Title: Nothing's As It Seems
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Judging Amy
Paring: possibly none? I don't know yet. Otherwise, duh, Bruce/Amy.
Series: Chapter 1 of a likely longish fic (because I can't resist)
Summary: Amy discovers she has a stalker...or does she?
Disclaimer: I don't own Judging Amy or Bruce or Amy or any of the characters from the show. They belong to CBS.
Spoilers: None.
Author's Notes: First time attempting a non-romance fic (though it will likely end up being that, you know me). No real time frame, just that Amy's still presiding.

"What have we got in store today?" Amy asked Bruce as they walked the hallway to the courtroom.

He flipped open the docket. "Well, looks like an OTC hearing up next and then a case of a young man accused of lighting his principal's desk on fire."

Amy grimaced at the announcement of the second case. "God, what happened to the days of spit balls and swirlies?"

Bruce chuckled. "I'm sure that still happens plenty." They reached the courtroom and Bruce opened the door, allowing Amy to enter in front of him.

Amy sat down and surveyed the group of people in front of her - two lawyers, one for either side, and a few family members. It was always good to take in facial expressions before the hearing got started, to see reactions to being in a courtroom and reactions to the hearing at hand. This particular crowd seemed well-adjusted - a good sign.

"Are we ready to begin?" Amy asked, looking up from the files in front of her.

"Your Honor, I would implore the Court to reconsider the complaint put before Her," the defense atorney said, standing and adjusting his tie.

"Uh, Mr..."

"Harris. Johnathon Harris."

Amy straightened her files, giving Bruce an amused look. "Well, Mr. Harris, first we like to hear complaints before we make any kind of judgment."

"Of course, Your Honor," he said, once again straightening his tie.

"Alright then," Amy said, trying to keep the smirk off her face. Bruce was hiding a smirk of his own behind his hand, and Amy made a mental note to chastise him once they were back in her chambers.

The proceedings of the case went on uneventfully, with just the occasional stutterings or slip-ups by Mr. Harris, who was new at the lawyering act. Amy ruled in favor of the defendant (much to Mr. Harris' relief), and court was called to recess.

Amy stood from her chair and Bruce followed her out the door, holding it open until they were both out of the courtroom. Once outside, Amy good-naturedly lit into Bruce.

"You weasel," she said, poking a finger into his chest, a smirk on her face.

"What?" he asked, laughing. "There's no rule that says I have to remain unbiased. It was funny!"

"But that doesn't mean you can distract me from doing my job," Amy said, and they started walking to her chambers. "God, I thought he was going to end up strangling himself with that tie." They both started laughing at that comment, but their laughter soon died down as they approached Amy's chambers.

The door was ajar, and the window was cracked down the middle, ending in a jagged line just before the sill. Bruce stepped forward, holding his hand back to keep Amy from coming any closer, and cautiously crept closer to the open door, checking to see if anyone was still inside the office.

Amy stood there nervously, craning her neck to see what was going on. She'd had threats made against her before, but no one had ever vandalized her chambers before.

Bruce quickly stepped back out, nodding to her that the coast was clear.

She stepped forward gingerly, as if scared that she made any noises, the culprit would bound out of the shadows and snatch her on the spot. Once she entered her chambers, Bruce closed the door and then headed to her desk, picking up the phone to call security.

Amy stood looking out the violated door, wondering what could possess someone to do such a thing to her chambers. Had she pissed someone off more than usual lately?

Bruce hung up the phone, offering a brief, "Thanks," to the person on the other end. He spoke to Amy's back. "Security's on their way up here. There's going to be a guard tailing you for the rest of the day to make sure whoever did this doesn't come after you specifically."

"Great," Amy said, walking to her desk. "Just what I need. Some burly security guard drawing extra attention to me."

"Would you rather end up dead?" Bruce asked, wiggling his head back and forth. "Because that's a very real possibility of what could happen if you don't have someone to watch your back."

"Well, I don't really want someone literally breathing down my neck all day," she said. "I like a little bit of space."

Bruce sighed. "Listen, you can't just go back out there with this," he pointed to the door, "having happened. I can tell the security guard to scram and I'll keep an eye on you all day. How's that sound?"

Amy smirked. "Better. I just hope you're not going to follow me into the ladies' room, too."

Bruce put a hand over his heart, feigning hurt. "Oh, but isn't that part of the job?" He grinned, and Amy rolled her eyes, smiling herself. Bruce was just happy that he had gotten her to temporarily ease her worry over the situation - the last thing she needed to do was freak out about it. That would just cause more problems.

A knock sounded at the door. Amy's smile fell, and she looked to Bruce, worried.

"I'm sure it's just the security guard," he said, and moved forward to answer the door. "Stay there."

"Who's there?" he asked as he approached the door.

"It's security," the voice on the other side announced. Bruce opened the door to admit the uniformed officer, who entered with a stern look on his face. He turned to Amy. "I've heard you're having some problems up here, Judge Gray?"

She nodded, pointing to the door. "Yeah, someone broke in here and vandalized the door. I have no idea who it could've been."

The guard surveyed the damage and turned back to Amy. "I'll follow you throughout the courthouse for the rest of the day, then when you leave, I can follow you home."

"Actually, I don't need..."

"I've offered to keep an eye out for any unusual activity," Bruce interrupted. "We're together most of the day, anyway, so it's no big deal."

"Are you sure you..." the guard started.

"It's no big deal," Bruce repeated. "I can handle everything."

"Alright, but if you do happen to need anything, Mr. Van Exel, you know where to call."

"Thanks a lot," Bruce said, ushering the guard out again. He turned back to Amy, who still looked worried. "You gonna be okay? Need me to back up some cases?"

Amy shook her head. "No, no, I'll be fine."

Bruce nodded abruptly. "Alright, let's go." He followed her out of her chambers and back to the courtroom, scanning the hall the entire time.

Twenty minutes later, they were exiting again, nothing having hindered the case.

Bruce and Amy entered her chambers, Amy breathing out a sigh of relief as they did so.

"Thank God that's over," she said, taking off her robe and placing it in the closet. "In the meantime, I have to take a bathroom break. Time for your real security to begin."

Bruce smirked at her and opened the door for her as they headed for the bathroom down the hall. Amy entered and Bruce stood just outside, waiting and watching for intruders.

Amy flushed inside and washed her hands before heading back out. "Alright, no stalkers here," she said as she exited.

Her smile died, however, when she looked around the hall and Bruce was nowhere to be seen.