How Uncharacteristically Nice

A dark shadow crept through the unlit home. It was deserted - for now. The shadow would have to be quick.

Down through the hallways, down a murky corridor, up the single flight of steps. Up, up, up. Past picture frames and silver mirrors, past elegantly painted doors. Down the final passage. Down, down, down. Until the shadow reached a door. The door. Oh yes. That one.

The door that led to the bedroom of… Dark Mousy.

Dong… Dong… Dong… Dong…

Oh, no. He would be home any second. Time was running out.

Hurry, hurry.

Dong… Dong... Dong... Dong…

Into the bedroom. Across the floor.

Where is it?


Here? No. How about over here? Still no.


Where where where?


Rummaging, searching.

You've gotta be fast!

Last drawer. Slide it open!



The shadow cackled evilly. "MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!"




The girl turned around slowly, giggling nervously. She searched for the right words to reply with.

"Ehm, no. I'm… the famous Phantom Thief!"

Dark stared at her. Was this girl nuts? He lifted an eyebrow.

"Right. And I'm a walking meatball."

Risa gave him a thumbs up. "Well, if you were, then I'd EAT you!"

Dark blinked. Repeatedly. "What was that?"


Quick as a wink, the girl was gone.

- - - - -

Risa slammed the door shut. Whew, that was a close one. She was almost caught (ahem).


"Eh?" The girl spun around.

"Risa, where were you? I would've thought you'd go to the Christmas party the Niwas were throwing."

The younger Harada sibling grinned at the elder. She giggled. Which was so like her.

"I was getting your present!" she replied. She threw Riku a brightly wrapped package. (She had managed to stop at a gift store on her way home.)

"Merry Christmas!!"

And with that said, Risa skipped off to her room.

Riku stared after her. That was weird…


Turning to the matter at hand, she looked down at the box.

Missing out on a party to get her a present, eh? How uncharacteristically nice of her.

She untied the lovely red bow. Peeled off the tape, removed the emerald paper. Opened the box. Tissue paper? Ah, probably hidden inside, then.

Rummage, rummage.

What was this?

Violet-colored... bo-


The girl's laughter could be heard a mile away...

And in an unlit home...

Where someone was having a hard time wondering why his clothes drawers was missing a certain item...

A/N: This fanfic turned out a lot better than I thought it would. :) (Sorry if the writing style was a little too weird.) And yes, I know. This fanfic is a day late. Sorry. TT;; Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one. Ah, and this was inspired by a certain fanfic that I read perhaps a year ago. I can't remember what it was called, but it was in a drabble series, and the chapter was titled "OHEMGEE"... Kudos (ha, always wanted to say this) to whoever wrote that fanfic! Please review!