Author: Lily Kalanoa

Story: Building Destruction

Genre: Naruto – angst / romance

Rating: M / R

Warnings: A very dark story. Involves rape / Non consensual sex. Child (young person) abuse and blackmail. Yaoi.

Pairings: Various. Iruka / Kakashi

Spoilers: Some spoilers for episodes 143-147. Also major spoilers for my story "Reputation".

Author Notes: In the story arc where Mizuki comes back and faces Iruka, I got the feeling that there was a lot more to their relationship than was explored during the episodes. If you didn't feel the same way, reading this story will probably make you watch those episodes in a whole new way. In general there are very few spoilers throughout, but I'm serious about those warnings. This is a VERY DARK FIC with adult themes and fairly graphic sexual scenes. This is also the companion piece to "Reputation" and will make considerably more sense if you read that one first. If you read this, decide you like it, then go read "Reputation", this also contains spoilers for that story, though both can be read independently. Having said all that, I do hope you like it. Please review.

A / N 2: I got a new laptop! It confuses me (it has windows vista and some things are very different) and it made me significantly more in debt. Sigh. But my current laptop is slowly dying and having great fun deciding to shut off with no warning, occasionaly losing me my information. Ugh. Anyway, this is the conclusion of Building Reputation. Thanks for sticking with me through it all, I really hope you liked it. I thank you all, my wonderful wonderful reviewers. Ha, KAT's review made me laugh, well, at least about Kiba-kun. It's true he's a blabbermouth, but Neji and Shino are kinda freaky, they can keep those two in line. And I scared Reily – no no, I may be an angst whore, but I go out of my way to make sure the endings are fairly happy. You have no idea how many stories I've read that are angst upon angst, but well done, then I get to the end and nothing gets resolved. I just look at them and go "the fck?" and immediately delete it if it made it to my favs list. Ne, ne, alana, go look at ch6 for Neji's discovery, its brief, so I understand how you forgot. (other things in that chapter were far more interesting) And no, considering that three of the four are from two of the most prestigious and up tight families, I doubt the kids would trust their parents much. (And like I said, Kiba would get beat up by the others if he told anyone else) Enough talking – on to the conclusion and the long anticipated Genma scene. Please enjoy.

-o-o-o- Iruka, age 25 -o-o-o-

Kakashi had spent the day with Raidou, training. By now the sun was starting to creep towards the tree line and Kakashi kept glancing at it to check the time. Iruka was bound to be done by now, but Raidou had convinced him not to run off to see him right away. Slowly he bent, gathering the kunai he'd thrown at his opponent so they could start another round. A glint of silver caught his eye and he lifted a small spike into the air. "Hmm, this one's not one of mine."

Raidou looked up at the senbon the masked ninja was holding up. His lips twitched into a frown as he raised his gaze to the trees surrounding them. "News?" he asked even before Genma dropped to the ground.

The man shrugged, taking the small weapon from Kakashi. "He's done."

"Ah, so it's all right for you to follow him, but not me?"

Genma raised an eyebrow at him. "You would have charged out of the shadows the moment Mizuki grabbed his wrist."

Kakashi looked offended for a moment before his eye turned up in a little smile. "Probably true."

Genma turned towards Raidou. "I'm going to go 'run into' him and make sure he's all right. Wanna meet up with us in, say, an hour?"

The scarred man nodded, glaring at Kakashi with a 'you'd better not run off before then' look. "We'll meet up with you for an early dinner."

With that, Genma popped into nonexistence, jutsu carrying him away to find the teacher. Iruka was walking along the street in a sort of daze; he hardly looked up when Genma called out his name. With sudden worry, the older man rushed over to him, struggling to offer him a smiling face. "How'd it go?"

Iruka shivered slightly and Genma's smiled wavered. "I was stupid to think it would end."

"What? No! Iruka, it is over. Just because you had to go see that bastard again-"

"It's not, Genma. Every guard that passes through that place is going to know everything. The whole village will know eventually," his voice was fading and Iruka leaned towards Genma's chest suddenly.

