Sasuke and the Sexy no Jutsu

Summary: what happens when naruto uses his sexy no jutsu and can't go back to his original self? What will naruto do? And what will sasuke do?

Warning: this is a yaoi fic. If you don't like boy to boy pairings then don't read this. Hehe. And by the way, I'm too damn lazy to put the correct punctuations, or to even capitalize some of the words. Sorry. I'm born that way. And yeah I wouldn't be describing the characters that much, since I assume that you guys already know how they look like, or what their personalities are. And yeah, I admit this is my first time to write a fic, so if you don't like reading stories written by amateurs, then better not read this. Sorry if I keep saying "and yeah."

Disclaimer: I don't own naruto or any of its characters. But I invented the character Shirogane. I'm very sorry if you don't like the name, hey I'm not even Japanese.

Chapter 1

What are we doing here Sasuke-teme? Asked Uzumaki Naruto, who for some reason forgot that they were called by the 5th hokage by the name of Tsunade.

"Hn," was Uchiha Sasuke's reply. You really are a dobe. Kakashi sent us here because the hokage was calling for us. Don't you remember? Or are you being a dim wit again? On second thought, you've always been a dim wit. Some things just never change… especially when you're a dobe" sasuke said with his usual smirk.

"You're so mean sasuke-teme!!!" Naruto said, pouting. But before they could even continue their bickering, a blonde haired woman wearing pigtails, by the name of tsunade, entered the room.

Enough, you two! She demanded. "I had you two called because I'll be giving you a mission, a very important mission. It's a c rank mission. So better pay attention. Anyway, you see this paper I'm holding over here? Well, this is no ordinary paper. This is actually a very important document that you have to send to a guy by the name of Shirogane. He needs this document in one piece, so my mission for you two is to give this to him. But I'm afraid you'll be having a hard time doing that since, almost all of his enemies want their hands on this document. And before I forget to tell you, you'll be using the path in the forbidden forest going to Shirogane's place (AN okay, I couldn't think of a good forest name, so I used the name of the forest in harry potter. I'm very sorry. J.K. Rowling please don't sue me). Shirogane's enemies will probably attack you on your way. And I'm warning you, they're no ordinary ninjas. So, always be alert and be careful

"How do we know which one's Shirogane?" asked Naruto.

"Oh you'll know. He's got this strong chakra so you'll recognize him. And by the way he told me he'll meet you two at the bridge beyond the forbidden forest (AN Ms. Rowling please don't sue me, I'm just borrowing it). Besides, he looks a lot like Jiraiya (chuckles), so you won't have a hard time."

"So do you two understand everything I explained? Or are there any more questions?"

"Hn. Of course I understand. You should worry about naruto. That small brain of his must have had a hard time absorbing all the things you said." Sasuke said, once again with his oh-so-popular smirk.

"What is wrong with you sasuke-teme?!? Stop picking on me!!!" Naruto said angrily.


"Okay I have had enough of your bickering! Get out of my office now! "tsunade ordered. "Enough talk and more action!"

At the Konoha grounds…

"What do you think this document contains?" asked a curious naruto.

"That, dobe, is none of our business. It doesn't matter what that document contains, all tsunade said is that we should give this to a guy named Shirogane in one piece, so that's what we'll do."

"bastard…" naruto muttered under his breath. But before he could even continue contemplating about sasuke's "bastardness," he saw Haruno Sakura, their other pink-haired teammate, heading towards the 5th hokage's office.

"hey sakura-chan!" naruto yelled, waving his arms wildly.

"Yes?" said sakura, turning towards their direction.

"Why aren't you coming with us in this mission?" naruto asked.

"Simply because she's training with tsunade," Sasuke said, before sakura could even open her mouth.

"Shut up bastard, I'm not talking to you!" naruto snapped.


"But Sasuke-kun is correct. I can't go with you guys on this mission because I have to continue training with Tsunade-sama, and besides she's sure that she can count on you two." She said, smiling widely, although her expression still showed a sign that she's a bit against the fact that sasuke and naruto are on an important mission without her. (AN I dislike sakura, but this is not a sakura-bashing fic).

"Anyway, got to go guys, we still have a long day ahead of us. Good luck." She said as she waved them goodbye.

"Guess, I'll be stuck with you, teme!" naruto said, puffing his chests defiantly.

"Hn. You're such a dobe. You should have realized that minutes ago." Sasuke said in a bored tone.

"And by the way, if you haven't noticed, we have been wasting our time discussing about unimportant things. So I suggest we go now." Sasuke said.

"Gah! Fine!" Naruto said, conceding.

And so they headed towards the forbidden forest. Not knowing what awaits them.

End of chapter 1

Author's note:

This chapter is like an introduction. It just explains their mission, and the reason why their other teammate couldn't go with them, which means that they'll be spending some time together (duh! something is definitely wrong with me!). Just to let you know, I'm not planning to include sexual intercourse in this fic, or anything of the sort. Cause I don't like those kinds of stuff. Anyway please review, tell me what you think. But please take it easy on me, coz' it's my first fic. So please have mercy. I shall go to sleep now. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...

And yeah, special thanks to my dear friend named, Julia Isabelina Concepcion Presbitero, for the name Shirogane. (hah! Complete name!!!)