smiling forgetting their fight immediately.

"Meet me at lunch? - Sure!" they both said at the same time as they started walking in the same direction. They approached the music room and they both looked at each other suspiciously.


"Is this your class?" Syaoran asked

"Yea." Sakura replied.

"I didn't know that you played an instrument!"

"Umm. Not really, other than the recorder, which you know isn't part of band."

"Then… Why are you here?"

"I joined color guard."

"Really? You- you're going to twirl them flags and stuff?"

"Yes I am! And what do you mean by 'you'!?"

"Well, you're just really uncoordinated and-"

"Hey!" Sakura said hitting Syaoran on the shoulder.

"Ow!" Syaoran said as he opened the door to enter the classroom.

"Hmph. I'll let you know that this will be my second year in color guard!" Sakura said triumphantly as they took their seats.

Syaoran was about to say something when the band director started to speak.

"Hello kids! Welcome to Tomoeda High! My name is Mr. Takahashi, your band director. You're free to call me Mr. T, or whatever you feel like to be comfortable. Upperclassmen please make sure to feel the freshmen feel welcomed! You are all a part of Tomoeda High's marching band. So be sure to get along like a family and we will surely take champs! Everyone has to work together: band, drumline and color guard: EVERYONE! We still haven't won a championship for years, so lets try making this year GREAT!"

Many of the band students cheered happily. Then three students stood up and walked in front of the class: one girl, two boys. The boy with grayish hair and glasses stepped forward first and introduced himself.

"My name is Yukito. I'm your current drum major. I'm a third year here and I will obviously get to know each and everyone of you, which I am looking forward to by the way. With that, I hope we all have a wonderful year!" He smiled at Sakura who started to blush. Sakura sighed dreamily as Syaoran shot a glare towards her then to Yukito suspiciously. Next the girl in the middle, who had long brown hair, stepped forward.

"My name is Nakuru! I'm also a third year student and the current color guard captain for Tomoeda High. For those who have gotten letters, you know that we don't compete winter season for our school, because we compete independently." She stopped talking because some kids looked confused and she sighed.
"Okay, let me explain because this is a long story! Last year, we did not have enough people for a guard. For those of you who have never been in guard, color guard is the sport of the arts. We perform shows using dance and spinning equipment such as flags, rifles and sabres. Since we didn't have enough people at this school, we had to combine with other willing students from other schools in the area forming an independent guard. It's independent because it is not directly associated with any school: if we were just a guard solely with people who attend our school, then we would be a scholastic guard."
Many freshmen stared dumbfounded, except for Sakura who looked excited (Afterall, she was the only freshman joining).
"Well, all that doesn't matter. All I'm trying to say is you can still join: tryouts are after school: meet here! But anyway, most of you will probably just remember me as a guardie, but that's ok! I'll make sure to make our part of band great, so everyone work hard so we can have a fun year!" She smiled happily stepping backwards to let the last boy step up who had dark brown hair: nearly black.

"Geez that was long" he mumbled to Nakuru.

"Hey, we need members. I'm trying to sell!" she replied

"Whatever… Anyway, my name is Touya: third year. I am the drumline captain. If you want a detailed description like how Nakuru described guard... you won't get it. If you want to join, you should already know what it is. We work hard, it takes a lot of team work. We make awesome music too! Last year was our comeback year and hopefully this year we won't be screwed over and win a championship medal! Tryouts are like guard: after school, here. Umm… So let's hear it for a great year!"

Everyone in band cheered. Mr. Takahashi spoke again saying the rest of band period was free time and that everyone needs their emergency forms signed. Everyone started talking amongst each other, except freshmen who were too shy to make friends on their first day of school. Sakura and Syaoran were talking in their little corner of the room.

"Hey Sakura" Syaoran asked

"Yea, Syaoran-kun?"

"That's your brother right? The drumline captain?"

"Yea, why?"

"Is he… good?"

"Well, they were really good last year and he's captain this year. So I guess?"

"Oh. Man, I hope I get in!"

"You're trying out for drumline?"

"Yea… I play snare."

"Oh wow! How cool! I'm trying out for guard!"

"Well, I'm sure you'll make it!"

"Hoe!? You're not being sarcastic! You haven't even seen me and you're this confident in my abilities already?"

"Well… They are obviously desperate for members!"

