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Band Geeks

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Syaoran is going to tryout for drumline, while Sakura is trying out for Color Guard. What will happen?!

" Well, I hope you do well in tryouts Sakura."

"You too Syaoran!"

With those last words they entered the music room not knowing what tryouts will hold for them.


"WELCOME!" Nakuru screamed as she hugged Sakura who sweat dropped. Syaoran took a step back sweat dropping as well.

"Oi! Gaki, over here!" Touya called out from the piano chair he was sitting on.

Syaoran glanced at who Sakura who looked like she'd die from suffocation as Nakuru screamed random things about new members. He shrugged and walked towards Touya.

Touya smirked and said, "Before we tryout, I have a couple of questions for you to see if you're worthy to be in this drumline."

A strange feeling shot through Syaoran but he managed to say, "Alright, shoot." "So what makes you want to join drumline?"

"I.." Syaoran had to think for a second. Why did he want to join drumline?


Sakura and Syaoran were in Sakura's living room during her birthday party: she had just turned nine. A song with a nice drumbeat started playing and Syaoran tried playing the rhythm. The beat he played wasn't exactly the same as the song's beat, but it was still pretty good. Sakura clapped her hands in amazement.

"Wow! Suggoi Syaoran-kun! You're pretty good! You should continue doing music!" Sakura exclaimed smiling brightly.

Syaoran started to blush and smiled back: Maybe I will.


"I- I just believe that I should continue my music career." Syaoran stated.

"Hmm. I see. Why?" Touya asked.

"I- I mean, people have told me I that have talent and that always encouraged me. I've gained a strong passion for music." Syaoran said nervously.

"Okay, so I know why you like music, but why do drumline?" Touya asked.


Sakura and Syaoran were in their 4th grade class drawing pictures during free time period. Sakura drew a music note and Syaoran glanced at it curiously.

"Wow Sakura, you really love music don't you?" Syaoran said.

Sakura nodded, "Music is so wonderful! The feeling you get from it, the emotions, the beauty: it's all so wonderful!"

Syaoran chuckled, "What type of music do you like?"

Sakura smiled brightly, "Everything! Songs, instrumentals, everything! But most of all, I love watching and listening to band!"

"Oh I see. Who do you know that's in band?" Syaoran asked.

"Onii-chan! He's in band! And he's in drumline too!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Wow. What's drumline?"

"Oh it's so cool! There are snare drums, bass drums and tenor drums: those are basically all the types of drums! Then there's also cymbals (that's what Onii-chan is) and pit (which consists of xylophones, marimbas, bells, toys and other things I don't know the name of!)" Sakura said as she drew a picture of what she just described to Syaoran.

"That's a lot of instruments." Syaoran stated.

Sakura nodded her head, "Yeah. Onii-chan said they work together to form a show in the winter! I wonder how that'll be! I can't wait to see it!"

Syaoran smiled, "Are you going to join drumline when you're older?"

Sakura shook her head, "I'm horrible at music! Remember piano lessons?"

Syaoran nodded remembering how Sakura was still in level one, although it's been three years since she started. Syaoran passed level one in a month but quit because he didn't like his teacher. Syaoran laughed to himself.

Sakura's eyes sparkled, "You should join drumline when you're older Syaoran-kun!? You can drum right? I remember you drumming on my birthday! And you're good at music too! You passed level one in ONE MONTH! Oh! Syaoran you have to join! Drumline looks so fun and challenging, but I'm sure you can do it!"

Syaoran sweat dropped, "Maybe…"

"Please do! Wait- I think you have to be in band first. Oh! Elementary band sign ups are next week! You should join band and get an early start! Then you can be super cool in middle school!" Sakura exclaimed.


"I want to join drumline, because I want to challenge my music abilities." Syaoran answered.

"My sister tells me you're a prodigy." Touya said chuckling to himself.

Syaoran nervously laughs, "What did she tell you exactly?"

"Well. She just said that you drummed for her once and you were really good. She kept bragging about how well you can imitate rhythms." Touya said shrugging.

"Well, I don't know what Sakura's thinking. I just used to tap beats once in a while. I don't get why she said I was so good since I didn't start training until I went back to China." Syaoran said confused.

"So, you've never drummed on drums before?" Touya asked.

Syaoran shook his head, "No. I have, but I didn't start drumming until I went back to China. Sakura never didn't know about that until yesterday!"

