20 Ways to Freak Out Miley Stewart

By Jeune Ecrivain

Rating: T

Summary: 20 practical jokes that would get Miley's adrenaline pumping. Inspired by lola bunny xo's "32 Ways to Annoy Troy Bolton," which was itself inspired by "32 Ways to Annoy Eragon."

1. Gasp, point to her, and scream, "Oh, my God! Hannah Montanah's gone brunette!"

2. Have Lily wear a strapless tube top. Put her together with a shirtless Jackson in bed with the covers pulled up to where they conceal all clothing. Send Miley in to wake Jackson up. For best effect, have Jackson and Lily strike a loving pose prior to sending her into the room.

3. Get her involved in a school theatrical production and then tell her she has to wear a blonde wig as part of her costume.

4. Get Hannah Montana signed on to be in a movie and then tell her she has to become a brunette for her role.

5. Tell her Jackson's been hired as a backup dancer for Hannah Montana.

6. Tell her Oliver's won a contest to do a duet with Hannah Montana.

7. Tell her that her agent quit and Marty Kline stepped up to the plate.

8. Sneak some blonde hair dye into her shampoo bottle.

9. Tell her Oliver and Becca eloped.

10. Hook up Robby Ray with Amber or Ashley's mother.

11. Write her a letter confessing that you're actually gay and sign it "Jake."

12. Announce that Hannah Montana is to perform at the Seaview High graduation ceremony.

13. Send Hannah Montana's wardrobe designer on vacation and let Robby Ray fill in for him/her.

14. Hook up Jackson with Amber or Ashley.

15. Feel around in the back of her closet like a spy at work.

16. Choose her for a round of random karaoke and have her sing a Hannah Montana song.

17. Remark about how authentic she sounds after having done #16.

18. Hit Oliver in the head hard enough that he forgets Hannah Montana's secret identity and gets a crush on her all over again…or else have Oliver feign such a case of amnesia.

19. Write her a love letter and sign it with the name of a female classmate.

20. Tell her Lily's pregnant with Jackson's baby.