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Chapter 5

Sasuke and Naruto woke up from a good nap realizing that they were in the arms of one another. But neither of them cared of what their current position is (which was like the position of lovers after love making). Naruto woke up, feeling extremely, hungry, realizing that he hasn't eaten for about two days now, and that he absolutely missed eating ramen. While Sasuke, on the other hand, woke up feeling rather cold, remembering that he had lent his shirt to Naruto who was currently stuck in his sexy no jutsu form. He also remembered that, he had to spend the rest of this mission hanging out with the girl version of his annoying loud-mouthed teammate.


"What do you want now, dobe?!?"

"Aren't you feeling hungry?"

"Why, are you hungry?"

"Well, of course I am! We've been traveling for possibly a week now and we still haven't eaten a thing!"

"We have only been traveling for two days, dobe. How can that be a week? Coz' for your information dobe, a week is made up of seven days."

"Doesn't matter, teme, but the fact that we haven't been eating for quiet some time now should make you feel hungry!"

"If you feel hungry, I'll get you some food."

"How would you do that?"

"I have my ways, dobe, I have my ways."

"Fine! Use your so called ways, then to keep me from starving!"

This is the reason why I don't like girls. They're way too demanding. Sigh.

"Okay, I will. Wait here."

And indeed, the blonde haired girl waited for the Uchiha, who was currently hunting for their food. After 10 minutes the Uchiha got back with three fishes, and started putting up fire (like the ones in camp). He grilled the fishes, while the blonde girl stared at him with astonishment. Naruto never knew that Sasuke was actually good at this surviving skill crap. The blonde ninja watched as the Uchiha prepared the food. He watched as Sasuke got a large fresh leaf, where he placed the fishes, which served as their plate.

"Here." Said Sasuke, handing the food to his blonde teammate.

"Thanks. I never knew that you're good at this sort of thing."

"I train not only to fight enemies and protect myself. I also train how to survive in times of crisis."

"Oh." Was the only reply from the blonde girl, who started munching on the food the Uchiha prepared. He started shredding the fish into pieces, and gobbling them up, without even chewing them properly. It was a miracle Naruto didn't choke.

It's funny the way he eats. He's currently in a woman's form, but he's still a damn glutton. If he was a real girl he would have been conscious of how he eats, especially in front of a guy, and especially in front of Uchiha Sasuke. But he's Naruto, turn him into a girl, into an animal, or whatever, he'll always be like that. He's not afraid of what people might say to him, he's true to himself, unlike other people who'll pretend to be people whom they're not just to please others. I guess that's what's so interesting about him. I guess that's the reason why I always feel comfortable with him, unlike the times when I'm with a girl. Every time I'm with them, they put up this façade so they can get me to like them. But that never works with me. They want to be with me because I'm good-looking, because I come from the Uchiha clan, because I'm good in almost everything, because I'm interesting, and all those other crappy reasons, but they don't see me as a normal boy who needs someone who understands him, someone who can sympathize with him, someone who can show him the light when he gets lost in the dark, someone who can see right through his mask, someone who sees the real him. They don't realize that because they pay more attention to unimportant things, such as good-looks and popularity. If I was not born with good-looks or was trained to be an excellent ninja, would they have liked me? The answer to that question is no, they would have treated me like any ordinary boy walking around in the streets. They usually judge a person from their family backgrounds, or their possessions and riches, but rarely from what is within the person. But Naruto is different from everyone. He doesn't treat me like I'm some kind of a god, he treats me, the way he would want to treat me. He would shout at me or curse me, if I insult him, he would tell me he hates me, every time I do him wrong, he would call me a bastard every time I'm acting like one, and for me all those things are what I would call being true to yourself. And those are the things that I like about him. He can see right through me, which makes him different from all the other people I've met. And that's the reason why he's my best friend.

"Um, Sasuke are you alright? You have been staring into outer space for quiet some time now. You must have been really hungry since your mouth was open. Here, have some food. Uh-oh I think I ate everything already. Don't worry I'll just get you food." Said Naruto, in a rather concerned tone.

What the hell Sasuke! You're an Uchiha! How come you're being this sentimental idiot that you are now! A while ago you were just rolling in the dirt, laughing your damn head off! And now, you're being an idiotic fool filled with emotions, to think that you're supposed to be a cold emotionless bastard! What's happening to me? It seems that this stupid dobe beside me has the amazing ability to get to me. He has the power to make me feel a lot of different emotions in a short span of time. And for crying out loud! He's the ONLY one that can do that! The only one who can make me feel this way! And damn, I think I'm doing it again!

"Sasuke, what the bloody hell is wrong with you?!? You seem to be lost in a trance or something! What's happened to you?"

"I'm fine dobe. No need to get worried like that. I was just thinking about some things. And yeah, you don't have to get me food, or anything, I'm not hungry. And besides I got those fishes for you. So it's alright."

