Darkness Unleashed

Chapter One: New World

Pop Star is a remote planet, located in the known star system. It is known to be a happy, cheerful place with very little dangers, and nothing ever changes. Residents of Pop Star say there will never be any more darkness. Unless…

Kirby was walking through the castle, looking for Meta Knight's quarters.

"Meta Knight? Where are you?" Kirby asked into thin air, waiting for an answer.


Kirby walked on, and came to a door, with a sign saying: 'Meta Knight's Quarters' and underneath, 'Do Not Disturb.'

Kirby, taking no notice of the sign, walked in.

There stood Meta Knight, reading a book.

"Meta Knight? I have something important to tell you. I couldn't tell the king, 'cause he's sleeping, and-" Kirby said, cut off by Meta Knight.

"Go away," he said, sharply, but in a low tone.

"But Meta Knight!" Kirby said, walking to Meta Knight's face.

Meta Knight put his head lower into the book.

"Meta Knight!?" Kirby said, now very impatient.

Meta Knight looked up, his eyes deep red, and infuriated.

Kirby stood there, staring.

Suddenly, black smoke circled around him, blinding all sight from Meta Knight.

Kirby gaped there, jaws wide open.

The smoke disappeared, and Meta Knight looked back to normal.

"You shouldn't have said anything! You shouldn't have told him about anything!" Meta Knight said, complaining.

"Who is him?" Kirby asked, confused.

"Who do you think!? Dark Matter, of course," Meta Knight said.

"What about Galaxia? Is the sword still with you?" Kirby asked, shocked.

"You think I carry around one of the most powerful weapons in the universe all the time?" Meta Knight said, chuckling.

"Do you keep him in Kabu?" Kirby asked.

"Of course! Kabu has the Warp Star and Galaxia and no-one knows about it!" Meta Knight said, sarcastically.

"Well, Meta Knight, I was flying around on my Warp Star and then I saw this planet, shaped like a star, except all dark and stuff," Kirby said.

"To be honest, I'm not sure what you are talking about! There are only six planets! There aren't any others! Well, besides from Dark Star, but that doesn't really count," Meta Knight said.

"Well, I couldn't tell the king because he'd think this is big bunch of baloney and he'd tell all the Cappys and the Cappys would make fun of me!" Kirby said.

Meta Knight paused for a moment, thinking.

"This story of yours seems so precarious, yet I believe you… Follow me!" Meta Knight said, running at a fast pace.

Kirby ran after Meta Knight, puffing.

"Come on! You're a Star Warrior, and yet you can't sprint for thirty seconds!" Meta Knight said, still running.

Eventually, the two stopped at a door saying: King's Library: For the King Only!

"We can't go in there!" Kirby cried.

"Kirby, have I ever told you this? Rules are meant to be broken," Meta Knight said.

The two crept in and snuck past the king, who was reading a book.

Kirby ran past Meta Knight, who was still creeping, and bumped into a bookshelf.

"Shhh…" Meta Knight said.

Kirby sat under the shelf, as a book tumbled on his head.

"Ow!" Kirby said.

"Shhh…" Meta Knight said again, now next to Kirby.

Kirby picked up the book.

Meta Knight went over to see.

Its cover had the words: The Planets printed on a leather cover.

Kirby opened the book, and read: "Pop Star is a planet located not far from Rock Star, and has lots of a species called Cappys. The Cappys have a fat penguin king, who has no rights to be king at all."

Kirby snickered, and then flicked to a page called: How the Planets were Created.

"Once, a long long time ago, there was two of every person and soul, and they all lived on a planet called The Star Planet. Though, the doubles of everyone hated each other, and soon, the planet's population split into two parts, with a giant to never be crossed. A long time later, a creature named Dark Matter came. Though, he had no double. He was almighty and had no enemies, so he terrorised the planet. Soon, he split The Star Planet into the planets and meddled with time so no-one remembered the old world, but all the people still knew each other. The planets were: Pop Star, Dark Pop Star-"

Meta Knight read, in sudden realisation.

"The planet you saw was shaped like a star, like our planet. But it was dark. That can only mean it was Dark Pop Star!"

Kirby stood there.

"That means we can make new friends!" he said, cheerfully.

"And… that means we'll make new… enemies…" Meta Knight said, slowly.

To be continued…