Touya put his hand to his chin, "She must've thought your pencil tapping was glorious."

Syaoran laughed nervously, "Maybe."

"Well, she thought everything you did was glorious." Touya said chuckling.

"Huh?" Syaoran said confusedly.

"Never mind, let's go outside. You past my pre-screening test." Touya said getting up.

"Yay. Wait, why are we going outside again?" Syaoran asked as he began walking with Touya.

"That's where tryouts are gaki: everyone else is there already." Touya said.

Syaoran gulped, I wonder how this will go.


Meanwhile Sakura was able to get out of Nakuru's hug and breathe. This girl is creepy, she thought.

"Okay Sakura-chan, we're going to head to the gym! That's where tryouts really are!" Nakuru said squealed happily.

At that moment two girls walked in. One had brown hair and put them in pigtails. The other girl wasn't even Japanese: she looked American with her red hair and blue eyes.

"Is this where tryouts for Delta is?" The girl with pigtails said.

"Sure is!" Nakuru said happily.

Sakura ran up to the two girls, "Chiharu-chan, Sana-chan!"

"Sakura-chan!" the two girls chorused as all three started giggling amongst themselves.

"Why are you guys here? At my school?" Sakura asked.

"We're joining Delta!" the girl with pigtails said.

"Oh! That's what Nakuru meant by 'independent guard,' anyone can join because it's not strictly associated with any school!" Sakura said.

"Of course! Now we get to be in the same guard again!" the red head giggled happily.

"Just like in middle school!" the pigtailed one added.

"This will be great!" Sakura said.

"Is this all the new comers?" Nakuru asked.

The girl with pigtails looked around and shrugged, "All we know…"

"Okay, let's head towards to the gym! Follow me!" Nakuru said as she walked out of the music room.

The three girls nodded and followed Nakuru. All were eager to know what would happen.


Outside in the quad area many students were assembled for drumline tryouts. Nervous freshmen were sitting on the picnic tables waiting for some sort of instruction to start. Upperclassmen stood waiting for things to start as well. Touya and Syaoran came walking casually.

"Take a seat, gaki." Touya said as Syaoran nodded sitting down at a table.

Murmurs of, "I never seen that boy before" and "Whose that walking with Touya" flew among the students.

Touya coughed for attention, "Welcome back returning drummers and welcome to Tomoeda High's Drumline to all you new faces. Tomoeda High's Drumline (THD)is a well-respected drumline and we consider ourselves to be one of the star teams in school. As most of you know, we are trying to raise our status up in the competition world. To give a little history, Tomoeda High used to be known among many other drumlines. However, we had a two-year hiatus and people forgot our name. Last year we came back with great energy, but things happened causing us to not do so well during championships. Nonetheless, we had a great year! This year, we have high hopes in gaining our name back! So let's hear it to a great year!" Touya smiled as people started cheering. He looked around, "Seeing that we have a million new faces, let's get to know each other! To do that we'll play some type of name game!"

The upperclassmen cheered as the freshmen looked at each other nervously.

"Okay, say your name, year, experience and what you like to do. THEN after I go, the following person must repeat my name and hobby then say their own information. As more and more people introduce themselves, the more names and hobbies you must remember. Got it?" Touya explained.

People talked amongst themselves about what they should say and what not. Touya called for attention, "Ok. I'll start. The name is Touya Kinomoto: third year student at Tomoeda High. I've been in drumline since I was in 6th grade: so this would be my sixth year in drumline. You can call me Captain T if you want and I like- teasing people."

The next person who was a girl with long reddish (A/N: not as in orange: red) hair spoke, "His name is Touya and he likes to tease people. My name is Kaho Mizuki, third year and I've been drumming as long as Touya. I'm the co-captain of this drumline if you were wondering. My hobby is to be mysterious."

She smiled motioning the next person to speak. The game continued smoothly and then it was Syaoran's turn. Syaoran had quite a few people to name, "That's Kino- I mean Touya and he likes to tease people. That's Kaho and she likes to be mysterious… (A/N: you don't want to read about everyone else who doesn't really matter right? Right!) and I'm Syaoran Li: call me Li. I'm a first year and my only experience is from private lessons and I- I like not following the crowd."

