Chapter 7: The Curse Is Broken

On Monday morning, Dr. Sinean placed a few calls. By ten o'clock, she faced a hopeful group of faces in her office. This was not going to be easy. "We have found the cure but it's nearly as bad as the curse." She told them unhappily.

They looked at her with mixtures of anguish, anger and disbelief. Feral finally snapped out, "Well let's hear it anyway."

Taking a lecture stance, Dr. Sinean complied. "Apparently, the curse was placed on an individual in Commander Feral's family line because of cruelty and callous behavior toward another who was a powerful witch. The cursed one is forced to change into this beast of perversity until such time a lover who cares enough for him is willing to risk breaking the curse by facing the creature on a full moon night. The lover must somehow dominate the creature during sex and allow it to take blood from somewhere other than the neck while also avoiding its eyes that can mesmerize him or her. If the lover is successful the creature reverts immediately back to normal."

"Crud! Who would be willing to do something so dangerous and insane?" Felina said bitterly. Anguish for her uncle plain on her face.

"What a horrible thing to ask of someone!" Callie Briggs exclaimed, equally upset.

"Well, Callie, if the cure was easy, it wouldn't have lasted this long." Abby Sinean sighed sadly. "I'm sorry, Commander."

Feral looked away from everyone and stared blindly out the window. Except for the dangerous element of not being in his right mind, T-Bone could restrain and blindfold him as he'd done before. Of course, the Swat Kat would have to be out of his mind to get near him in his altered form. He just didn't know if T-Bone would be willing to risk that much to help him. After all they weren't friends even though the tabby had been helping him.

If that wasn't bad enough, their secret would have to be revealed to those in this room. Dr. Sinean would have to explain the cure to T-Bone, Briggs would have to witness that he was cured, and Felina and Razor would have to ensure he was properly imprisoned before and maybe after, should the cure fail.

Sighing in resignation, he turned back to face the worried group watching him. "There is someone I've been seeing who has been helping me cope with problems the curse has been causing me. He may do this but I really don't know for certain until we ask him."

"You do?!! Who is it? I'll go get him right now." Felina volunteered excitedly.

"Ahh, that won't be necessary, Felina. You won't be able to find him." Feral said cryptically. He turned to Ms. Briggs. "I have a way to contact him but it is only a signal device not a communicator and its only purpose is to tell him to meet me at the place we get together. However, you do have a communicator, Ms. Briggs and can reach him."

"Me?" Ms. Briggs looked at him in surprise.

Rubbing his neck and blushing with embarrassment, "Umm, yeah! I know you can reach the Swat Kats and that is who we need."

"The Swat Kats?!!" Everyone chorused in shock.

He winced at their reaction. "Yes, I need T-Bone to be exact." He muttered.

Callie stared at him in amazement but reached into her purse and brought out a small device. Pressing the signal, she waited for a response. Moments later, a familiar gruff voice spoke.

"Yeah, Ms. Briggs what's wrong?" T-Bone asked.

"Uhh, T-Bone could you and Razor please come to Dr. Sinean's office at the Megakat Museum. We have a situation that needs your assistance." Callie said delicately. "Try not to be seen if possible too. Come in the rear employee entrance, Lt Feral will be waiting to let you in."

"Lt Feral?!! What's this about, Ms. Briggs?" T-Bone asked puzzled.

"Will explain everything when you get here. Please come as soon as you can. We'll be waiting." Callie said and closed the device before T-Bone could ask anything else.

T-Bone and Razor arrived at the rear of the Museum within fifteen minutes of the call on their cyclotrons. As promised, Felina let them in. Eyeing her inquiringly, she shook her head refusing to answer any questions and led the way to Dr. Sinean's office. They were surprised to see Feral was waiting there too.

"Hi guys, thanks for getting here soo quickly. Dr. Sinean has found the cure for Commander Feral. I'll let her explain it to you." Callie said to forestall any questions by them.

Dr. Sinean repeated what she had told the others. T-Bone looked sharply at Feral. He shrugged helplessly.

"I only told them you have been helping me cope, no details. Dr. Sinean needed to tell you about the cure, Ms. Briggs has to verify the proof if the cure is successful and your partner and Felina have to insure my imprisonment will keep everyone else safe. Of course, it is your choice to do this. I would never ask you. Besides, as Dr. Sinean said, you have to be willing." Feral said quietly swallowing his trepidation that T-Bone could condemn him to exist with the curse for the rest of his life.

