The Prince and The Pikachu

I personally like this one for some twisted reason. I was looking over all my reviews and
one said ' LMAO* That was Hilarious! Write more like that.' the second time I read that, I was
thinking of what I could write. Well I love to write about Veggie-Kin being weak. So I decided
this maybe cool.What happens after Vegeta leaves the sight of Trunks and Goku telling everyone
about the androids? Well in his pink weird shirt and green pants he runs into non other than
Pikachu, will Vegeta surivive that battle???? (Warning: Very stupid!) This is very short .

~ Note : I don't like Pokemon! ~

The Prince And The Pikachu

Vegeta flew through the sky. 3 years!? Damn it !The prince's anger rose. He looked at this
outfit. Besides men in pink that's being bizarre, it's messed up! I think that woman needs
medication. Vegeta said as his eyes bulged out. He ripped off the pink shirt. Well this is better!
White! Vegeta said pleased that he wore a under shirt. Now what will I do with these disgusting pants!
Vegeta sighed mentally and continued his route.

Hours past and Vegeta was still flying through the sky, not knowing where to go or anything.
Maybe I should just stay there for the night. Vegeta mentally said, looking at a patch of grass.
"Egh.... I hate this! " He yelled at the sky. Quietly and angrily , the prince lowered himself
onto the ground and layed down. 3 years to prepare..Damn it ! I have to become a super
saiyan ! I have to ! Vegeta demanded to himself. After a while of yelling to himself
and blaming the blue haired woman who was insane to give him a pink shirt, the prince's
eyes started to get heavy. He felt himself get lost in darkness.

"Pikaaaaaaa chu ! " A small voice yelled, as electricity filled the air and hit the sleeping

"What the hell ?! Shit that hurt ! " Vegeta yelled , jumping upward into the air. " What the
fuck are you !? " The prince asked the furry animal.

"Pika Pikachu." The yellow animal said. Vegeta wrinkled his nose and

"Come on ! You don't really think that I am suppose to believe that 'pikachu' is the only you
can say , do you ?" Pikachu shrugged and stepped forward, seeming to want a
battle. Vegeta looked at the animal and laughed. " You fight me? Don't make
me laugh. " Vegeta stopped when he felt a jolt of pain hit him in the stomach. The prince
fell over into a bush that contained some pretty big thorns. " Ow!" Vegeta jumped up.

Pikachu laughed making the prince more angry. "Pika Pi. " The creature said.

"Damn you ! " Vegeta flew up into the sky and put his hands out on each side and charged
up for his final flash. Pikachu looked at the man in front of him in curiosity.

"Pikachu.." It squeaked.

" Damn you to hell !" Vegeta roared as electricity grew more heavily around him. In a
swift move the prince pushed his hands together in front of him and a large yellow
light filled the air around his palms and hands.

At this point the yellow creature's curiosity grew even more as he saw the man before
him in the sky yell.

" Now .........DIE ! " Vegeta let out all his energy toward the creature. " Final Flash ! "
Yellow light surrounded the sky and most of the land as the beam started to desend to
the ground.

"Pikaaaaaaaachuuu." A tiny voice echoed as the sound vanished. As the smoke and
light dimmed , Vegeta lowered himself to the ground.

"Hehe, well that is that. " Vegeta beamed proudly. "What the fuck !? " The prince
steadied himself as a creature appeared as the smoke was vanishing.
"It's impossible. " The small creature was perfectly fine as it stood on the
tip of it's spiky tail.

(If you don't know what that means , it means that a pikachu can reflect energy
by standing on the tip of its tail. Back to the story ...)

" Pikachu . " The creature mummbled angrily .

Now what , Final Flash is my strongest attack. Vegeta thought , somewhat in fear.

"Pikaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuu ! " The creature yelled as it let electricity hit Vegeta in the

"Ugh....." The prince muttered. He looked up to see that the creature was going to
hit him again. With a swift move the prince got up and ran. "Mommy..." He mummbled in
fear. The creature stopped to see him running.

" Pika ? " It asked in confuession then shrugged and ran off into the forest .

I told you it was short, anyway I hoped you liked it. It is silly isn't it ? Well tell me what you

Disclaimer : I don't own any anime cartoons and I don't get paid for writing this!

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