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Meet the Psychopath Killer

"Mama?" the overflowing light shaped by the door onto the darkness spilled like milk, a small form in the middle clutching his bunny doll.

"Mommy's ignoring you, honey" the lady lying on the bed didn't much lift herself up to look at the pink haired boy. All he could see of his kin was her legs, the one dangling on the end of the bed. "Go bother your father, he's in the study"

He closed the door gently- not wanting to disturb his resting mother.

"Come on, Kuma-kun, Papa will help us…"

There was a crash from the neighbor's house.

"Papa…" he said as he opened the door, "I'm scared, I heard noises… Papa?"

"We just moved here, you're just not used to the sounds of this place", uncaring in his tone.

Bent on a computer screen, his ticking fingers were glued to the letters on the pad of his laptop. His father's eyes never leaving the words he typed, not even once. Didn't even bother to look at his son the same way his wife did.

"I'm busy right now. Working" putting much emphasis on the last word, "That's all I seem to do now. I have to work to keep you alive. To feed you. I haven't smiled once since you were born. Go to sleep."

The bubblegum haired boy wanted to tell him about the pleas of help that went crawling for attention. He also mentioned that his bunny doll also has heard them too, if ever he wants another witness to the said noises.

"Go to bed now or else those 'things' might hear you"

"O… okay daddy"

Shuichi could do nothing, not even the Kumaguro could convince them of the terror raking in his chest.

"Let's hurry back to our room, Kuma-kun; at least we could fall asleep before we die…"


Shuichi couldn't help but cover himself with the only protection he's got: the thin shield of his blanket. The sound that was emitted from the other side of his bedroom window was an eerie orchestra of things that sounds like someone dying and crying for dear life. Reassurance can only give him a purple talking rabbit by the name of Kumaguro (who can only be heard by the seven year old boy).

He didn't bother to eavesdrop; the pink haired boy could already hear the faint help for 'save me' before something stopped it from his next door neighbor's house.

"Kuma-kun, can you hear that?" Shuichi whispered as not to let the ghosts in the room hear.

To the trembling child, he heard the bunny's nonchalant reply of affirmative.

"Kuma-kun…" Shuichi took a little peek outside before cowering back inside his blanket, a butcher seeming to plague his mind, "How can you be so cool??"

A break of glass went bouncing around the room to be caught by his ever attentive ears.

"What?! Are you crazy?" the scared child said as the stuffed toy suggested an outrageous act. "You don't think that was our window that broke…"

Footsteps of unknown origin cut his conversation with the doll. Shuichi sat up in mild shock. The color on his face was drained; the hair on the back of his head was standing on all ends. The pink haired boy held Kumaguro in a chocking grasp, and all the bunny could do was hang limply.

"Kuma-kun…" he started his sentence for the third time, "Somebody broke in the house"

The bunny could've replied 'duh'.

Shuichi craned his neck, to listen to the man's stroll down the hallway, outside his door.

They were at a normal pace; no dragging of a corpse or the hurry of speed in anxiety. The footsteps didn't indicate any sort of emotion the cotton candy haired boy could deduce. It could've easily been mistaken as his unloving father's gait or his uncaring mother's stride. But the fact that there might be a window broken down the hall serves his suspicions of an intruder going to their bathroom's side.

"It sounds like he's going to the bathroom… what if we he goes to Mama and Papa's room! We should protect them!"

The bunny remained impassionate- read: impassive- in his arms about that topic.

"You know that's not true, Kuma-kun! They're my parents, its bad to call people evil, especially your parents! I know they love me even if they say I should get kidnapped!"

Something falling from outside

"Um… I think we need a bit of protection first…"


Shuichi slowly opened the door.

Indeed he was armed for a midnight duel with his not so imaginary monster. He used a bowl that he forgot to return to their kitchen as head gear- a piece of string tied beneath his chin. And his only weapon against any vicious attacks would be the baseball bat in one of his hands. His other arm was preoccupied with the bunny.

His constant and only companion had on a brown paper bag over his head, holes cut out for his eyes and ears.

When the terrified boy took a peek at the hallways, his violet orbs grew ten times their size. He saw the shattered pieces of what used to be the window down the hall scattered in a one jagged line going to the bathroom. Along with the sharp pieces were the large amounts of blood of the one who forced entry into his home.

As he tried so hard to overcome the jitters running across his body; he couldn't help but give his bunny one last talk about the 'plan' they had concocted again.

"Re… remember… Kuma-kun" the child started, as he tiptoed through the glass while almost nearing hyperventilation, "If… if… the bad man… k-k-kills… me" (he gulps down, I hope not) "Remember…. Remember to run away… k, k, okay? You'll… you will be… m-m-my witness… and I… I don't think he won't hurt you…"

"Especially… if… if you run… very fast… And… and the bag on your head… he won't ever… ever, ever know who you are…"

As he neared the frame of the open door, the spillage of blood mixed along with some of the bathroom necessities is what his eyes met. Boxes of random this and that that belonged solely to the medicine cabinet were flung in haste to the tiles.

He went closer to the door, when the boy, his bunny and the bat finally destroyed the air between him and the frame he took a peek.