Staring at Feral a moment longer, T-Bone sighed. "You wouldn't ask but there is no way I'd be able to live with myself knowing I could have saved you but didn't. I could never let anyone suffer what you've been going through for the past few months. So it appears we're going to do this though we'll have to wait until the next full moon. Where do we want to do this that will keep it private but prevent the Commander from escaping?" T-Bone asked gruffly.

Everyone was surprised at his willingness to help his antagonist be cured and that he had been helping Feral for weeks. Razor had been caught off guard since he hadn't known T-Bone was intimate with Feral to begin with. He was angry and upset.

"Crud, T-Bone. Would have been nice to have known about you and Feral instead of having it dropped on me like this." He growled.

"Sorry, buddy! I promised to keep it a secret to alleviate some of Feral's embarrassment about what we were doing." T-Bone tried to placate his angry partner.

"Which was what exactly?" Razor demanded.

"Come on Razor, it's private!!" T-Bone pleaded. "If he wants you to know, it's his business to tell you not mine. It's nothing to cause trouble between us and doesn't affect our secret. I promise." He tried to reassure him.

"He's telling the truth, Razor. It is private. He's been helping me cope with the problems the curse has been causing me between the full moons. We have a truce between us while this is going on." Feral defended T-Bone to Razor's amazement.

"Alright! Man, I never thought you two would come to an agreement about anything." Razor grumbled shaking his head.

"Thanks, Razor. So now who can answer my question about a cage for Feral?" T-Bone hurried on before Razor could complain about anything else.

"Well, I do have a medieval prison cell. It's quite authentic and strong. It should do the trick and as an extra bonus it will be private since the museum is closed after dark." Dr. Sinean said after few a moments thought.

"Sounds perfect. Let's go check it out to make sure it's sound. I hear the Commander is very strong in his altered form?" T-Bone said as they trooped after the doctor as she led them through the museum to the medieval exhibit.

Felina grimaced, "Believe me, he is, T-Bone. He makes the maximum security cell at Enforcer Headquarters shake for hours".

"Crud, that doesn't sound good!" Razor grunted in concern and looked askance at his partner. "You sure about this buddy?"

"Yeah!" T-Bone said with certainty. The group halted at a very large, heavy iron cage. "Well this does look strong enough. Think we can get a strong bed in here?" He asked as he watched Razor check the cage over for any weaknesses.

"I think so." Dr. Sinean said

"Well that's what we'll need as well as heavy restraint cuffs at head and foot. I'll bring anything else I think I'll need." T-Bone nodded, satisfied the cell would work for their needs. "If you'll have that done before the end of the month, Dr. Sinean then all we have to do is wait until the next full moon."

"I'll have it done a week before that time, T-Bone. You should probably come by and check the restraints to insure they are what you need." Dr. Sinean said thoughtfully.

"Right, I'll do that. If that's all, we'd better get going. Come on, Razor." T-Bone said as he moved off followed by his partner toward the exit they had come in.

Satisfied that everything that could be done had been or would be done everyone said farewell and left their separate ways.

Felina and her uncle traveled in silence on their way back to Enforcer Headquarters. Felina could tell her uncle wasn't in the mood for conversation right now and held her peace.

For the next few weeks, Feral and T-Bone got together two times a week instead of once. T-Bone wanted to be as familiar with Feral's body as he could and build a trusting foundation that hopefully would carry over into the creatures behavior. They worked with restraints and a blindfold constantly so that Feral felt comfortable with their use.

As before, T-Bone relieved Feral's increased sexual tension the night before the full moon taking some of the stress off the big kat. T-Bone had already gone by the Museum to check the set up and was satisfied with the strength of the restraints. He briefed Razor on what to expect and to stand by with a gas grenade in case the cure failed. Razor and Felina would be just out of view but not hearing range of the action in the cage. It would be embarrassing for them but they had to be close in case things went wrong. Ms. Briggs and Dr. Sinean would wait in Abby's office until it was over.

Megakat Museum...Two hours before moonrise...

