8 years later –

Aeon was on to Trevor's nonsensical laboratory dealings. There was nothing he could hide from her. And, there was nothing she couldn't destroy. Over the years, she had developed so many ways to cross the wall of Bregna, it was so easy and so customary. It certainly helped that Trevor never bothered to really change her regular exits and entrances. Maybe he didn't know, or better yet, maybe he just didn't care.

Truth be told, this place irritated her. The stainless steel medical parts, when Trevor had asked her to help with border containment, she hadn't had any trouble making her decision. Once in a while, Trevor was her ally, but most of the time he was her enemy. Today he was neither. Aeon was just bored.

Ready for the action now Danger Boy,
Ready if I'm ready for you Danger Boy,
Ready if I want it now Danger Boy,
How dare you, dare you Danger Boy,
How dare you, dare you Danger Boy,
I dare you, dare you Danger Boy.