Shocked, the older man caught him by the shoulders, pulling him tightly into a hug. He quickly summoned a shadow clone and sent it ahead to Kakashi and Raidou to tell them about this sudden change in plans. Carefully, he guided Iruka the same direction, still trying to calm him. "It's all right, Iruka. You can talk to Tsunade and you won't ever have to do this again. Even if you don't want to do that, it'll be months before you have to go back there again."

Iruka buried his face in the other's chest, allowing himself to be led without any resistance. "It's not just seeing them. I've tried so hard to forget, to just pretend it never happened. But it's never going to be over-"

"You can't just ignore it, Iruka. No, it's not going to go away, but you can move past it, it doesn't have to affect you anymore. Raidou and me are here to help you. Kakashi-"

"I don't want to lose him."

Genma was instantly silent at the sudden change of topic. It was an effort just to keep moving as he muttered a quiet 'what?'

They'd nearly reached the little training ground and Iruka was actually crying now, Genma could feel the wetness soaking through his shirt. "I really screwed up with him. I can't lose him."

Genma stroked the teacher's hair quietly, stopping before they were in sight of the others. He looked up in time to see the two men coming towards them and shook his head quickly to keep them away. "Iruka, you're not going to lose Kakashi-"

"He wants to help and I just keep pushing him away," the teacher sobbed. "Seeing Mizuki again . . . I can't lose him."

Genma tightened his hold, eyes still drilling into Kakashi several yards away. "I swear you're not going to lose him, Iruka. He knows-"

"But he doesn't! He treats me like I'm fragile, like I'm some weakling! I can't stand it, but then I think about breaking up with him . . ." Iruka was crying in earnest now, shaking in his friend's arms. "I love him."

Genma had just enough time to register the complete shock in Kakashi's eye before he looked down at the bundle in his arms.

"He makes me completely furious and I can hardly stand being around him. He barley thinks of me as a ninja, but . . . I want to be with him, even when he does all that. I really do love that bastard, Genma. I can't lose him, but I can't stay with him like this."

The older man reversed his steps, leading Iruka away quickly. His words of comfort completely failed him, dying somewhere between his brain and his mouth. All he could do was glance back at Kakashi, praying the masked man could think of something to do.

The only thing keeping Kakashi where he was were Raidou's arms braced against his shoulders. A thin trail of tears was streaking into his mask as he watched his lover be led away from them and his voice was choked when he finally managed to speak. "How can I fix this?"

Raidou just shook his head. "I-I don't know. I never thought the jail would affect him this badly-"

"Tell me what to do! Raidou, please, tell me how to help him."

The scarred man was silent, still shaking his head. "I don't know. You know him, Kakashi, far better than I do. I only know what Genma's found out through his various contacts. This . . . I don't know what to do, but I know you can't go to him without a plan!" The last was added as Kakashi twisted out of the hold, taking several steps towards the retreating men.

Carefully he stopped, fighting every urge that told him to follow them. "Follow Genma. Tell him to take Iruka home and then leave."

Raidou frowned deeply. "What are you going to do?"

Kakashi rubbed at his face with one hand, forcing himself back into control. "I'm going to prove to him that he's not alone. I think I finally know what he needs."

The man leapt into the trees, racing towards the center of Konoha at blinding speed. Raidou watched him for a moment before following his own boyfriend. "I hope you're right, Kakashi. Iruka can't take much more of this."


It was more than an hour before Kakashi finally reached Iruka's apartment. He balanced carefully on the windowsill, making sure Iruka was there and alone before entering. The teacher was sitting on the edge of his bed, back to the window and hunched over slightly. As Kakashi slid the window open, he suddenly stiffened, sitting straight without turning around.

One hand flew to Iruka's face, wiping across his cheeks in a way that was supposed to be overlooked. Kakashi frowned at the movement and stepped inside properly. Iruka stood, turning to look at him with eyes that were slightly puffy, ever so slightly red around the edges. The teacher was an expert at hiding the physical effects of misery and pain; he must have been crying this whole time for it to be so visible. Then again, he always did have trouble disguising his eyes. "What are you doing here, Kakashi?"