People murmured about Syaoran as the game went on. Eventually, everyone was introduced after a few giggles and mistakes There were around thirty people trying out: there were a lot of third years, one senior (fourth year), a couple of second years and a lot of freshmen. Competition for spots would be tough this year.

"Alright let's split into the sections you want to tryout for! Then, after everyone learns their sections basic warm-ups, true tryouts will begin." Touya shouted.

Kaho smiled and nodded, "Our instructors will come to evaluate the real tryouts. Right now is just a warm-up session to get to know your instrument. So with that, everyone go to the section leader of the section you want to be in! Snare section leader is Touya, Tenor section leader is Chuugo, Bass section leader is Jou, Cymbal section leader is Shin and Pit section leader is Nene!"

The section leaders raised their hands and everyone started assembling to their sections. Syaoran looked lost and confused: Should I tryout for snare? No other freshman is trying out for snare… Uhhhh-

"Yo' gaki! You comin' with us?" Touya asked as he, Kaho and two sophomores (a second year boy and a second year girl) stood by the door smiling.

"Am I allowed to? No other freshmen are trying out for snare!" Syaoran exclaimed.

"Well, there's only one spot open and you have to earn it. See, the order of ranking is snare, tenor, bass then cymbal. These instruments make up what we call 'battery' then there's pit, which is in its own different category of difficulty. Freshmen usually don't like trying out for snare their first year, but why don't you give it shot? Maybe you're the prodigy Sakura says you are!" Touya exclaimed.

Just then one of the other freshmen came running inside. He was bald and had glasses, "I want to tryout for snare."

Kaho nodded for him to come over and the boy happily ran towards Kaho glaring at Syaoran.

"Looks like you have competition gaki." Touya snickered.

Syaoran gulped as he thought: Competition? Oh great, I knew this wouldn't be easy.


Sakura, Sana, Chiharu and Nakuru arrived at the gym. In the gym a white floor was set. (A/N: Floors are what guards and drumlines perform on during competition/practice so they don't ruin the gym floor with their equipment. Basically think of floors as a stage, because performers perform on the floors. Floors can be any design you want: similar to a big carpet. Hmm hope that explains it a little.) They looked around noticing that there weren't many people. They saw an older bald guy who looked like he was twenty-something. Standing on the floor were four girls: one around the age of Nakuru, two small girls and one dark girl. There were also two boys: one with grayish hair who seemed to be closing his eyes and another boy who looked American.

Sakura looked around: This is pretty small compared to my guard in middle school,

"Hey, didn't we have like fifteen people in our guard last year Chiharu?" asked Sakura's redhead friend.

"No Sana, we had around twenty. I wonder how a small guard will be." Chiharu replied.

"Let's go and find out!" Sakura said as she walked towards the group of people.

Nakuru was already there talking to the other older girl. The rest of the guard continued giggling about whatever random things they were doing. The girls took off their shoes (A/N: it's bad to have shoes on the floor! It gets it dirty faster) and sat down on the floor. The bald old guy looked at Nakuru and asked, "Is this it?" Nakuru nodded and the bald guy coughed for attention.

"Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Tak: the current instructor for this independent color guard: DELTA. You might be wondering why we're called Delta. So to answer that question, captain Miki Sasaki, will explain things." Mr. Tak stated.

The other girl that was Nakuru's age stood up. She had long midnight blue hair and dark brown eyes. "Hello, my name is Miki: one of the guard captains. You might be wondering what Delta is all about, so I'm going to explain it! Who knows what the word delta means?"

The American looking boy shot his hand up, "Pick me Miki!"

Miki nodded, "Go ahead, Tomo."

Tomo stood up. He looked very foreign with his pale skin, dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes. He smiled saying, "Delta is the symbol for change! We named our guard Delta because we're not an ordinary guard. We are an independent guard comprised of different students from multiple schools in the Tomoeda vicinity. This is the first time in Tomoeda history for an independent guard to form from just high school students. We're not an ordinary guard; we're a change in Tomoeda guard history! That is why we named ourselves Delta!"

He smiled happily and sat back down. Miki nodded and said, "Yes. That's what delta means and since Tomo already explained why we're named Delta, I guess I have nothing to say." Miki shrugged and sat back down.

Mr. Tak spoke again, "Next, Nakuru will give you a short background of who we are."

