Sheik 2: Hi guys! This is my 2nd fic and OH CRAP I just realised I forgot to put a disclaimer on my first one!!! AHH!!

Dark: HAHA stupid!

Shiek 2: Dark you better shut up or I'll kill you.

Dark: Whatever! You couldn't even catch me!

Shiek 2: -growls- You are SO dead Dark! -tackles Dark and gets in a fight with him-

Dark: Kraddy-kins do the disclaimer and start the fic while she's distracted!

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Dark: On with the story!


He stumbled through the streets. It was late so nobody was on the streets to notice him. "Thank the Gods."he thought to himself.

If he couldn't get home soon he would collapse. He was injured pretty badly. He had dozens of wounds all gushing blood and he was beginning to suffer from the

blood loss. But he kept going. Finally, his legs gave out and his vision started to blur. "Dammit just when I was almost home."he thought before his consciousness

slipped away.

Satoshi Hiwatari had been walking home that night when he spied a crumpled figure on the street. He soon recognized the figure as a

person. The person was male, had violet unruly hair and looked like a mess. Satoshi was shocked, there laying before him was the legendary Phantom Theif Dark

Mousy. Satoshi looked him over for wounds.He noticed that Dark had many wounds and was losing lots of blood. "What should I do,Satoshi thought, I can't just

leave him here and I can't turn him into the police in this condtion." "Satoshi-sama, I ask that you help Dark just this once. I may want to dispose of him but he doesn't deserve a death like this." Krad said sadly from a deep part of Satoshi's mind. "What's going on, is that worry and sadness in his voice?""Okay, we'll help."

"Satoshi-sama, please transform into me so we can get home quicker." Satoshi nodded and transformed into Krad. Krad looked down at Dark with a gentle expression on his face. "Dark...What happened you?" Krad gently picked Dark up bridal style and flew off towards Satoshi's house.


Sorry guys but... TO BE CONTINUED

Shiek 2: So, What did you guys think? Oh and sorry for the short chapter.

Dark: You killed me!

Shiek 2: Did not! Your just wounded and unconscious, JEEZ I think you should know the difference! And I had lots of trouble with Satoshi's name and calling him sama!

Krad: Thats because you have no respect for the great Satoshi-sama!!

Shiek 2 : Krad.

Krad: Yes?

Shiek 2: Shut up.