"Are you all right?"

The teacher's chakra flared, another bad sign. No, he was not all right. "Please, Kakashi. You can't be here right now."

The silver haired man reached up idly, removing mask and hitai-ate in one motion. "Iru-chan, I came here to talk. I need to be here." Iruka honestly didn't see the man move. One moment he was there beside the window, the next he had the teacher pinned to the wall, one hand pinning his right, the other tightly across his mouth. "And you need to listen to me."

Iruka reacted on instinct, striking out with his free hand. He didn't even make contact. Kakashi pulled out of reach for a split second, returning to the same position before Iruka could do anything to try and escape. His eye he realized distantly, trying again to free himself with equally miserable results. Nothing he does has no meaning, he's actually using the sharingan! Iruka grabbed at Kakashi's wrist, trying to at least dislodge his hand so he could speak. Kakashi didn't avoid the move, but he didn't yield to it, either.

The taller man leaned close, using his weight to reinforce his grip. "Listening means holding still, Iru-chan." Iruka's eyes were wide, no effort at all made to hide his shock. And fear, Kakashi very deliberately avoided that emotion, focusing on his words instead. He had to do this right. "You think I treat you like you're weak. You want to be treated like an equal. I can understand that. You're scared of me and what I might do if you don't simply accept everything I screw up. I can understand that, too. Because in the end, I know you're wrong."

Iruka didn't stop his struggling. Quickly he shifted, biting into the tender flesh between Kakashi's thumb and first finger. The other grunted in pain and Iruka could taste blood along with the leather, but Kakashi didn't move. "What I can't understand is how you expect me to figure things out if you aren't going to tell me anything! I don't want to hurt you, Iru-chan, and I'm guessing you don't want to hurt me. If you would just open your mouth and tell me what to do, we could have figured this all out months ago!"

If you'd let me go, I have a whole list of things I want to tell you, bastard . . .

"So I finally did figure it out, I think. I have a compromise." Iruka's eyes were starting to burn with anger. "I'll do my best to treat you like an equal without hurting you. In exchange, you have to start trusting me and treat me like you really do love me."

Iruka went suddenly still, his eyes widening even further. For a moment, Kakashi was silent before he leaned forward, resting their foreheads together. "I love you, Iruka. Deeply. And I mean those words with all my heart and soul. Just the phrase carries no real weight anymore, it's as common as hello. But the emotion is still special. Words are pointless, but from this day forward I swear to show you just how much I do love you." He paused again and chuckled. "There is one word, though, that is rather important right now. Say 'apple' and I'll stop, no matter what, all right?"

His mouth still covered, Iruka let his eyes talk, screaming at the jounin pinning him. What in the hell is that supposed to mean?!

And then Kakashi bit him.

Iruka yelped despite himself, groaning as the other suckled at his neck. The hand over his mouth disappeared, fingernails dragging down his chest. Iruka gasped at the sensation. "Bastard. You think you can say all that and then just-"

Kakashi pulled away and spun, all but throwing Iruka around. The teacher gave another undignified yelp as he was suddenly sitting, back forced up against the footboard of his bed. Kakashi was all but giggling. "Yes, actually. I think I can." He stretched, forcing Iruka's hand towards one side of the slab of wood.

The teacher gasped as that hand was held immobile; he hadn't even noticed Kakashi tying the thin rope around his wrist. He tugged against the bond, but wasn't surprised to find it solid. "Damnit, Kakashi, I'm still mad at you!" The focus of his anger was busy stripping him of his vest and shirt, both left to dangle on his trapped arm.

Kakashi smirked, quite entertained with the way Iruka was thrashing about. The man was fighting, not just submitting, and that was a very good sign. He twisted again, wrapping more rope around the teacher's free wrist and attaching that, too, to the footboard. He left enough slack that when he tugged, Iruka could almost reach Kakashi, if he was clever about it. Then he went on to other fun things, like licking the man's chest thoroughly while his hands teased Iruka to fullness.

