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A Permissible Affair


The New Assignment


Cagalli Yula Athha knew she was in trouble the moment she stepped through the door of Eternal Investigations and saw her twin brother's smiling face.

Kira Yamato never smiled before noon.

Especially on a Monday morning and rent was due in less than a week. So the smile softening his features that morning was disconcerting, to say the least.

Walking pass him without a word, Cagalli eyed him warily as she placed her belongings on the front desk, taking her seat in front of the computer.

The single story brick building that housed the private detective agency she owned with Kira and their long-time friend Miriallia Haw. A pair of ancient ceiling fans whirred noisily overhead. Humid air that promised to become unbearable as the temperature outside soared. Another record-breaking August day in the nation of Orb.

To make the story short and simple, both Cagalli and Kira were twins separated at birth to only encounter one another once more with the death of Cagalli's adopted father, Uzumi Athha. She was then taken by Kira's adopted mother at the age of twelve when she encountered her best friend Miriallia Haw. The three soon after college open their own business called Eternal Investigation.

"Morning sis," Kira greeted her cheerfully. "How was traffic? Not too bad I hope?"

Narrowing her eyes slightly, she asked calmly, "What is it?"

Before Kira had a chance to respond, the door behind him open and Miriallia stepped out reading a document in her hand. Without looking up, she said, "Kira, is Cagalli here yet?"

"If you look up from that so over important document, you could see for yourself that I am here and was in the middle of asking Kira what is going on," Cagalli asked somewhat upset.

Glancing up to look at the two siblings, Miriallia blinked for a moment. Then smiled softly and replied, "You remembered how you always wanted to do a big investigation?"

"Yes….." Cagalli said cautiously.

Glancing at Kira quickly, nodding her head in approval, Kira responded. "Well this morning former Mayor Djibril stopped by with a offer we couldn't refuse." Before Kira had the chance to say anything else, Miriallia quickly asked, "How is your mother doing this morning, Cagalli? How did her appointment go this morning?"

"It went okay. Her blood pressure is still a little too high. The doctor asked me to keep an keep an eye on her, make sure she sticks to the low-carb diet he prescribed." Laughing out loud, she added, "He might as well asked me to build a flying saucer equipped with the recent technology of the internet."

Smirking at his twin's comment, Kira nodded his head in a agreement. "Mom's too stubborn to refuse to give up the high-cholesterol she always prepared her family with great pride."

"Mom is a survivor," Cagalli whispered softly, letting the conversation sink in. Quickly changing the mood of the conservation, she added, "What did Mayor Djibril want?"

"Our exceptional services," Miriallia answered, "He wants to hire us for a big assignment."

Feeling a surge of excitement pass through her body, Cagalli kept her expression neutral as she waited for Miriallia to continue. "I'm listening."

"Have you ever heard of Patrick Zala?" Kira asked.

Cagalli frowned. "Is that a trick question? Who in their right mind hasn't heard of Patrick Zala? He is the hotshot defense attorney who specializes in helping white-collar criminals. He even helped that scumbag CEO three years ago who basically admitted of murdering a fellow employee due to his rage. Yet he still walked away scot-free thanks to Zala." Her mouth twisted cynically. "I asked again, who hasn't heard of Patrick Zala?"

Laughing softly, Kira shook his head in amusement. "Gee, Cal, don't be afraid to tell us what you really think," he teased.

Narrowing her eyes once more at her twin, she signed and asked, "What doe this have to do with the mayor?"

"While in office, Djibril spent a great deal of time and resources investigating Zala's law firm. He truly believes that Zala is hiding something from the public. He believes that Zala has tied to the Zaft mafia and is guilty of everything from bribery and witness tampering to economic intelligence and public corruption. Yet he was never able to prove it while in office. His failure to take down Patrick Zala has been, literally, a thorn in his side. Yet now that he is out of office, he has all the time and wealth to expose Zala for the fraud he is," Miriallia responded with as much detailed as possible.

