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Author Note: This is my first Dark Angel story, i'm verry nervous, but is an idea i had and wanted to share it with all of you. I wouldn't have been able to do this story without the help of an amazing beta Amelia. Thank You so Much for your help and your support.

Summary: What happens when you can't control yourself anymore, and there isd nothing that can stop you from getting what you want or in this case who you want. MA pairing! Enjoy chapter one


Terminal city was becoming a home for transgenics since the Jam Pony incident and due to Max's lie to Logan everyone thought she and Alec were a couple. This had a lot of females disappointed; they really wanted a chance with 494, but knew that he would never betray his mate.

Logan wasn't going to give up on Max, he was still looking for a cure, he knew once he got it Alec would be history and they would be happy. Alec was trying so hard to deal with everything, including his inner desires he found himself feeling for Max. He wanted to kiss her and touch her every time they were close, sometimes he would imagine pulling her to his chest and pinning her against a wall and kissing her until they were both out of breath.

Something inside of him was telling him that she was his and that he should take what he wanted. But he would fight it and control himself, but he knew that if at some point he lost control, all hell would break loose.

Last week had been a torture; they had been cleaning the building so hard that sweat was covering their bodies. Max had decided to take off her shirt leaving her only in a sports bra and jeans. He was following the path of the drops of sweat on her body. He wanted to run his hands all over her body.

She kept rubbing her sore neck making Alec want to kiss her and replace her hands with his, taking away the tension and pleasing her. He was starting to get aroused which made it hard for him to hide, he excused himself and left. He walked around the city for a while clearing his head and calming down his body. He went back to his apartment and the first thing her heard when he opened the door was the water running.

"What the hell," Alec whispered. The scent of vanilla attacked his senses, but it was only that but a very familiar scent, He finally recognized it.

Max was in his shower.

Great, just what I needed, more torture provoked by the woman he couldn't have. He approached the bathroom quietly and stared at the scene in front of him. It was a vision of perfection that had him paralyzed.

Max was completely oblivious to the outside world, she had her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted taking in the water washing over her. Her skin was bronzed and looked like honey; Alec would bet his life that it tasted the same. Her figure was perfect, the right amount of curves and the exact muscles that made her the soldier she was.

Alec kept wondering what she would do if he took of his clothes and joined her. His pants were getting really tight and his breathing was increasing. He had to get out before he lost control. He left quickly and quietly, he ran down the streets until he couldn't anymore, he leaned on a wall and took a deep breath. He needed a distraction, he needed a female. He started to walk down the streets but instead of a female he found Biggs.

"Hey where is the fire?" Biggs asked.

"Nowhere, I just need to get away from Max." Alec replied.

"If it was me I would never leave her side" Biggs replied smiling.

Alec wanted to kill Biggs, but he controlled himself and smiled instead. They went to the bar and got some beers, Alec drank scotch. He noticed the bartender was new but didn't give it much importance. He didn't even realize that there was something more than scotch on his glass. After a while he felt dizzy and left, he ended up crashing on his couch.

The next day Alec woke up with a headache and a ringing in his ears, that he couldn't place but he shrugged it off and walked into the shower. Another day at work, nothing that he was looking forward to; but something that he knew he had to do. He grabbed his shampoo, after putting way too much in his hand he scrubbed it into his head. Getting lost in his thoughts.

There was something different today; his senses were more in-tune with everything surrounding him, things that he would normally have over looked was drawing his attendance like cat nip draws in cats. He had never felt anything like this, he wondered for a moment what was happening to him, but it was a fleeting moment then he wanted her worse than before. He could smell Max over his entire apartment, suddenly he had the need to be near her, to touch her, hold her, kiss her, and do other things. He shook his head, trying to clear it, but with every shake it only got worse.

Within moments he was headed to Terminal City, on the way there he stopped for a brief moment, realizing that he could hear everything ten times better. The new level of awareness was attacking every sense he had. He couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him, in an instant he turned to face them like an animal would face its hunter.

The look on Alec's face made Biggs back away; it was his instinct of self-preservation at its finest. It was a reaction to the threat his friend presented, for a few seconds Alec didn't recognized him, Alec frowned as he sniffed the air; recognition of the familiar scent finally reaching his brain, he relaxed and a smile graced his face.
"You okay man?" Biggs asked worry playing across his features.
"Yeah, I'm fine," Alec replied, running a hand through his hair.

"Did you fix things up with Max?" He said a smirk gracing his face, "I bet the makeup sex was fantastic. I mean especially with someone like her," Biggs explained his smile widening further. Alec grabbed him by the throat slamming him into the wall behind him. Biggs kicked his feet, trying to shake free but he was pinned to the wall, and there was no moving.

"Mine!" Alec growled, there was a feral glint in his eyes that made Biggs swallow hard, with fear washing over him.

"Relax, Alec it was just a joke," Biggs exclaimed his voice low and pleading for forgiveness.

"You see me laughing?" Alec questioned in an angry tone, their eyes meting, Biggs lowering his head to show his submissive role.

"I get it, my bad, now put me down man!" Biggs whispered to Alec.

Alec let go and stalked off, Biggs took in a shuttering breath and followed him silently. Alec was extremely quiet on the way to Max's office, he felt bad for the way he had reacted, but somehow he didn't feel the need or want to apologize. They were entering the office when Alec saw Logan reaching out to touch Max's face with his gloved hand, his blood ran cold and in a moment he blurred toward them standing right between Logan and Max.

Logan tried to move Alec, but once the X5 growled at him he stopped all motion. Alec didn't think of Logan as a threat but he still didn't want him near his mate. Alec lifted his hand and brought it to the back of Max's head, his hand slipping in and out of her hair, caressing her barcode gently. Max wanted to be angry at him but what he was doing felt so damn good. It was soothing and relaxing, she almost purred at the sensations.