The teacher was still growling, muttering a few choice curses at his captor. "Let me go, Kakashi. Stop!"

The silver haired man leaned up, nibbling at one of his captive's earlobes. "That's not your safeword, Iru-chan." The teacher's eyes widened again, but Kakashi was already moving, pulling his pants down to where they tangled around his sandals. He quickly lowered his head, thrilled to hear his prisoner yelp and moan as he began licking at his member eagerly. Iruka was whimpering in no time, pulling uselessly at his hands to reach his tormentor. Kakashi thought the man would pass out when he swallowed him whole and started to hum.

Iruka was nearly there when Kakashi pulled back and he let out a loud curse, straining towards the man. The jounin just leaned forward again, carefully not touching their bodies together. "Is there something you wanted?"

"Don't do this, Kakashi. Please-"

Kakashi reached down, fingers ghosting along the now straining erection to prod at Iruka's entrance. "Do you really want me to stop?" The teacher's eyes were screwed shut, teeth clenched in an effort not to cry out. "You're quite beautiful when you make that face, you know." Kakashi leaned closer, clasping their lips tightly together as Iruka made a noise of surprise.

Kakashi didn't release his mouth as he pushed a finger into him. A moment's searching and he found the man's prostrate, massaging it gently. Iruka screamed into his mouth, hips jerking at the sensation. His blood felt as if it were on fire, coursing through him in a raging torrent. And Kakashi didn't stop, one finger giving way to two, then three. Iruka all but sobbed when he removed his hand, positioning to thrust into him.

Finally Kakashi pulled back to breathe. He hesitated a moment, watching Iruka's lips closely, and then pushed into the other man. The teacher's hands pulled at the ropes and his head snapped forward. He wasn't even bothering with real words anymore, just moaning as Kakashi tweaked his nipples and traced barely there patterns along his back and stomach.

It wasn't long before Iruka came, hard. Kakashi barely had time to reach up, cushioning Iruka's head as he threw it back in ecstasy. Feeling the teacher tense around him sent Kakashi over the edge as well and he hardly felt the pain in his newly crushed fingers. His vision went momentarily white and he slumped against his lover, not moving for close to a minute. When he could finally move again, Kakashi stretched out his arms, undoing both knots at the same time.

Iruka's arms were limp, falling to the floor as if he had no control of them at all. Carefully, Kakashi gathered the man into his arms, lifting him onto the bed and curling around him from behind. Iruka stayed motionless, still panting slightly. "You didn't stop," he whispered.

He could feel Kakashi tense slightly, his arms tightening around his chest. "I gave you a safeword. You didn't use it."

Iruka sighed, nuzzling against the man's arm. "I didn't want to. But I'm surprised you didn't stop anyway."

Kakashi's body relaxed and he began tracing patterns on the teacher's chest. "I probably would have, a day or two ago. I was only trying to do the right thing, it honestly never occurred to me that you might like rough sex every now and then."

Iruka gave a small laugh. "You're telling me you had no doubts this time? That you came here with the intention of forcing yourself on me and you were just hoping I'd be okay with that?"

"Come on, Iru-chan. You could have undone those knots in your sleep. And once I'd actually said all that stuff I had to say, I almost completely dropped my guard. If you'd wanted to stop me, it wouldn't have been that difficult. Hell, I left your legs completely free, one sharp kick and I'd've been down for hours."

His hands were trailing along Iruka's back now, tracing the scars he'd memorized without even looking at them. After a moment, Iruka let out another sigh, curling into himself slightly. "I got that a few months before you came to me. It was intentional and carefully done so that I could hide it."

Kakashi blinked, confused a minute before he realized Iruka was giving the history of the scar he was tracing. It was one of the first things Kakashi had asked about – his scars – but Iruka had always refused to tell him anything. Stunned, he let his hand trace over to another scar on his side.