Everyone was there when Feral and Felina arrived. Feral was tense and irritable. Everyone quickly learned not to get too close to him because he would hiss and growl when anyone did. T-Bone had a fairly bright light set up just outside the cage so he could see Feral clearly. It was time to get into the cage and get set up. Shooing everyone out of the room except Razor, the tabby gently gestured Feral into the cell with him. Twitching nervously, Feral walked in and startled when Razor locked the cell door tightly. He gave his partner a worried look before leaving the room.

There was a trunk next to the bed. T-Bone had placed water bottles and the things he wanted to use within it. It was to hold their clothes when they stripped as well. T-Bone pulled everything out and laid them on the bed then proceeded to strip down. Hesitating only a moment, Feral followed suit. Quickly placing their clothes in the trunk, the tabby replaced most of the items back in. Turning he coaxed Feral to assume the position they had agreed would be the best for success. The Commander climbed onto the bed on paws and knees.

T-Bone moved in front to cinch the big kats paws into the restraints. As he pulled one paw into the cuff, Feral suddenly snapped his fangs at him. T-Bone jerked quickly out of the way and stared at the Commander. Feral's eyes were beginning to glow with an alienism that sent a shiver down the smaller tom's spine. Speaking soothing nonsense, he moved cautiously and once more pulled Feral's paw toward the restraint cuff. Except for a low growling, the tom didn't try to bite again. Not dropping his guard, T-Bone went around and repeated the action on the other paw.

Realizing that time was running out, he quickly attached the modified restraints for the feet. These restraints were connected to chains that were bolted to the bed. The chains allowed the restraint cuffs to reach Feral's ankles in his knees up position. Though this allowed the creature a bit too much freedom, they couldn't see any other way to allow access to his genitals for pleasure to be administered.

Finally he reached into the trunk and brought out the blindfold. Returning to Feral's face, he carefully leaned forward to tie it in place. Feral stared at him afraid. Halting, T-Bone stopped a moment and gently caressed the Commander's face. "It's going to be okay. We'll make it through this, I promise." Feral shivered and closed his eyes trustingly. Sighing and hoping he hadn't lied, T-Bone tied the blindfold on securely.

It was time to get the show on the road. He took out of the trunk a vibrator and lube then climbed onto the bed behind the big kat. He quickly readied himself, though he wasn't very erect yet and prepped Feral somewhat. Then climbed off the bed, put the lube in the trunk, closed it and waited. They had discussed starting sex before the change but Feral said it was extremely painful and that whatever effort T-Bone succeeded in doing would be undone and have to be started again so it was agreed that waiting till after the change would probably be the best.

Time seemed to drag and Feral was starting to pant and moan in nervous tension as the change began to build in him with the rising of the moon. T-Bone jumped in shock when Feral suddenly screamed in pain. He watched in fascinated horror as the change altered Feral's form. Huge wings flapped as the creature flailed violently against the restraints trying to free itself. It screamed and roared furiously.

Razor, shaken by the sound, peered around the corner of the room's door and gaped at the transformed Commander. So far the restraints seemed to be doing their job. Razor swallowed and pulled back out of the door and stared at Felina in concern. She stared back at him with worry in her eyes. He prayed T-Bone would survive this. It didn't look very promising so far.

T-Bone felt cold fear chase down his back. Feral was fearsome. Shaking himself, he argued with his conscious. 'You said you could do this. You can't back out now. Feral trusts you to get him out of this and by god that is what you are going to do.' Taking firm hold of his courage, T-Bone began making soothing noises at the creature hoping to calm it. At first it didn't seem to hear or notice him but as it realized it couldn't get free, it also realized it wasn't alone. Freezing still like the predator it was, it sniffed the air. Encouraged, the tabby continued to call soothingly to it. Snorting it twitched its wings and swung its head in T-Bone's direction. He was very glad the blindfold was still in place. The eyes were so bright the glow could be seen coming through the cloth giving it an eerie look. It made a questioning noise at the tabby. It tried to move toward him and hissed when it couldn't.

