"Damn it all!" Lauren shouted as she leaned forward, watching her house key fall into the boundless pit of the drain, and she groaned as the echo of splashing water reverberated off the walls, and through her ears, laughing at her softly.

Lauren kicked the fire hydrant and looked up into the sky that was dimming rapidly and was coated with smoky-looking clouds that loomed over her head and snickered down upon her. Lightning split the sky in half with a blinding neon light that stretched and strained in the afternoon horizon. She sighed, and clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth. "Well, let's go over our situation. Rain coming, no key, and no positive side…hmm…yep, I'm doomed."

With no hope of reaching any possible sign of happiness, Lauren walked slowly up to the gate and pressed the microphone button. She waited, until the irritation announcer answered quickly, and Lauren itched back in surprise.

"Yes, Crensfald Crossings?"

Lauren sighed. "Yeah, I forgot my house key, and I can't necessarily get in, so if you could just-"

"What about your keycard?"

"My mother has it. She's the head honcho."

There was an awkward silence, and Lauren dreaded the answer. "I'm sorry, but without a keycard, or a house key it seems suspicious. Crensfald Crossings does not allow vandals on this property." He said sternly, and Lauren rolled her eyes.

"Listen…dude, I'm tired, hungry, broke, and it's about to rain. My mother is inside the house, and-"

"Name?" He interrupted, and Lauren felt like punching through the microphone.

"Clara Newport."

There was another pause, and she tapped her foot impatiently. The announcer cleared his throat to replenish his Mickey-mouse voice. "Excuse me for the inconvenience, Miss Newport. I just beeped your mother. You can come through."

Lauren didn't even bother to say thank you, and she strode through the gates to the neighborhood. Turning the corner, she jumped as a crack of thunder broke the eerie silence, and mounds of water came down on her with glee. The rain seeped through her uniform and slipped off her skin, cooling her body quickly, and dampening her hair until it dripped. She moaned loudly, and looked up. "Why?"

Walking up her house, she opened the garden gate and let it creak, until Lauren slammed it shut with her foot, and raced up the stone steps. She let herself in, and her mother stood there, gaping. Her gray eyes wept with exhaustion, and her blonde hair was matted and let up in a bun to be disguised poorly. Her skin seemed flushed, and not with a very healthy flow. She sighed.

"Lauren Nicole Newport! Did you stay out there all day? And what happened to your key?" She demanded hopelessly.

Lauren rolled her eyes behind the black hair that covered her face and sighed. "It fell down the drain while I was walking. It wasn't my fault."

"Oh, of coarse not! And what about my burnt stove? Yes, Lauren, you left the stove on all day! You could have been responsible for letting our house catch fire and burn to a crisp! And what about the money to replace that? You're still paying off the guitar you placed on my credit card-"

"I'm sorry! I'm not perfect! Excuse me if your son is!" Lauren shouted, regarding her sibling, Joshua. Lauren narrowed her eyes, and raced up the stairs, placing each foot on each and every step with a loud thump. Marching into her room, she entered quickly and slammed the door, locking it quickly.

"Hello, Lauren." A soft voice lingered in the air behind her, and Lauren gasped in horror, as she stared.