Iruka wiggled a little at the touch, but spoke almost immediately. "That one almost killed me. It was from the first person Itsuo ever brought to the game. It was also the last time I ever really fought back." Kakashi's fingers moved on to a small cluster of jagged scars and Iruka laughed a little. "Those almost killed me, too, but it was a mission. Poison needles, if I remember."

"Iruka, you don't have to tell me this. I don't want to force you-"

"It's okay, Ka-kun. I do trust you, and I . . . I do love you . . ."

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want."

Iruka twisted in the man's arms so they were looking at each other. "I want you to treat me like an equal, it's only fair I do the same. I've never told anyone all of my past, but . . ." he stopped and twisted to bury his head in Kakashi's chest. "I want to tell you," he muttered, voice muffled by the odd position. "I want someone to know . . . if it's you."

Kakashi began stroking his lover's hair. "You know, I learned a lot about you today from my little talk with Raidou. Apparently Genma took it really badly when I told him what was really going on. He's spent most of his free time these past months learning everything he can about you. I suppose that's something I should have been doing, eh?"

Iruka sighed, burrowing further into the other's chest. "The both of them do a lot for me. They help me set up for classes even when they aren't staying. They're there for me if I ever need anything."

"Something I should be doing," Kakashi repeated, continuing his stroking of the man's hair. "Was I really your first date?"

For a moment there was silence and then Iruka pulled away slightly, looking into Kakashi's mismatched eyes. "Did Raidou tell you that?"

"I really screwed up my timeline with you, Iru-chan. I had thought you'd grown up fairly normally, not getting dragged into this until you were at least chunin. But it started a lot sooner, didn't it?"

Iruka's eyes slowly fell, staring at Kakashi's lips. "Right after I graduated the academy. I've been out to parties and formal occasions with people, but it's not really the same . . . I didn't want to date anyone, I was to afraid of what would happen if they found out . . ." Kakashi leaned forward, lightly kissing the brunette's forehead, just below his hitai-ate. The teacher's lips twitched, the barest smile pulling them up. "You surprised me that day. You keep surprising me."

"Try and get some sleep, Iru-chan. I still want to talk, but it can wait for morning. You've had a hard few days."

Iruka chuckled, plastering himself to Kakashi's body and closing his eyes. "I should have thought of it before . . . how much of my weekend do you know about, anyway? How closely have you been following since I kicked you out?"

Kakashi didn't answer. Gently, he prodded chakra through his fingers, stroking the teacher on a deeper level now. It wasn't long before Iruka's breathing evened out, his hands going limp against Kakashi's chest. The silver haired man wrapped his arms around the teacher, holding him close before setting his internal clock and drifting to sleep himself.

-o-o-o- Iruka, age 25 -o-o-o-

(One month before the events in Reputation)

Iruka bit his lip, looking up at his window from the street below. It was open, the drapes blowing in the wind. The teacher shuddered, wrapping his arms around himself in a motion that had nothing to do with the slight cold. Determinedly he climbed the stairs, unlocking his apartment door and slipping inside.

What he saw wasn't anything like he expected. The window, of course, was open and the chill blowing through had lowered the room's temperature severely. There was nothing out of place that he could see, with one obvious exception. Lying on his couch was Shiranui Genma. What really made Iruka pause was that the man's bandanna and vest had been thrown haphazardly over his other chair and the jounin's ever-present senbon had fallen from his mouth and now glinted on the carpet. He was fast asleep.

Iruka seriously considered leaving, finding some excuse to spend the night at the academy or in the woods. Some obstacle course for his children, maybe. Slowly and very deliberately, he turned back towards his front door, shutting it and locking it securely. He slid off his sandals and vest, leaving them beside the door as he often did when he came home late. Then he floated towards the man in his living room.

Genma opened his eyes as Iruka hovered over him. The teacher knew he'd been woken by his presence some time earlier, maybe even before he'd opened his door, but the man waited to reveal that until Iruka was almost directly over him. One side of his mouth twitched up in a smirk, but he still didn't move.