Nakuru stood up smiling, "My name is Nakuru, one of the other guard captains! I really love this guard: it's a huge part of my life! This guard started last year, but we were called Tomoeda Independent since we couldn't think of a good name at the time. It consisted of eight students from different schools in Tomoeda: five from Tomoeda High, two from Hojo High and one from Tomoeda Middle. By fate we joined forces and formed Tomoeda Independent winning third place last year in JCGC! We are sponsored by Tomoeda High Band Booster's, which is why our guard is hosted here at Tomoeda High. However, since we're independent, we are not strictly under Tomoeda High. This is why we can pull members from all around Tomoeda!"

"What's JCGC?" Sakura whispered to Chiharu.

"You don't know? It's Japan Color Guard Circuit! The circuit where independent guards from around Japan may compete in!" Chiharu whispered back.

"Oh. Okay." Sakura said.

Mr. Tak spoke again, "Thank you Nakuru. This year we've decided our show theme will be music from the movie Romeo and Juliet. I know you all know that story! But if you don't, Takashi will explain it you."

The other boy: the one with grayish hair stood up. He smiled and said, "My name is Takashi: I'm also one of the guard captains. I'll be explaining to you our theme this year. Romeo and Juliet is a play about two star-crossed lovers who end up dying in the name of love. Their families hate each other and well- just go read the story if you want to know more! But for our show, we will be dividing up into the Capulets (Juliet's family) and the Montagues (Romeo's family). We want to get started with our show right away, because evaluations are in three months. For those of you that don't know, evaluation is a pre-competition show where the guard judges get to see what you have. We want a complete show by evaluations to wow the judges! To do that we all need to work very hard! We'll be starting on the show next week, because this week is tryouts to see what equipment everyone should be on! Please do your best!"

(A/N: to clarify things, I'm making the school year start in September like in America. Also, for your knowledge: evaluations usually take place in the beginning of December. Also, a lot of names like JCGC and DELTA are just made up.)

Chiharu squinted to make Takashi's figure sharper in her eyes. Her squinted eyes followed Takashi as he sat down on the floor. Sakura looked at Chiharu and wondered why she was glaring at Takashi: I wonder why she's glaring at Takashi. I wonder what kind of person he is: he seems really cool.

(A/N: For your knowledge, a lot of people will be OOC since this story is sort of based on real life and odd things between characters may happen – just deal with it lol)

"Well, with all the speeches done we can now introduce ourselves. So we'll just go around saying our names: I'm Mr. Tak." Mr. Tak said pointing to himself.

Nakuru stood up, "I'm captain Nakuru Akizuki."

Miki stood up, "I'm captain Miki Sasaki."

Takashi stood up, "I'm captain Takashi Yamazaki."

One of the smaller girls who had short wavy brown hair stood up, "I'm Rika Sasaki (Miki's cousin.)"

The other smaller girl, who had glasses and short hair stood up, "I'm Naoko Yanagisawa."

Tomo stood up, "I'm Tomo Tachikawa."

The dark girl stood up, "My name is Benika Aikizawa."

Hmm there are only seven of them, but Nakuru said there used to be eight. Did one quit? Or maybe she miscounted, but how can you miscount eight or seven people? Sakura thought as she realized everyone was staring at her. She laughed nervously as she stood up, "Gomen! My name is Sakura Kinomoto!"

Murmurs of her being the drumline captain's sister roamed around.

Sana stood up, "My name is Sana Hayama."

(A/N: yeah, Kodocha name- but completely unrelated so never think of her being from Kodocha again!)

Chiharu was the last to stand up, "Chiharu Mihara."

Takashi's eyes opened (A/N: wow) as he stared at Chiharu.

"With that, everyone set in a block so we can work on jazz technique!" Mr. Tak said as everyone nodded.

"Make sure you give your all, because we'll be evaluating what part you'll get based on how well you do today!" Takashi added glancing at Chiharu.

"I hear at the end we learn a short routine and we're evaluated on how well we perform it. Our scores will reflect what equipment we'll be spinning and what part we'll have in the show. I hope I get a good part!" Chiharu explained as she walked into a spot in the block.

Sakura just nodded, Oh great! I'm going to be evaluated! Aahh! I don't want everyone watching me so closely! I'm going to be nervous! It's like we're competing already, but competing for good parts in the show! Oh great, I knew this wouldn't be easy.

Now that Syaoran and Sakura have a feel for what they'll be facing, how will they do during the real tryouts?


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