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Oh, nothing."

"You're so mean Syaoran-kun!"

Sakura and Syaoran were getting into another best friend fight when Touya walked towards them.

"Hey kaijuu… oh and gaki… … Gaki!? Oy! Gaki when did you get back?" Touya said as he sat down with them.

"Sakura is not a kaijuu!" Sakura said angrily folding her arms.

"Who are you calling gaki!?" Syaoran said angrily at the same time as Sakura.

"Hmm. In sync as always." Touya said chuckling to himself.

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Sakura and Syaoran yelled at the same time.

"Heh. Nothing… So anyway, Gaki, when did you get back?" Touya asked.

"Argh.. Well… I came back a week ago. My parents are letting me finish high school here." Syaoran replied.

"Man it must be tough moving back in forth. I mean, you grew up in China. But your education started in Japan. And you left Japan to go to China for middle school. Now you're back… Geez! Just stay in one place!" Touya said.

"Well… I'd love to just stay in Japan, but the Li-clan won't allow it. But luckily, we were able to compromise me coming here for high school." Syaoran said.

"At least you're back now, because you know Sakura here kept saying how much she mi-" Touya's mouth was covered by Sakura's hand.

"Don't you have FRIENDS to attend to, Mr. Captain!?" Sakura said as she uncovered his mouth.

"Why of course little sister. I just wanted to check up on you." Touya replied mockingly.

Syaoran laughed at the siblings' argument. Sakura glared at Syaoran and he stopped laughing.

"Well, I shall see you later kaijuu. You too right gaki?" Touya asked standing up.

"Later?" Syaoran asked.

"Yea, drumline tryouts. Don't miss it! I hear you're a prodigy. Or at least that's what Sa-" Touya was once again cut off by Sakura who pushed him away.

Sakura sat next to Syaoran again laughing embarrassedly, "Hehe.. brothers say the oddest things don't they?"

"I wouldn't know would I?" Syaoran replied calmly.

Sakura didn't reply instead she sat down calmly and stared into Syaoran's eyes seriously.

"Syaoran-kun. I missed having you around. Middle school was so different without having my buddy that I've known since kindergarten you know? We were always in the same class and then… you moved and I was completely alone in middle school. But- that's another story. I'm glad your back." Sakura said smiling

"Yea… me too. No more letters that take forever to send. Haha."

"This year will be great. And since we are both trying to be involved in these activities, we'll see each other often!"

"Oh great" Syaoran replied sarcastically.

"Ew! I wish you left your sarcasm back in China!"'

With that, the bell rang signaling the next class.

The two got up and walked out of the music room towards wherever their next class was.

"Hey Sakura, what class do you have next?" Syaoran asked.

"Oh, I have… Ewww. History." Sakura replied

"Really? Me too!"

"Let me see your schedule!"

Syaoran took out his schedule and Sakura grabbed it examining it completely.

"Wow! We practically have the same schedule!" Sakura exclaimed happily.

"Just like in elementary!" Syaoran added.

"This will be a great year!"

"Well… If you consider being surrounded by you really great, then I guess."

"Syaoran-kun you're so mean!"

"You know I'm kidding Sakura."

They reached their destination and Sakura replied to Syaoran's previous comment, "It's weird Syaoran-kun. I know you are just kidding and everything. But… sometimes it's like what the hell you know?"

"Ooh Sakura, you said H-E-L-L!"

"That's not the point…"

(AN: what good children huh? They believe 'hell' is a bad word )

The warning bell rang (it rings a minute before class starts so students know when to go inside).

Sakura continued, "I just wonder, why you seem to only act like that with me…"

Sakura walked in leaving Syaoran dumbfounded. Why am I only open like this with her? Syaoran shrugged and took his seat next to Sakura.

The teacher basically just explained the syllabus and the rest was free time. Since it was the first day of school, every class was exactly the same. Directions, then free time. This gave Sakura and Syaoran lots of time to catch up. Time seemed to fly by and the two were, again, together… talking while eating lunch. They sat outside under a cherry blossom tree watching other kids eat lunches and chatter about their summers.

"Wow, I remember how you used to try drumming in elementary and that you looked forward to joining drumline in middle school." Sakura said as she ate her bento box.

