100-word BtVS / Scooby Doo crossover Drabble. As usual all characters etc. belong to the usual suspects, not to the authors. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

The origin of this story needs a little explanation - I posted the last line to my livejournal as a "plot bunny", Vitruvian (see Twisting the Hellmouth for more of his stories) then wrote the rest of the story around it. He's left it to me to add the title and post it.

Mistaken Identity XII

By Marcus L. Rowland and Vitruvian

"Oh," says Velma in a small voice. "Jinkies, I guess I was wrong about the Case of the Vampire Scourge. His face isn't a rubber mask after all."

"Nope, all me," replies Angelus. "Don't worry, though, you can contemplate your mistake for all eternity." His fangs gleam in the shadows.

"Rwow-rwow," says Scooby.

Suddenly, those terrible yellow eyes cross and he releases Velma, slumping to the ground. There stands a petite blonde looking like Daphne's twin, holding a bent crowbar.

"And I would have got away with it," Angelus says later, "If I hadn't stopped to eat those meddling kids..."