Cagalli frowned. "Wit all due respect, how are we supposed to get the dirt on Zala when all the king's men have failed? I mean don't get me wrong, we are good. But if the mayor and his arsenal of investigators couldn't get the dirt they wanted before, what makes us have a chance?"

Kira smiled and answered, "What we have over all the king's men is a secret weapon."

"Which is?"


Cagalli blinked. "Excuse me?"

Glancing at Kira, Miriallia replied, "Patrick Zala is ill. He is suffering from a recent stroke attack. Yet according to Djibril's sources', that Zala's only son, Athrun, will soon step in to run the law firm. That is where you come in, Cagalli."

Cagalli had a sneaking suspicion she wasn't going to like what her dear friend was going to say next. So she said it for her. "You want me to befriend Athrun Zala in order to get the goods on his father?"

"That is the general idea." Miriallia responded cautiously. "Of course, making him fall in love with you would almost guarantee we get the kind of dirt we really want."

Cagalli's eye widen in surprise. Taking a hard good look at both the people standing in the same room, she replied, "Repeat that again."

"You need to make Athrun Zala fall deeply in love with you to get the information Djibril is looking for," Kira replied softly.

"Are you implying that I have to sleep with a complete stranger!"

Kira looked stricken. "Of course not! We wouldn't….."

Narrowing her eyes, Cagalli responded hoarsely, "There has to be another way."

"Cagalli," Miriallia said softly, Djibril is very serious about securing our services. Just think about buying your mother that ranch she had secretly dreamed for all her life. Because, Djibril is basically giving you the amount to buy that ranch and plus more. Cagalli, don't be a fool. Think about this rationally. This is your and ours golden opportunity to make a name for ourselves."

"No one is asking you to sleep with Athrun Zala," Kira began, with a pointed look at Miriallia, "What we want is there is always other ways to make a man fall for you, ways that don't necessarily lead to the bedroom." He flushed, as if he couldn't believe he was actually attempting to school his sister on the art of seduction.

"You a beautiful woman, Cagalli," Miriallia quickly added. "I would have taken the case, but I already busy with dealing other cases which needed my full attention. You never had any trouble at attracting members of the opposite sex. Even with your tomboyish attitude. You have a body to die for."

Blushing slightly at the last comment, Cagalli mumbled a thanks.

"What I think Miriallia is trying to say," Kira continued, "you should have no problem turning Athrun Zala's head and lulling him into sharing confidence with you. It might take some time, though. From what I know about the man, he doesn't trust very easily. Than again, with a father like Patrick Zala, who can blame him."

"What if he doesn't know anything about his father's business?" Cagalli countered back. "Or what if he has no plans of running the firm?"

Kira shook his head in disagreement. "After graduating from law school, Athrun went to work for the Patrick. He was good in the court room. Actually he was great and very influential. His style was completely different from his father's, but yet just as effective. However, after five years at the firm, he suddenly walked away. Seems he and the old man had a falling-out. Over what, God only knows. Anyhow, Athrun ended up as a law professor at St. Johnson's University and from what I have heard, he is as much a natural in the classroom. Yet I doubt he doesn't miss being a lawyer. Especially since he and his father have recently reconciled. It will be a matter of time before Athrun steps in to take over the family business."

"So," Cagalli said deep sigh, just how am I supposed to meet Athrun Zala?"

"As one of his student." At her dumbfounded look, Miriallia added, "This fall you're going undercover as a first year law student at Johnson's University. We will take care of the fake transcripts and etc. Djiril is pulling the strings of getting you into the University. "

"If all goes well, you will get the information Djibril is looking for to bring down Patrick Zala and in the process Mom will be set for life and the Eternal Investigations will never again have to accept assignments we don't want," added Kira. "I think as soon as possible, we should hire a full-time secretary."

"Hallelujah," muttered Cagalli. "And while we're at it, Big Spender, could we also get the air-conditioning fixed?"

Author's Note:

This is my first story ever. I got the idea from a book I read. I will not take any credit for characters of Gundam Seed. I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter. Please review and any thoughts and suggestions is appreciated.