"It's okay. I'm coming close. Just stay calm." T-Bone told it as he carefully approached its right leg. Very cautiously, he reached out and caressed the inner thigh of the leg near him. The creature jerked and tried to look at him. It shivered but didn't do anything aggressive. Encouraged, T-Bone continued the caress and increasing his touches to include the heavy genitals hanging below its body. It made a throbbing, mewing noise deep in its chest. It sounded something like a purr. Still being cautious, T-Bone moved slowly onto the bed behind the creature. It froze suddenly, waiting to see what the tom was going to do. Careful not to startle it further, T-Bone began a deep massage of its rear flanks, digging his fingers into the fur and touching all the erogenous zones he had mapped of Feral's body.

The creature finally began to respond sexually. Its cock began filling out and hardening. Sighing to himself in relief, T-Bone began in earnest to arouse it for penetration. It moaned and writhed at the attention, the tabby was bestowing on it. Its cock was soon weeping fluids and it was making urgent sounds of need whipping its head back and forth and raising its tail. Taking the invitation T-Bone began to tongue deep into the creatures hot channel while pulling on his own cock to ready himself. The creature bellowed and thrust back frantically.

Knowing it was now or never, T-Bone mounted the creature. They both moaned at that first thrust. The tabby wasted no time setting a punishing rhythm that shoved the creature hard into the headboard as they rushed toward completion. The pressure in his groin grew intense as he thrust furiously into the creatures hot center. As he reached the peak he remembered he was supposed to let the creature bite him. Panting, he slowed his motions a little, leaned forward and offered his wrist under the creature's nose. With a hungry growl it sank it fangs into T-Bone's tender flesh. Crying out he was hard pressed not to yank his arm away. It sucked hard sending incredible thrills of heat through T-Bone's body moments later he felt the creature clench, jerk its fangs free and howl its release, clamping down on T-Bone sending him over the edge.

As soon as they had orgasmed, a change began to occur beneath T-Bone. The creature began to shudder, it screamed and moments later Feral was laying under him unconscious, but normal once more. Stunned, T-Bone lay there uncertain if he had succeeded or that the moon had gone down.

When he had his breath back, he called out to Razor. His partner quickly responded running through the door to the cage in seconds. He stopped in surprise when all he saw was his partner laying on top an obviously unconscious but very much normal looking Feral.

"Did we do it? Or did the moon go down?" T-Bone asked wearily.

"It's only been an hour and a half since Feral transformed, T-Bone. You did it!" Razor crowed happily. "Here, I'll unlock the door and leave you to get dressed while I tell the good news to the others."

Smiling in relief, T-Bone rolled off Feral. He went around removing the restraints and blindfold then made his way to the trunk for his clothes. Dressed, he brought Feral's clothes and the water over to the bed where a bleary looking Commander Feral was just coming around.

"Here you go, Commander. Congratulations! The curse is broken. How do you feel?" T-Bone sat down beside him and handed him the water.

Feral slowly sat up and grabbed the bottle and drank thirstily then looked at T-Bone in a kind of stunned wonder. He was trying to grapple with the fact he was free of the curse. Smiling understandingly, T-Bone shoved Feral's clothes in his arms. "Better get dressed. We are about to have company." He smirked.

Realizing he was still naked, Feral put down his water and quickly put his clothes on. He'd finished in time as his niece with Razor followed by Ms. Briggs and Dr. Sinean came in the door.

"Oh Commander, how wonderful." Ms. Briggs said smiling in relief.

"How do you feel Commander Feral?" asked Dr. Sinean.

"Tired, sore, and very happy. Thank you! I owe you a debt of gratitude, that I'm not sure I'll be able to pay, T-Bone. You risked your life to save me." Feral said humbly.

"Hey it was one hell of a ride, Commander. Just glad it worked." T-Bone brushed off the thanks.

"Oh Uncle! I'm so happy for you. How about I take you home now where you can take a nice hot shower, eat and finally get some sleep?" Felina asked warmly.

Smiling warmly back, Feral felt nothing but relief and joy at his freedom. "That sounds wonderful Felina. Let's go!" Getting up carefully, he paused to thank Dr. Sinean for her hard work. Said farewell to the others and walked out into the cool moonlit evening.

As he sat beside Felina as she drove him home, he mused on all the things that had happened to him since the start of the curse. The only good thing that had come of it was the excellent sex education he'd received from T-Bone. For that and his freedom he was very grateful to a certain very handsome and sexy Swat Kat. He wondered if he should see him again? He smiled as he thought about that possibility.

The End?