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She knew now that every horrible thing that had been said about her was true. Here she had a wonderful man, a truly brilliant partner, and she couldn't stop wishing that he was someone else. She didn't deserve him, she should let him go and let someone else have him, but she didn't want to be alone. Sooner or later, she'd accept the fact that he wasn't the one she wanted, and then she would appreciate him for who he was.

That day would come, till then she would continue to torture herself. Imagining green eyes, and scruffy hair. Pretending that she was holding him, running her hands over him, that it was his name that she was calling out into the night.

Every morning she woke up and told herself, that today would be the day she would forget all about him. He had moved on long ago, it was about time that she did as well, and she would. Hopefully.