"Okay, if you say so. What were you thinking about anyway?"

"It's none of your business, dobe."

"Um, Sasuke…"


"If you're getting annoyed with me because I ask too many questions, tell me, so that I'll stop. I ask because I want to get to know you better. Because sometimes we think that we know people, but we later on realize that we don't know anything about that person at all. I think that you are a cold damn emotionless bastard. But is that who you really are? Or is there more to you than just being the great Uchiha Sasuke?"

"Why do you always talk shit dobe? I have no intention of answering your damn questions."

"Sorry, Sasuke…" and with that the blonde girl started to walk away.

"Where the hell are you going?!?"

"I'm going to look for Shirogane and finish this mission, coz' I want to go back to Konoha and get back to my old self. I also don't want to waste any more of your precious time with my silly questions." Said Naruto sadly.

What the hell am I doing? I think I'm hurting him… I don't want to hurt him… he's the only one I've got left… he's the only one who understands…

Naruto left and started jumping from tree to tree determined to finish this mission, while Sasuke followed closed behind thinking about what he just did.

I think I hurt the only person whom I care for. Why Sasuke? Why do I always have to be so mean to him? Why do I always treat him this way? What's wrong with me? And the question is, why the hell am I so damn affected with this? When I reject girls, I don't feel guilty. But when I hurt him, I feel like I'm also hurting myself. When I cause him pain, I also feel the pain. Why?

"Why is this happening to me?" Sasuke asked himself quietly.

"Were you saying something, Sasuke?"

"No, dobe, I wasn't saying anything. You're probably hallucinating or something, so just shut up."

"Fine Sasuke, I'll keep my annoying big mouth shut. And don't worry, I won't be bothering you for the rest of this mission. You can just go on with this damn mission, pretending that I don't even exist. That's what you want right? You want me to leave you alone right? Okay, I'll leave you alone. Coz' it seems like it's the only way to make you happy."

I think I should say sorry, I don't want to worsen this fight. And I certainly don't want him to leave me alone. His presence means a lot to me. I can't afford to lose that.

"Naruto, I'm so-"

"Don't speak Sasuke. I already know what you're going to say. All you have to do is record everything you say so you won't have to say it over and over again."

"How do you know that that was what I was going to say?"

"I'm used to your insults Sasuke, that's why I know."

And with that the blonde girl started to move faster than usual, obviously trying to run away from Sasuke.

Oh great! I just ran away from Sasuke! This is so unlike me! Oh man. If I were only in my original self I would have sparred with him instead of running away from him! I have a huge feeling that this is what girls do when they get mad at their boyfriends, or when they fight, they run away and cry, or maybe not. Well, maybe not all. But I'm obviously doing it. But wait, he's not even my damn boyfriend! I shouldn't run away from him! I should go back and slap him in the face! Wait, slapping a guy's face are only for girls! When guys fight, they punch and kick, not slap! Oh dammit! Of all the techniques to use, why the sexy no jutsu?!? Why? And of all the people to be with in a time like this, why the Uchiha? Oh, stupid me!

"This day couldn't get worse!" said Naruto.

And of course, every time we claim that a day couldn't get any worse, it always gets worse. Just as the Uzumaki boy in a girl's body, jumped to another tree, his shirt, or rather, Sasuke's shirt got caught up in a branch, and to make things worse, he slipped and fell to the ground. And to make matters worse, he broke both his ankles and could no longer walk properly.

"Waaaaaaaaaah! What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve such punishment? Why, oh why?!?" Naruto cried.

Sasuke chuckled with Naruto's sudden outburst.

"Teme! Why the hell are you chuckling? Can you not see that I can't walk?!? You are so damn inconsiderate!"

"I thought you were going to keep your big mouth shut. You promised me… how come you're shouting so loud?"

"You ask why I shout so loud?!? It's because shouts are supposed to be loud! If you shouted quietly, it wouldn't be shouting anymore! Use your so-called brain teme, coz' it seems like something has been sucking your damn brain cells!"

"Oh… so now I'm the dumb one?!? Hah! That will never happen! And since you seem to be useless, I think I better go on with this mission without you. Which means, that I'll leave you here all by yourself until it gets dark and the monsters eat you up. Oh, that would be so damn cool!"

"What?!? You'll leave me all by myself? You're so bad, teme! You can't do that to a girl."

"Yes, I can. And I will. Besides you're not even a girl."

"So what, I'm still your teammate. You should at least be worried about me."

"But Uchihas don't get worried. And I'm definitely not worried about you."