"Yea… then I moved…" Syaoran replied sadly, but then his eyes lit up, "But! I got a personal teacher to help me learn technique and all that stuff." Syaoran said as he ate a piece of chocolate

"Hoe? Personal teacher?! For learning the snare?! Syaoran-kun how rich are you!?"

"I told you already: very."

"Man, I feel like I'm homeless compared to you."

"Well, you have a house… so you're not. I'm just fortunate to be the heir of the Li-clan."

"What do you mean by fortunate?"

"Comes with ups and downs…"

"Well… at least you get everything…"

"Not everything. Not freedom. And everything I have… I don't know… I feel like I don't deserve it." Syaoran said as he laid on the grass.

"Why not?" Sakura asked as she also got comfortable lying in the grass.

"Everyone else, they work for what they got. Me? It's just there… I feel so… I don't know, like my life isn't mine? Like I just inherit life?"

"I see… Well, I think you should consider yourself blessed you know? To have everything, I'd never take advantage of that!"

"Well, you worked hard to be everything you are. That's what makes you great. Me? I feel like I don't even know who I am."


Sakura was cut off when a girl with long black hair (which held pigments of lavender) approached them.

"Um… you two are in band right?" she asked

Sakura and Syaoran sat up and looked at her nodding. They both wondered if she was an upper classmen about to tell them about some sort of initiation or something.

The girl smiled and said, "My name is Tomoyo Daidouji. I'm in band too and well, I just wanted to know if well… we could all be friends?"

"Sure thing!" Sakura said immediately.

Tomoyo squealed and hugged Sakura, which surprised Sakura completely. Whoa, this girl is pretty friendly. Tomoyo realized Sakura's tension and let go bowing.

"Oh! I'm sorry you must think I'm really weird. Forgive me. But, I don't know. I guess, I'm a huggy person??? I've just always been like this sorry!"

"It's… okay." Sakura said awkwardly and Syaoran just stared.

"I'm sorry! I guess I'm just really desperate to make friends… You see… I actually skipped a grade this year… So basically, I don't really know anyone." Tomoyo said nervously.

"Aww… Well we'll be your friends, ne Syaoran-kun?" Sakura said looking at Syaoran who nodded.

"So you're Syaoran-" Tomoyo started but Syaoran cut her off.

"Call me Li…" Syaoran stated as Sakura sweatdropped.

"Gomen… Li-kun…" Tomoyo said nervously

"And I'm Sakura, Sakura Kinomoto. I'm trying to be in guard."

"Oh I'm sure you'll make it! They're pretty low on members anyway! Guard is so pretty! I sometimes spun a flag in middle school!" Tomoyo explained.

"Wow! Are you joining too?" Sakura asked.

"No… I was never in guard. Friends just taught me. My parents don't believe it'll help me get into a good college."

"Oh I see… Well, Tomoyo, I think you and I will be great friends!"

Tomoyo smiled and her and Sakura continued talking. Syaoran lied down again mumbling to himself, "girls."

The bell rang for lunch to end and Syaoran and Sakura parted with Tomoyo. The only class they seemed to have with Tomoyo was first period: band. Sakura and Syaoran walked to their next class.

"Hmm… Seems like you're gonna' have a new best friend." Syaoran said looking away.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"When Tomoyo came, you- nevermind."

"Syaoran-kun, if you have something to say: say it!"

"Not important, let's just go into class." Syaoran began to open the door when Sakura put her hand on his shoulder.

"Syaoran-kun, look at me." Sakura said as he turned around and stared into her emerald eyes.

"You will always be my best friend." Sakura said smiling sweetly. She walked into the classroom leaving a tomato colored Syaoran.

After school was over Sakura and Syaoran were on good terms again. (A/N: because their fights are ridiculously short) They walked towards the music room talking like usual.

"You were in guard last year?" Syaoran asked.

"Yup. Flag section leader and everything." Sakura said triumphantly.

"Well, you were always good at throwing things."


"I'm not sure about catching them."


"Just kidding. Well, I hope you do well in tryouts Sakura."

"You too Syaoran!"

With those last words they entered the music room not knowing what tryouts will hold for them.

Oh no! How will tryouts be for Sakura and Syaoran? Find out in the next chapter…


"SAKURA! PAY ATTENTION!" Syaoran called from the side.

Sakura looked up and before she knew it, everything was black.

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