The intruder has his back on the boy, and he was carelessly throwing away things from their cabinet as if looking for something.

"God damn it! Where is the fucking Bactine?!" he said rather loudly, his voice echoing across the tiles. His furious state made him squeeze toothpaste in his hand, pushing out the blue green jelly in waste.

"Um… excuse me…?"

"Oh, hello there…"

"My name is Eiri, but you can call me 'Ri' for short. And who might you be?" He was a teenager. His hair was yellow and messy. His handsome face was dotted with scars. There were many rips and tears on his shirt and jeans. From where Shuichi stood he could see the teen's dagger poking from his back.

"Shuichi" came out in a horrified squeak.

Eiri's, or 'Ri's' as the teen said, went down to level with the boy. From this view, the boy could see the madness in the other in the form of yellow eyes.

"Shuichi, huh? Mind if I call you Shu, instead?" he scratched the back of his head as if he finally realized he just broke in someone else's house, "Well, I don't mean to interlude but where do you keep the Bactine? Some of this blood is actually mine"

Eiri went back to the medicine cabinet.

"Oh wait, don't answer that... I found it" the blond teenager twisted the cap and threw away it in a forgotten corner. With that out, he spilled the entire liquid on his head and wounds, "Damn, that one really put a struggle! Scrapped me up like he was a cat on crack!! Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death!"

For a moment, his visitor's whole was covered an unexplainable dark as he lifted his dagger and pulled out a wicked chuckle from his throat, "I see by the looks of you, that you understand…"

Shuichi, like always, only looked up in fear.

"So, Shu, what's an adorable boy like you out of bed with this darling get up?" the man cooed after emptying the whole concoction on himself, his warm smile a contrast to the look he managed to get in. "Oh look, you even bought a friend with you!"

The violet eyed child's lower lip trembled slightly.

"Please, Mister…"

"Don't call me that, Shu, it makes me sound old. Call me, Ri"

"Please Ri… don't kill Mama and Papa… just because… they're not that nice doesn't mean you… can…"

"Woah… kill your folks? I wasn't planning on killing your folks…" the man said, "I was just here for some Bactine that's all!! So that's what the baseball bat is for!"

His violet eyes glowed with relief as he put down the baseball bat on the floor- it was getting sort of heavy.

"You were…?"

"Yes, that was all… but if you want me to-"

"No! Please don't!"

"Okay, I was just kidding!" the blond boy chuckled, "Who's your friend? And why's there a paper bag on his head?"

"Um, him?" Shuichi lifted Kuma, feeling a bit happy that the mad man from next door won't hurt his parents anymore, "His name is Kumaguro…"

"Well, hello there Kumaguro! It's nice meeting you here!" he waved a bloodied hand to the toy, stinking with Bactine, "Can I hold him?"


"Oh look at you! You are such an adorable bear, yes you are!" childish coos spilling out his mouth every now and then, "Such a cutie bunny, he doesn't want this cover on his cutie head! Nu uh!"

The little boy realized, as he watched the playful banter between the two that he was giggling at the sight. Somehow, his fear that he might be reduced to a bloody pulp has now disappeared.

"What was that, Kuma? You think so? Really…? Wait, can you say that last a bit louder?" the warm expression on his face disappeared and was replaced by the lunacy that he had on before, "WELL, FUCK YOU, BUNNY BITCH! YOU SPEAK LIES! LIES!!"

"How many more like you are there?! How many more? You can't even imagine the things I've endured! And always at the hands of shit like you!!" Shuichi watched in paralyzing angst as Eiri pulled out his twisted dagger from behind then lifted it up, smashing Kuma to the nearest bathroom wall and pinning him there.

"You don't know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that bold declaration, he stabbed the rabbit multiple times on the chest. The seven year old couldn't find his voice to scream as fluff began flying here and there every time the dagger went up and down.

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"Oh…" Ri realized once again, he handed the bear with his chest ripped open to the now traumatized boy "Um… It's getting late. I should go now. I'm so awake. I need to be out… come on; you can walk me out…"

Shuichi's eyes couldn't stop staring at his now deformed bunny.


Even with the new found dread, he followed his new found 'friend' to the way he came in. the strawberry haired boy was mindful of the glass on the floor.

For the whole time that they were walking to the hall's end, they were quiet.

"Hey, sorry about the window but I noticed it was locked. I don't suggest you ever lock it again" Ri said, pulling out a big piece of glasses that he got from climbing the window, "Well later, and thanks for the disinfectant. It's been nice talking"

Like always before, Shuichi didn't as much utter a word the whole time.

On the other side, before disappearing into the darkness he said one last message to the boy, "But we have plenty of time for that. After all…" the man's evil like grin shinning in the dark like the devil's smirk.

"We're neighbors now…"

And with that he ran off to his own home.


"I don't hear you honey"

"You ruined my life!"

And when Shuichi ran off to his own room that night, cowering beneath the covers; there was the singing of a chainsaw's shrill lullaby from his neighbor's house that kept him up all night.


Dear Die-ary,

I went out today. Nothing much to talk about, just met the new neighbors. I told him not to lock the windows anymore, less he wants me to break another one.

Cheerleaders are evil