Authors notes : fourth time lucky. I've tried to update this four times. Each with disastrous results. Anyways, I wanna point out that some of the things said about school in this chapter may be confusing. They were said to me by a friend (a female. But Randy is pretty much BASED on her) and, yeah, their not too confusing )

Amy turned to face Mr Malenko as he read out the class's work for the day, with Randy sitting staring at the ceiling. Amy figured he was counting tiles, mainly cause every few seconds he muttered, "Shit, nine comes after eight."

"Now class, begin." Mr Malenko said, finishing his 'this work must be finished or you will have it for homework' speech. As Amy was about to put her hand up to tell him she didn't have a textbook, her pocket began to vibrate.

"Holy shit. Your not shy are you ?" asked Randy, CLEARLY thinking it was something other than a cell. The grin on his face made it apparent what he DID think it was.

"Eew. It's a CELL." Said Amy, looking disgusted as she hurriedly produced the cell phone from her pocket and read the text message she had just received.

"Hi. Its Micks. Ur mom gave me ur number. U get to class k ? Christy thinks Randy is in Mr Malenkos. But she aint sure. Brains obviously aint something that family possess. I made that guide in Graphix. Ull love it. M x"

Amy turned away from Randy, hoping he couldn't read what Mickie had sent and hurriedly replied that Dave had helped her to class, she had detention for swearing and she was sitting next to "Cousin Dearest".

After hitting the send button, Amy put her hand in the air. "Sir," she said. "Sir I don't have a textbook. Can I have one please?"

Mr Malenko sneered. "I'm afraid, as of ten seconds ago, we're all out. Maybe it you had gotten to class on time you could have received one. You'll have to share with Randy today and I'll find you one by detention."

Amy scowled and pulled Randy's textbook towards her. She frowned, looking confused. Math was something she found easy. But apparently, Randy couldn't say the same. It was evident he had spent a lot of time studying, but from all the scoring out and working on his page, it was obvious Math was something he struggled with.

"So where did you say you moved from ?" he said, clearly not planning on doing any work, or letting her for that matter.

"I didn't." she replied, writing her name on her Math notebook. This answer didn't please Randy.

"Look, I know you hang around with that stupid little bitch Christy and her dumb friends. But you REALLY don't have to act like them. I only asked one fucking question, you could have at least answered it."

"If you had asked a direct question, I would have answered it directly. But you didn't. Had You said, 'where did you move from?' I would have replied, 'Sanford, North Carolina.' But you didn't. You asked where I had SAID I moved from. Which is a totally different question. Now would you like to try again." she said, smiling sweetly.

"Doesn't matter. So WHY did yah move?" he asked, half laughing.

"Father. Job. Transfer." she said shortly, starting to read the first question on the page. She looked up to see Randy staring at her mouth as she spoke.

"Do you have your tongue pierced ?" he asked, thinking of the things that tongue stud could do.

"yes. Why ?" she replied, knowing fine well why he wanted to know.

'I bet she'd give better head than Candice with that thing,' he found himself thinking. "Cause I think it's kinda hott." He replied quickly.

Amy bit her lip, trying to stop herself from calling him a pervert. It was obvious what he was thinking about. But she stayed quiet and started to do her work.

"Your different." he said simply, once again swinging back on his chair, an aloof sort of arrogance surrounding him.

"yes Randy. EVERYONE is different. It's called Variation." she replied, hoping she didn't sound like a bitch.

( Author's Note :This is the school thing I warned you about)

"Yes Amy. I DO go to biology. Its one of the few classes I go to. Good sleeping opportunities. Same with Religious Ed. That's the most hypocritical bullshit I ever heard. But that's adults for yah. What else is a good class ? Not English. That involves thinking. Graphics is good. Teacher bends down and yah see RIGHT up her skirt. Shame she's over thirty. And phys ed. I like that. But, I Didn't mean that. I mean, yah don't act like a girl." he stopped, realizing what he had just said. "From around here I mean. You answer back. I Like that. Feisty." He smiled and moved his pen so that he was running it through her hair.

"Please don't do that. It'll tangle. And then I'll scream. And we don't want that." Amy said, moving her hair behind her ear.

"You screaming ? Maybe we do ?" he smirked.

Amy was still thinking of a good come back, when the bell signifying recess came. Amy gathered her things quickly and rushed out of class as Randy moved slowly, clearly not wanting to knock a hair out of place.

She rushed down the stairs and over to the table in the cafeteria, Mickie and Jillian had been sitting at earlier.
"Ok ok hold up. How can YOU get detention on your first day?" asked Mickie, walking to the table and thumping her binder on it. "I mean, it took me a YEAR to get my first detention." she laughed.

Amy launched into her story once the other girls had arrived.

"Omg. He thought you were PLEASURING yourself during class?" Christy said, choking on the chip she had been eating. Amy nodded.

"And that wouldn't have been SO embarrassing. But he seemed to LIKE that idea. Then when he found out I had my tongue pierced, his mind went into OVER DRIVE." she said.

"Told you he was a whore." said Trish, giggling.

"You DIDN'T say he was a pervert." Amy replied, feeling a hand tap her shoulder. If the tap hadn't been so delicate, she would have assumed it was Randy. But turning round, she was pretty sure she'd RATHER it had been Randy.

"You must be Amy. I'm Candice. And WE Need to have a chat. Over here please?" said the brunette, motioning behind her.

Amy stood up, "Away from the three musketeers ?" Candice thought for a moment, not sure whether that was a compliment towards her friends or not, before nodding.

Candice started, "Well let's start here bitch. I Rule this school. And there's a few rules you need to comply with….