Here I go again. Trying to push the only person who understands me. Trying to push away the only person whom I care for. And fudge, here I go again with this sentimental thing. I have a funny feeling I've been growing more emotional day by day. Damn! Stupid Naruto! Stupid him, for always making me feel this way! And stupid him, for always doing this to me! And stupid me, for always letting him do this to me! And stupid hokage for giving us this damn mission! And stupid Sakura for being so annoying and having that irritating pink hair of hers-and fudge she's got nothing to do with this! And damn, I'm wasting my time with crappy thoughts.

"You've been acting weird lately, Sasuke. You always seem lost in your thoughts. Is there anything bothering you?"

"Yes dobe. Something's bothering me. You are always bothering me."

"Huh?" asked Naruto, obviously confused with the Uchiha's reply.

"Never mind, dobe." Said Sasuke, as he took Naruto in his arms and carried him bridal style.

"Um, Sasuke, what are you doing?"

"Carrying you."

"Yes I am aware of that, teme. What I mean is, I thought you were going to leave me since I'm useless and all that crap. How come you're carrying me then?"

"Coz' I've just realized that you make a very good pillow."


"Nothing dobe. Just hold on tight okay?" said Sasuke as they resumed to their "jumping from tree to tree routine."

So he does care. I mean he wouldn't bother carrying me and all that crap if he didn't, right?

"Why didn't you leave me Sasuke?"

"Why would I leave you? Itachi has taken almost everything I have. But I have something he doesn't. I've got you."

Hell, did Sasuke just say that? Or am I hallucinating?

Hell, did I just that out loud? Oh, crap! I guess I did. The look on Naruto's face indeed answers my question. Damn, how can I cover up for this one? I guess, I just have to tell him that I do care about him. Oh, that sucks! I'll end up seeing the smug look on his beautiful whiskered face! Wait, did I just say beautiful? Oh, damn! I shall pretend I never said that. Yeah Sasuke, pretend you never said that.

"Um, Sasuke. Are you aware that we're about to crash into the tree?!?" said Naruto, bringing Sasuke back to reality.

"Woah, damn! That was so damn close!" Sasuke said, as they nearly hit the tree.

"Um, Sasuke…"


"About what you said a while ago-"

"Forget about what I said."

I don't get it Sasuke! What the hell?!? The thing you told me a while ago was sweet, and now it seems like you're taking it back. You're such a bastard!

"You are the weirdest person I have ever met teme!"

"I don't give a damn."

"Why are you always like this, Sasuke?!? You always treat me like trash, and you always tease me and insult me! You always seem to have fun every time you hurt my feelings! Why do you hate me so much, teme?!? What did I do to you?!?"

And with this sudden outburst from the kitsune, the Uchiha suddenly stopped. He looked at the blonde girl in his arms.

"It's my way of showing how much I care."

"You don't seem to care about me, Sasuke…"

"I do, it's not just that obvious. Look I'm acting like a bastard towards you because… you're the only one who can do this to me…"

"I don't quiet get it."

"You're the only one who could make me feel this way. You turned me into a person I'm not."

"This conversation is getting stranger. What the hell are you talking about?"

"The thing is- hell, why am I even bothering explaining? That brain of yours wouldn't be able to understand anyway!"


"It doesn't matter, we better get going now."



"I want to know."

"Want to know what?"

"I want to know what you feel."

"Feel about what?"

"Oh for crying out loud, I want to know what you feel towards me!!!"

"Okay, look. I will say this once and only once, got it?"


"You're the only one who can turn me into a person filled with emotions. You're the only one who could make me feel happy. The only one who could make me feel sad. The only one who could make me feel mad. The only one who can make me feel loved. The only one who can make me feel like nothing can go wrong. You are the only one who could do these things to Uchiha Sasuke."


"And for crying out loud, I don't know what this damn feeling is! You're the only one who could get a true smile from the Uchiha. And for some weird reason, everything you do seems to amaze me so much! The way you walk, the way you talk, even the way you eat, and all those other crappy things you do always seem to amuse me! And I don't know why! and fudge I don't know why I told you this! I want to know what this feeling is, but I just don't seem to know what it is."

"Are you really that stupid, teme?"

"What?!? You called me stupid?!?"

"Yes, I did. And since you're too stupid to realize your feelings, let me tell you. Or rather, let me show you."


And with that the blonde girl wrapped her arms around the raven-haired boy's neck (AN I will start using her instead of him, I mean Naruto is currently a girl in this fic). She pulled Sasuke's head down to her level, until their faces are just millimeters away from each other. And with that, the blonde girl pressed her lips against the lips of a very surprised Uchiha. It was kind of weird at first, but then, the Uchiha started kissing back. And to Naruto's surprise the raven-haired boy wrapped his hold on the blonde girl more tightly, deepening their kiss. And when they were finally running out of breathy, they parted to get some air.

"That is what you feel."

"So you're not as dumb as I thought you were." Said Sasuke with his usual smirk.

End of chapter 5

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