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/Dai talking to Dark/

//Dark talking to Dai//

\Krad talking to Satoshi\

\\Satoshi talking to Krad\\

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Krad woke up with his arms wrapped around Dark and vise versa. 'He looks so cute asleep.' "Dark. Daaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrk. It's time to let go of me and wake up." Krad poked Dark's cheek. Dark's brow twitched and his eyelashes fluttered open. He groaned and looked at Krad. "I feel like shit.What happened?! Oh yeah you saved me and I fell asleep. But that doesn't explain what you're doing in bed with me with your arms wrapped around me. Hmmmmmm a mystery.(1) Krad rolled his at Dark. "Yes Albert Einstein now would you please let go of me?" Dark finally noticed what he was doing and blushed. "Sure" He let go of Krad then he remembered all of what happened including that Daisuke was missing. "OH FUDGE MONKIES!!! KRADDY-KINS DAI-CHAN IS MISSING!" He screamed.(2)

"I know that Dark! PLEASE stop screaming and DON'T call me that!"

"Whatever you say Kraddy-kins."

"Dark! Just shut up and wait here while I go make breakfast. Try contacting him while your waiting or something."

"Will do Kraddy-kins." He mock saluted Krad.


"Soooooo Dai-chan's missing. If he didn't make it home Emiko will be pissed and I will be murdered. I wonder why Krad hasn't murdered me yet...Oh well. I wonder if he knows how to make waffles." With that said Dark attempted to get up forgetting about his injuries. He soon remembered them when he felt pain almost everywhere and sick. He settled for laying back down and trying to contact Daisuke.

//Dai-chan are you there? Hellllllooooo Earth to Dai-chan//. He frowned when he got no response.

//Dai-chan me and your girlfriend Riku are getting married!// He frowned deeper when he still got no response. 'Where the hell is the little twerp anyways?!'

(Scene Break)

Daisuke woke up with a massive headache and had no idea where he was. He looked at his surroundings and noticed he wasn't in his room. He was in a...Lighthouse? 'What the hell?! This is ridiculous. I am sooooooo outta here.' Daisuke got up and began to leave when a loud noise came from behind him and a stero started playing the song Thiller by Micheal Jakcson. "Oh. Shit." Daisuke prepared himself but when he turned around instead of MJ he came face to face with...Argentine. "DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN." Argentine said. Daisuke just stared at him like he was crazy.

"What the hell man?! I thought you were effin Micheal Jackson since you played Thriller. You scared me silly!"

Argentine did a dramatic pose. "No he's just my idol. Thats how I became the great person I am today." Daisuke stared at him like he was crazy again.

"Okay well I'm outta here. See ya." 'I'm gonna need therapy after this.' But Argentine grabbed Daisuke's arm. "Hey let go!"

"Wait Daisuke I need you so I can--Wait! Dark and Krad are having...WAFFLES!! OMG NO FAIR I WANT SOME!" And again Daisuke looked at him like he was crazy and slowly inched out of the room and ran away to Satoshi's house. Little did he know that Argentine was following him.

"I will get their waffles Daisuke just you wait. And after I eat them all I will rub it in their faces and kill them! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Scene Break)

Krad loked up across the table from his waffles. "Dark are you sure your feeling okay?"

"Yuuuuup. I feel loads better thanks to your delicious waffles! How did you get to be such a good cook?" He said waving his fork back and forth.

"Satoshi taught me!" He said proudly.

"Well thanks for breakfast. I'll help you clean up" Dark tried to get up to help clean up but Krad grabbed his arm.

"Oh no you don't! Your doing no such thing!" He scooped Dark up into his arms and set him on the couch in the living room.

"Hey I can-" But Krad put a finger to his lips and shushed him.

"I will clean up the kitchen and then I'll put a movie in we can watch together to pass the tim. You will sit here and wait for me and not get up. Understood?" Dark could only nod. "Good boy."

Krad finished up cleaning the kitchen then turned all the lights off in the house, shut the blinds,made popcorn, and put in a scary movie. It was The Hills Have Eyes.

"What movie are watching Kraddy-kins? Is it scary?"

"Its supposed to be but I haven't seen it myself yet." As the movie progressed Krad wasn't very impressed. It didn't have a good plot and it wasn't really scary just gross with all the killing.(3) Dark on the other hand however was scared the minute the first person got killed. He jumped and curled up next to Krad hanging onto his arm for dear life. Then there was a knock at the door and Dark buried his face in Krad's chest. Krad patted Dark on the back.

"Dark. It's ok someones just at the door pause the movie and I'll get it." Dark paused the movie and watched Krad hurry towards the door. He opened it to reveal Daisuke. Dark let loose a rather unmanly shreik. he pointed to Daisuke.

"It's a zombie!!! AHHHHHHH!! Oh wait it's just Dai-chan. Sorry false alarm." He sat there grinning. "Come on in Dai we were just watching a SUPER scary movie!" Once Daisuke was inside and everyone got settled Argentine came from behind and aimed some kind of blast at Dark but he had horrible aim so he missed and hit Krad.

"NOOOO now I will never get my waffles!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!" He ran back to his light house crying like a little girl.

"Krad! NOOO! I'm so sorry Krad! I love you! Please don't die!" When the smoke cleared an arm reached out and grabbed Dark. He was pulled in and his lips me with Krad's lips in a passionate kiss.

" I love you too Dark." They kissed again but Daisuke pointed at them.

"Ewww. Lip locks!! Gro--" But Daisuke was silent from a pair of lips crashing into his own. Daisuke looked up to see Satoshi. He broke the kiss.

"Satoshi? How did you get here?" Satoshi shrugged.

"Argentine's sucky aim must have split Krad and I apart." They turned the movie back on and finished it with the results being Dark curled up next to Krad and hanging on to him for dear life and Daisuke in the same position as Dark only with Satoshi. While Satoshi and Krad were smirking.

And so Dark did not get murdered by Emiko, Krad and Dark got together and Dai and Satoshi got together,and Argentine went and got waffles from I-Hop.

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(1) Yes, in case your wondering, I used that phrase from Fruits Baskets vol.3 Haru says it.

(2) I use the phrase fudge monkies a lot. XD

(3)That's how I felt about the movie. My friends thought it was super scary though. I dunno.

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