Almost perfect

I've been thinking about this one for a few days now and my friend Dean's Impala said we could work it together….

Neither one of us own SP nor the car just own brains. And computers.

Mary is still alive and will stay alive but she has a tiny secret she never told a soul, until some thing came back for a soul.

Dean and Sam are their ages now 27 or 28 and 24 or 25 Dean is living with a woman for seven years Kendall and they have a five-year-old daughter Rachael. Sam is a dating fool he is filling is brother's shoes. John is a loveable bear.

This will be short in the beginning but we will work on the second part tomorrow.

WE hope you like…

He winced as he looked at the clock in the bathroom, 7AM the snow clouds threatened the sky, but he knew that it would rain. Dean reached out to lightly touch the toilets handle listening to it roar before the water spiraled down the drain. Shutting off the light he stepped into the hall way only to be met by his 5year old , her eyes wide in Christmas hope .

"Daddy, Daddy, can you go wake mommy up, Santa was here last night!" she squealed with delight. She wrapped her arms around Dean's legs and place all of her weight on them.

" Please……….."

"Rach, mommy tired but how about I let you open one present and then we take a nap until a little later, you can even sleep in bed with me and mommy."

Dean knew he made the mistake when the dimples in her cheeks deepened , they had just gotten her out of the habit of not sleeping in their bed and here he was offering sanction in their bed. However, if it kept her quiet just for a little longer , then he would face Kendall's wrath later.

Te 5 year old let go of his legs and grabbed his hand leading him down the stairs . They had placed the presents under the tree early this morning making sure not to wake up the small girl. Dean looked throw the presents until he found the one, he was looking for. He held out the gift to the small girl , she took it and sat down to unwrap it. Dean smiled when he saw what it was , Kendall said she was getting Rachael a shark and there it was a plush shark with white teeth protruding out of its mouth.

Rachael had loved Sharks ever since they took her to the Aquarium in Georgia, all she talked about was the sharks. Rachael looked up at Dean and smiled she tucked the shark under her arm and was ready for the rest of the promise. Just as Dean was going to pick up his daughter , she pushed away and looked up at him.

"Daddy, since Santa brought me my shark I'm going back to my bed so mommy will get some sleep, but come get me for the rest of the presents ."

Dean beamed at the 5 year old she was one smart cookie , but Dean knew she had been looking out her window all night for Santa, he found her early this morning. He had placed her back into her bed just before he went to the bathroom.

" Alright sugar , I'll wake you up in a few hours . I love you Raye" Dean Bent down to hug her ,then watched as she went back down the hallway to her room. After seeing her close the door , Dean went back upstairs and into the room, he shared with the love of his life.

There spread out in their bed was Kendall, in nothing but a football jersey the Buffalo Bills too, he shook his head she loved sports and she was from Buffalo NY but the Bills come on. It was not until he got closer that he saw the name on the back Adams, for Sam Adams , he played for Oakland and Buffalo. Kendall lay sprawled on her stomach, with one knee bent her dark hair ruffled , her pale skin glowing against the black satin sheets and that my friends was as girly as Dean Winchester got.

Dean pulled off his t-shirt , peeled back some of the blankets and lay back on his side of the bed giving Kendall just a little more room. Her fingertips moved over his arm and a smile spread across his face as he snuggled closer to her .

" The shark?" she asked .

"Yep, so I'm thinking we have a few more hours to ourselves if you like" he kissed her cheek, before she rolled onto her side and curled into his awaiting form. Dean through an arm over her and held her tight against his body, They both drifted off to sleep, hoping that Raye would give them the few extra hours they would need for the rest of the day.

Okay , just to cover our asses, WE do not own the Bill's or the Raiders as well. We hoped you liked and there will be a second chapter tomorrow. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all.