"Can I talk to you in private?" Alec asked in a gentle tone, looking into her eyes. She didn't reply but Logan tried to say something about having to finish the meeting, which made Alec only more frustrated.

"Everybody out!" Everyone quickly fled out of the buildings one jointed door. Logan was fighting against Biggs pulling hand. Every male recognized what Alec was doing, but there was something wrong with the X5. Once they were alone, Max felt vulnerable with the way Alec was watching her.

"Alec," she breathed out, his finger on her lips stopped her. He circled her, like a tiger would do to its prey. He nuzzled her face, neck and hair, breathing in her scent and loving it.

Max was getting weak in the knees and finding it hard to keep her eyes opened. She tried to hit him with one of her hands but Alec grabbed it, brought it to his face and kissed it. Max attempted the same with her other hand, Alec repeated the same action that he had with the previous one. Once he had both hand in his own, he backed her up until she was pinned to the wall. Max realized just how strong Alec was in that moment. She remembered their cage fight and wondered how much Alec had held back. She had felt that hit for days afterwards and she was still shivering in fear at the power he held. He secured both of her hand above her head with one of his own, and then lowered his other hand to gently caress her cheek bone running his thumb over her lips.

"Alec, what's wrong with you?" Max asked weakly, parting her lips and allowing Alec to run his finger on the inside of her lips. Alec didn't reply he just brought his thumb to his mouth and licked it smiling. The action made Max gasp; he leaned closer until their mouths were an inch apart and they were sharing the same breath. Alec could smell Max's arousal; he knew she wanted him, almost as much as he wanted her. He licked her lower lip slower, tasting her sweet, overpowering, intoxicating taste

"Push me away or surrender to me," Alec whispered against her lips, Max was hypnotized by the look of desire in his eyes, they were usually hazel green but now they were a deep and intense green that made shiver go up and down her spine. Max tried to speak, apparently Alec had other plans, because he swallowed her words when his lips crashed on hers. Alec didn't receive a push so he took her lips on his, savoring them and tracing them with his tongue.

Max was impressed and extremely pleased, Alec was an amazing kisser and whatever he was doing was driving her insane. She tried to contain it but a moan escaped her throat and Alec matched it with a groan. She allowed him the chance to delve inside and caress every inch of her warm mouth, every part of his body was reacting to her taste, especially his lower ones.

He could do this all day, she was the most amazing thing he had ever tasted, it was inhumanly addictive. Her body relaxed and Alec slowly released her hands, she wrapped them around his neck bringing her body closer to his, feeling how much this was affecting him.

He deepened the kiss to the point where he was devouring her mouth, licking, sucking, biting; every movement was making Max burn with desire. He cupped her breast through her shirt, making Max moan and whisper his name. He didn't want to talk it was better to show. They were losing themselves in the passion they shared. It felt right, like it was the most natural thing in the world, Alec wasn't going to stop or give her a chance to change her mind, and he was determined to prove her that she was his and belonged with him, not with Logan.

Max moved her hand to remove his shirt, Alec lifted his arms without taking his mouth off her and allowed her to get rid of the material between her and his skin. The view was perfect, excellent pecs, ripped chest and abs that could inspire the wildest fantasies. Manticore knew what they were doing when they created Alec. He placed his hands on the wall trapping her; he pulled his mouth away from her, but still flicked his tongue against her lips making her gasp. He lend into her kissing her jaw line, throat, and neck, taking his time to kiss lick and slightly bite on the hollow of her neck near her pulse point.

Max was running her hands all over his chest making Alec moan at the same time that he was making her moan. Alec lowered his hand to her waist, bringing them up along with her shirt, removing it and throwing it to the floor. He lowered his body until his face was facing her stomach, he kissed, licked, dipped his tongue inside her belly button, making Max moan and repeat his name and the word God so many times, he started to go up, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses from her abs to her the beginning of her bra, he sucked on her nipples through her bra, making Max throw her head back and moan loud enough, for the ones outside the room to hear.

The males smiled, the females blushed and Logan got pissed he spoke through the door, telling Max they had an urgent conversation to finish and that he was coming in. Max tried pushing Alec away at the sound of Logan's voice, Alec growled grabbing her hands, standing up and placing them against each side of her face. Max tried kicking him but Alec brought his body closer to her, letting her know that she wasn't the only one aroused by what they were doing. He looked into her eyes and spoke in a very serious tone.

"You might fool others and try to pretend you fit into his pathetic ordinary world, but you can't fool yourself, your instinct, which will recognize me as your mate," he growled. Pushing them bodily against the wall. "You may be in denial, but your body wants mine as much as my body wants yours. You crave my touch, my kiss and my warmth, if you think I'm good at kissing you can just imagine what kind of lover I am. Don't forget that you are mine, not his, no matter what you try telling yourself." He kissed her and walked away, leaving her trembling and confused.

The door opened and Logan came in, Alec bent and picked up his shirt, Logan turned to Max and noticed the state she was in, the males turned to look at Max; she looked beautiful but the growl that came from Alec saying she was his, made them walk away. Logan followed Alec and tried to confront him, he grabbed Alec's hand, but the X5 turned to look at him in a way that made Logan shiver.

"It you want to keep your arm, remove it, right now, and don't let me catch you touching my mate again, or I'll make you regret it, don't forget Logan, I may look nice, but deep inside I'm a killer, especially when someone is trying to take away what's mine. He walked away leaving Logan in fear. OC came into the room and closed the door; she picked up Max's shirt and handed it to her. Max took it and placed it on, her lips were still burning with his taste, something told her he wasn't wrong in what he had told her, she was so confused and her head was a mess. This was going to complicate thing so much.


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