Iruka stopped where he was, staring down at the jounin for a moment before speaking. "Hard day?" he asked, tension in his voice.

Genma shifted, sitting upright but slouched over his knees. "A little. I was hoping you might make it a little better." Iruka shivered, taking a step back without realizing. Genma slowly stood, reaching forward and tangling one hand in the teacher's shirt. He pulled him forward against surprisingly little resistance. "I heard it was an open invitation . . . was I misinformed?"

Iruka's head dropped, but he didn't deny it. The jounin stepped closer, forcing Iruka to back up or fall. After a moment they met with a wall and Genma pressed against the teacher firmly. One hand drifted between the two of them, toying with Iruka gently. "Is it all right if we use your bed, or is that too . . . normal?" He twisted and Iruka's world view fell on its side. Strong arms caught him before he hit the ground, startling him more than the fall. And then Genma was carrying him through the doorway, depositing him on his bed in seconds.

Iruka's mind was reeling at the strange treatment as Genma made quick work of stripping them both. His hitai-ate was sent across the room with the rest of the articles and Iruka could feel his chest tighten slightly with fear. He blinked as the taller man spun, head to feet with the teacher. Iruka's eyes clenched shut, knowing what he was expected to do, and made no move.

He couldn't help but gasp as one hand wrapped around him, teasing, and his breath washed over Genma warmly. The jounin arched, his tip brushing Iruka's lips in the motion. When he engulfed the teacher, Iruka fell into the rhythm, reciprocating without thinking about it. He was struggling to think as little as possible at the moment.

Genma worked the teacher into a slight frenzy before he pulled away. Iruka whimpered slightly, and the vibration made the jounin gasp, cold air rushing from his mouth over Iruka's member and causing yet more whimpers. Genma pulled away suddenly, almost violently, spinning again over the teacher. One hand held his shoulder, thumb dipping into the hollow of his neck, digging into the delicate skin. Iruka flushed at the hold, more than a bit of nervousness coloring his cheeks as much as the lust washing over him. With his other hand, the larger jounin slipped between Iruka's legs, pushing into him gently.

He was bigger than Iruka expected, painful despite the preparation. The teacher arched at the initial intrusion as well as the pleasure it faded into. Every move dug Genma's thumb into his throat, almost but not quite choking him and more than enough to keep him mostly still. It wasn't until Genma wrapped one hand around him again that Iruka arched enough to dislodge the other's hand. He twisted, helpless as his body approached the peak and tumbled over. He hovered in semi darkness for a while, Genma moving in him until he reached his own completion. Then Genma was by his side, one arm thrown lazily across his chest and their legs tangled together.

The chunin turned his head away, staring at the wall, unable to look at the man beside him. Genma let out a happy sigh after a minute. "I suppose I should go. Those are the rules, right?" Iruka nodded slightly and Genma shifted, rolling out of bed. Carefully he walked around the bed and knelt to separate their clothing. He stood again a minute later, handing Iruka his hitai-ate and dropping the teacher's other clothes into his hamper. Then he was beside the bed again, leaning down to the teacher that had yet to move. "Thank you, 'Ruka. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Iruka finally looked up, meeting his eyes hesitantly. After a slight pause, his mouth opened. "Please don't call me that."

Genma nodded, smiling around the senbon that had reappeared between his lips. "Sorry. I'll see you later, Iruka. Sleep well." And he was gone, leaping out the window without even pulling on more than his pants and sandals.

-o-o-o- Iruka, age 25 -o-o-o-

(present storyline)

Iruka woke to cold nothingness. Startled, he looked around for Kakashi, but he wasn't there. After everything that had happened the night before, Iruka couldn't imagine the other jounin just leaving. He climbed out of bed slowly, moving to his dresser to find a clean uniform for the day. The teacher jumped when the alarm went off behind him and quickly stalked over to it, throwing the machine across the room grumpily. He blinked, deflating as he stared at the small device on the floor. He doubted even Kakashi could fix the damage he'd done to it this time. Sighing, he dressed and wandered to the kitchen, pouring a bowl of cereal in lieu of the effort cooking something would take.

