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But Chyeah, I've Gone Back To My Old Favorites, High School Stories. They Are So Much More Easier Cause, I bKnow/b What Happens In High School. I Don't Know What Happens Backstage At WWE Events.
Characters : Most WWE Main Eventers, Most Divas, Some ECW Characters, Aj Styles & Christy Hemme.
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High school is a tough time for anyone. But it's a whole lot tougher if you only join the school in senior year. That was Amy's biggest problem. She had just moved from North Carolina to a place which couldn't have been more different, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Amy was, in short, your average teenager. She made friends quickly, was rather pretty and quite intelligent. But she wasn't exactly someone who would "fit in" in Tampa. Back home, she was just your regular popular girl. She had been in a band and was always in the top five when it came to high grades. But that's cause back home there was no "weirdo's". You could walk into Sanford with four pierced eyebrows and neon pink hair and people would treat you exactly like a Regular Joe. But Amy highly doubted that's how things would work in Tampa. It wasn't that she stuck out a great amount, but with deep red hair and a metal bar through her tongue, she wasn't so sure she would suit Tampa's "perfect" image.

She lay in her bed, covers pulled tight over her head, hoping her mom had forgot that she was supposed to start school today. "Amy," Mrs. Copeland yelled. "Amy get up. It's your first day of school." No such luck then, Amy thought and pulled the covers back.

She stumbled over to her closet, still half asleep and opened the door. "Well do I want to scare the living daylights out of them? Or do I want to fit in?" she asked herself staring at her racks of clothes. Her clothes varied, but mostly, she had her own style. She shopped everywhere. From Dior to Hot Topic. Amy Wasn't Fussy.

She found herself pulling out a red shirt, which said "The Libertines" across the front and a pair of tight jeans. Rummaging around on her hands and knees, she eventually found her red boots she had bought to match the shirt.

After a quick shower, she got dried and dressed and then ran downstairs for breakfast. "I don't get it mom." she said through a mouthful of toast. "Adam goes to college. Everything works perfectly for him. Cause he fits in. And he's a bigger oddball than I am."

"Neither of you are oddballs. Now Amy, do you have everything?" Mrs. Copeland asked, sweeping crumbs away from under her daughter. Amy nodded, not wanting to spray crumbs everywhere again. "Now I told you the girl next door, Michaela, will come for you? She'll help you around the next few days."

Amy rolled her eyes. She hadn't met this Michaela girl yet, and to be honest, she didn't want to. The only neighbors she had met so far had been stuck up and every girl around her age had seemed rather slutty. I bet Michaela's just like them, she thought rolling her eyes.

But she was soon snapped out of her thoughts when there was a loud knock on the front door. "That'll be her." said her mother. "Now here's your bag and, please Amy, try to be nice."

Amy frowned, took the bag her mother was holding and nodded, walking slowly to the door. She opened it to see a rather short girl with long, mid blonde hair, wearing a short black and green skirt, black heels and a green shirt. "Hi. You must be Amy. I'm Mickie." the girl said, holding out her hand in a friendly gesture, hoping Amy would shake it.

Amy stared at her. "Peachy." she smiled, not sure whether this Mickie girl seemed ok. "So uh, we going?" she said, raising an eyebrow. Mickie nodded and started to walk down the drive and off in the direction of the school.

"Bye mom," Amy yelled, closing the door behind her. Catching up with Mickie she asked, "So what's this school like then?" She hoped the school wasn't too far, cause she was pretty sure she wouldn't have minded giving Mickie a lift.

Mickie shrugged. "It all depends who you hang around with I guess. Like, if you hang around with these girls," she paused. "You seen the movie Mean girls?" Amy nodded. "Well, these girls are OUR plastics. Victoria, Torrie, Candice And Stacy. They like to think they rule the school. You Bdon't/b want to get involved with them. They're trouble. Big trouble. Then there's the "outsiders" Ashley, Maria, Kristal and Michelle. They like to think they're cool. But, Ashley has been passed around the chess team more than once."

Amy laughed. "I didn't know chess teams could SPELL sex never mind perform." she smirked.

"Well, our school's can. Ashley showed them how. But yeah, she's a slut, she should be with the plastics, but she's too smart for them. Same with Maria, she DRESSES like she should be with the Plastics, but she's too DUMB to be with them. And Kristal and Michelle are just sad losers who tag along with Slut and Dumber." Mickie finished, smiling.

"What about you? Where do you come in?" Amy asked, beginning to think Mickie had no friends.

"Oh, My friends. I forgot them. Well, there's Me, Christy, Trish, Jillian and Ariel. Ariel WILL scare you when you first see her, but she's a softie really. Juss, whatever you do, DON'T talk about Kevin. Actually don't look at him. That's her boyfriend and she will KILL for him. Oooh and Aj is off limits too. He's Jillian's. But they're like, childhood sweethearts, from like, kindergarten." Mickie laughed.

Amy tilted her head, "What about the other guys? What are they like?"

Mickie sighed. "Well, I don't know what to say about most of them. There's Randy, Dave, John and Hunter. They're "the jocks" EVERYTHING evolves round them. This is why Candice is such a slut. She keeps throwing herself at Randy and Dave. And they just toss her away like a used condom." Amy laughed. "No seriously. They get what they want, then leave her. Cant say I blame them. With a nose like that I can understand why they wouldn't want to be with her. But forget them. I'm onto my next topic."

"Then there's the next level. Kenny, Andrew, Mike and Jeff," Mickie continued. "To look at them, you wouldn't think they were friends with Randy and everyone. But they are. It's just, they understand that they cant party ALL the time. Someone forgot to let the other four know that. Kenny, is amazing." Mickie giggled. But then shook herself out of it. "But anyways, there's more to us than juss names. You have to meet them first, THEN you can decide for yourself. But Amy, I swear, you hang with the plastics, you'll be hated. And used. Probably just like Candice."

Amy shook her head, "I Don't think I like the sound of this Candice girl."

Mickie turned and looked at her, "Well here's your chance to find out." She pointed to the large, white, stone building ahead of them. It was huge, at least double the size of Amy's old school and right above the door there was a large sign "Jeffrey Moore High".

Amy swallowed and took a deep breath. "Cant wait."


Author's Note : So What do you think ? This is only the build up. And I Have the next chapter ready. I just have to make minor adjustments. But it should be up by the end of the day.