A Permissible Affair


First Day


Three months later

Taking a small peek through her covers to the alarm clock that stood on the nightstand, Cagalli groaned softly.

It was 7:01 in the morning.

Bringing the covers back up, she attempted to fall asleep once more. However, before sleep was able to overcome her senses, a thought arose from her mind. Today was suppose to be important. Yet the blonde couldn't place her finger on it.

Shrugging the thought aside, sleep began to take over.

Glancing quickly at the clock, Caridad Yamato gently placed her coffee mug down onto the kitchen table. Pushing the chair back, she slowly lifted herself from the chair and made her way towards the staircase.

Glancing back once more at the clock, Caridad frowned softly.

"Cagalli!" she yelled as she faced the top of the staircase. After a moment of silence, she yelled once more, "Cagalli dear! I think it is time for you to get up!"

Still receiving no answer from the girl, Caridad made her way back to the kitchen table and took her seat. Taking another sip of her coffee, she glanced at the clock.

It read 7:21.

"That child is going to be late," the elder woman mumbled softly. "Then again, when is she ever on time."

40 minutes later

"I'm late. I can't believe I'm late!" Cagalli uttered the words to herself as she hurried across the ground of Johnson's University toward the Law Classroom Building located on the other side of the campus.

It was the first day of classes and she was late for her eight o'clock civil procedure course.

It was now 8:15.

Weeks of planning and preparing for this assignment never prepared her waking up late and losing site of her car keys. She had searched everywhere for her keys locating the kids where she had left them the night before, buried in the front door lock.

When Cagalli finally left the house that morning, she noticed her mother drinking her coffee while reading the morning paper quietly.

Stepping inside the air-conditioned coolness of the Law Classroom Building and made her way down the hallway quickly.

Even before she rounded the corner, she heard a deep, husky and pure masculine male voice that sent chills down her spine.

Stepping out of the hallway into the classroom, Cagalli's amber eyes automatically noticed deep emerald staring straight back at her. Her pulse hammered at the base of her throat.

Firm, sculpted lips curved upward in a mocking half smile. "So nice of you to join us, Miss…..?"

"Yula," she said, the alias wobbling off quietly off her tongue. "Sorry I'm late."

"I'm sure your clients will appreciate knowing that every time you show up late for trial," Athrun Zala said dryly.

Cagalli's face burned with embarrassment as her classmates laughed. Bravely squaring her shoulders, she looked around the room quickly before sliding into a vacant seat in the second row. An attractive young red head seated next to her offered a sympathetic "better you than me" that only made Cagalli feel worse about her ill fated entrance.

So much for making a good first impression she thought as she retuned her gaze toward Athrun Zala. Sighing softly to herself, she couldn't look away. To say that the man was gorgeous was an understatement.

The hard, masculine line of his square jaw accentuated cheekbones that could have been carved from granite and yet his strong chin hinted a hint of feminist features that just made him incredibly sexy. His skin was pale which allowed his emerald orbs to heighten in color against his dark navy hair. Wearing a short sleeved black shirt that stretched across his broad shoulders and blue jeans that rode low on lean hips. No doubt what he well built underneath all that clothing.

Athrun Zala's appearance was a marked departure from the bookish law professor of Cagalli's dreams. No wonder why every seat in the first row was occupied by females.

She was captivated, shamelessly so and when those deep alluring emerald eyes came to rest on hers once again, she felt a chill run down her spine.

"What about you, Miss. Yula?" Athrun asked, arms folded across his chest. "What are your expectations for this course?"

Thinking about the question for a moment, Cagalli regain her composure and replied confidently, "I have no expectations for this course, Mr. Zala."

One eyebrow stretched upward, "Why so?"

Licking her lips, Cagalli proceeded, "One thing I have come to understand about myself is that if I approach anything with too many expectations, I don't learn or grow as much as I should, because my insights are shaped by my expectations. So I came here today, late as you know, with an open mind, which I think is good practice for anyone aspiring to enter the legal profession."

Complete silence descended through out the classroom, as all eyes laid upon Athrun Zala, awaiting for his verdict.

After a minute pause, Athrun nodded his head in agreement. Amusement glinting in his dark eyes. He studied her for a moment longer before turning away to acknowledge the rest of the class.

"Remember Miss. Yula's answer," he told the class, which carried a hint of humor. "It might just show your final exam."

The announcement was met with laughter. The young woman seated beside Cagalli gave her a thumbs-up sign and Cagalli grinned.

When class was over, the girl introduced herself. "I'm Meyrin Hawke


"Yula, I know." She giggled softly, as she quickly shook hands with Cagalli. Picking up her books, she slowly stood up. She was slightly shorter than Cagalli and thinner. Glossy red hair pinned up into two pigtails swing midway. "Don't worry about Mr. Zala. I think he has the same effect on everyone with an X chromosome."

"So I noticed," Cagalli murmured, eyeing he group of female student surrounding Athrun Zala. Smirking softly, she expected at any time in moment for him to produce a pen and begin signing autographs. "He is cute."

"Cute barely covers it. He is such a hottie. I heard all his classes are usually full and have the longest waiting lists," Meyrin issued, then grinned. "See you next class. Hopefully you won't be late."

"I'll try not too," Cagalli replied as she waved the red head goodbye.

Waiting until everyone left the room, Cagalli begin descending the stairs and slowly approach Athrun Zala. Up close he seemed even taller, towering over her.

"I need a syllabus," she told him as he stuffed papers into a well-worn leather briefcase.

Without looking up, he passed her the requested document. For a quick moment, their fingers brushed. Something, like awareness passed between them, as Athrun turned slightly as the blonde. Their gazes locked and captivated one another.

She stepped back slowly, feeling as if she had been scorched with a dangerous, seductive heat. One she never had experience before.

"I know we, uh, got off on the wrong foot, Professor Zala, but…."

His eyes narrowed on her face, as he stood straight up, holding his briefcase in one hand. "What is your name?"

"Cagalli," she answered. Remembering the plan that she and her brother and Miriallia had decoded upon. Sticking as close to the truth as possible.

"Cagalli is it?" he replied calmly. "What were you saying?"

"I just want you to know that I am serious about being here, that I plan to take me studies very seriously." Even though it wasn't the complete truth, she had set herself out to accomplished a task.

"Never doubted it for a second Miss Yula." Indicating that Cagalli should precede him from the room.

As she walked, she wondered if there was any way to detain him without arousing his suspicion. It was the first day of the semester, too early to request help with her coursework. Although the lengthy reading assignment he had given them was no laughing matter.

She could invite him for a cup of coffee. Yet there was no pressing reason to push him so fast. Kira did mentioned that winning Athrun Zala's trust would take time.

"Athrun!" a female voice yelled.

Looking right past her, his mouth curved into a warm, relaxed grin that made her breath hitch and caused her to wonder who was the lucky girl to receive such a smile.

Another red head, hair shorter than Meyrin's waved and made her towards them. "Want to grab a cup of coffee at Star's?" she called to him.

"Of course," he responded.

Cagalli's heart sank. He glanced down at her, his face an emotionless mask that convinced her that she had only imagine the small electrically charge moment in the classroom.

"My office hours are on the syllabus if you need to reach me. See you on Wednesday Miss. Yula."

"Okay." As Cagalli watched him make his way toward the red beauty, she realized she didn't have much time as she had thought to win over the sexy law professor.

Watching the couple disappear from her view, her eyes narrowed dangerously. It was time to step up her game or pack up her toys and go home.

And going home wasn't an option.


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