Iruka was surprisingly unfazed when his door opened not long after. He glanced over his shoulder to see Kakashi slink inside. He could practically see the sheepish smile beneath the man's mask. "Where did you go?" he asked around a spoon of sugary puffs.

Kakashi reached up, scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. Iruka squinted, certain he could see a bit of blush over the top edge of his mask. "I, uh, may have done something really stupid. I'm not sure yet."

Iruka put his spoon back in the bowl and carefully set it aside, out of the danger zone. "What, exactly, did you do?" he asked slowly, in his best teacher's voice.

"Now, Iru-chan, don't get over excited. Remember you have class in just over an hour and pummeling me would make you late." Iruka's bad feeling was growing worse by the second. "You see, I've been spending almost every night over here for over four months now."

The masked man paused and Iruka knew it was just to irk him. "And?" he prompted, irritated.

"Well, it seemed silly to be paying rent on an apartment I was hardly ever at."

Iruka's eyes widened as he realized what the man was saying. "What? Kakashi, what about all your things!"

"Well, Naruto's out of town with Jiraiya and I figured he'd volunteer to help me anyway, so . . ."

"But – but, what about this weekend? Where were you spending the night?"

"Uh, camping?" The teacher's eyes widened even more and his face flushed dangerously. "Ah, see, I knew you'd be mad."

"Mad? Of course I'm mad! Kakashi, you don't spend every night here and Naruto only left this weekend! Where have you been staying? Your things!"

"It's all right, Iru-chan, it's not all that bad."

Iruka was in a fairly decent rage at this point, shouting at the man before him. "It is that bad, Kakashi! This place isn't big enough for both of our things! You should have told me-"

"And you would have insisted I spend my nights here and things would have gotten even more screwed up these last couple days. I don't mind camping every once in a while, and Naruto only yelled a little about storing my things. I'd already moved everything over there so he didn't have much choice, actually . . ."

Iruka could feel his strength fading and he sat heavily. "Kakashi – I –"

"You don't have to worry about this place being too small, either, I never intended to move in here."

"But where will you live?" the teacher asked helplessly.

"I've been looking at a place, actually." Iruka's eyebrows perked up, curious despite himself. "It's almost twice this size, a three-bedroom. It's in the complex just north of here. Now, by myself I can't make the monthly payments and still have enough money to live on. But three months of rent was enough to put in the down payment."

Iruka blinked for several moments, staring at the shinobi in front of him. Finally the words penetrated his brain and he frowned. "Down payment? Wait, you don't mean-"

"I want you to know I had this planned for a while, it's not just 'cause you got mad at me. So," his eyebrow lifted in a somehow pleading way, "are you still mad at me?" Iruka stood, crossing to his lover slowly. The taller man raised his hands. "Now, Iru-chan, remember your schedule."

The teacher pounced, forcing Kakashi back against the counter so that he bent over it backwards. He kissed the trapped man through his mask before pulling back just enough to remove the cloth, staring intently into his eye. "My kids could stand to learn some patience and character. You'll have to help me think of an excuse later." He returned to ravishing the man's mouth, hands roaming all over his body.

Kakashi twisted, clearing the counter quickly and allowed himself to be pushed further back. He returned the other man's caresses, eagerly slipping hands under his shirt. He wondered just how Iruka would react when he found out Kakashi had already arranged a substitute for at least part of the day. He fervently prayed he would react much like this . . .


A / N: Thank you all so much for reading my story through. Special thanks to those of you who read Reputation as well. I severely hope I have succeeded in entertaining you. This is the end, I know, there are still a few loose ends. But things in life don't work out perfect, they just work out. There will be no more of this series specifically, but I am interested in writing other stories in this universe. If I ever get around to it, it'll be referred to as 'the Reputation universe' for those that may be interested. No plans as of yet, but keep an eye out. See you all later!