Title: "Playing Hooky"

Chapter 2/2

Written by: Shawn

Summary: Tommy and Kim's whirlwind day-vacation continues to a beautiful secluded waterfall in Maui, ice skating in London, a shocking confrontation in Japan, and a certain famous lake in Scotland with a legendary creature.

Category: Romance/Fluff

Rated: PG-13

Ship: Tommy and Kim

Spoilers/Timeline: This story is a post-ep for the MMPR Season 2 episode "Wild West Rangers"

Disclaimer: Disney owns it all now, lol.

Authors Notes 1: I'm writing this in the mind state that TK are 17 years old and a bit more realistic than the TV show. Just have fun with it. They sure will.

Authors Notes 2: Only a wee bit of angst here, but for the most part its just a story about stealing a day away from responsibilities.

Authors Notes 3: The term "Playing Hooky" refers to skipping school or work for no good reason smile

"Wild West Rangers" summary: Tommy gives Kimberly a cactus as a present. Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa steal it, and turn it into the Needlenose monster. Confused by the cactus' disappearance, the six Ranger Teens teleport from the Youth Center's hallway to the Command Center... all except Kimberly. She's accidentally sucked into a tear in the fabric of time, known as a Time Hole! Kim ends up in Angel Grove, circa 1880. There, she witnesses Bulk & Skull's ancestors, a pair of bandits known as One-Eyed Bulk & Doc Skullovitch, robbing a stagecoach. Tommy's ancestor, a man in a white cowboy suit on a white horse, known as the White Stranger, saves the day. Kim ends up in Ernest's Juice Saloon, where she meets Rocky's ancestor Rocko, Adam's ancestor Abraham, Aisha's ancestor Miss Alisha, and Billy's ancestor William. In the present, Zedd sends Goldar, Needlenose, and some Putties through the Time Hole, despite the protests of the remaining Power Rangers. The Time Hole closes, leaving our heroes hopeless to recover Kimberly. In old west Angel Grove, the evil space aliens wreck havoc on the town.

Trapped in the Old West, and facing multiple villains, Kimberly is forced to morph. She discovers that her powers do indeed work in this time period, and takes a chance, teleporting to the Command Center. Zordon & Alpha 5 are awake, and quite surprised. Kim informs them of her situation, and they lend her the Power Coins. She goes back to Angel Grove, and gives each of her teammates' ancestors the powers of their great great grandchildren. The Pink Ranger, along with the four Cowboy Rangers (their morphed suits are the same, save for some tassles and cowboy boots added), take on the Putties. The White Stranger helps out. Needlenose & Goldar flee through a Time Hole, and once in the present, the monster grows. The other Rangers use the Megazord to defeat giant Needlenose. At the end of the day, Zordon & Billy come up with one last hope in rescuing Kimberly from a hundred years ago. It works, she's returned to the present, no worse for the wear, back in the late 1800s, the Rangers' ancestors find their lives enriched by their brief periods as Power Rangers. White Stranger narrowly misses meeting Kimberly's ancestor, who just arrives in town, as he rides off into the sunset.

Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person - having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859
Hanawi Falls

A gorgeous waterfall connected to a spring-fed stream

Monday, May 12, 1995 1:45 PM

East Maui, Hawaii

Sweet paradise, thy name was Hanawi Falls.

Tommy and Kim's played beneath the sparkling surface of a fresh water stream, chasing each other around the high waterfalls deepest pool. The awe inspiring underwater landscape was as captivating as it was above, a seventh heaven for them alone to rule.

Ghosting past Tommy near the rocky edge of the waterfall, Kim playfully brushed her hand over the soles of his feet to draw his attention, then quickly darted away as the chase began anew. Cresting above the surface for brief breathes of air, they taunted each other before diving once more, further engaging in the age old war of cat and mouse.

The hunt was on!

Smiling to herself after another daring evasion of his outstretched hands, Kim couldn't remember the last time she had so much fun. Her soul was carefree and wild, enjoying the feeling of being in love as well as the heady sensual undercurrent she hadn't anticipated facing today. From the moment she stepped out from behind a shrouded clearing and Tommy saw her in a pink two-piece string bikini... heat... pure heat. He couldn't take his eyes off of her for even a second. They were emotionally slow dancing, leaving the cold world out of their lives for a time.

In this submerged silent Eden, Kim considered this was easily the most romantic date they'd ever been on. Alone at last on a gorgeous remote section of East Maui, she didn't have to worry about anything or anyone except Tommy. Elation flooded her spirit, and even when he surprised her from behind, having finally caught his prey she simply turned in his arms and kissed him... he throbbed against her belly, sending warm sensations throughout her body until oxygen became an issue.

Ducking above for another rush of air, they raced from one end of the waterfall to the edge of the shore and back again, laughing and splashing water in each others faces like children. Alas, youths innocence had little to do with the steamy way they were staring at each other now, as if caught in the rapture of some newfound discovery.

Were there boundaries here?

Where was the line they couldn't cross?

Why was it that every time they touched it just wasn't enough?

After an hours worth of swimming Kim made her way for the shore, confident Tommy would follow. He did as she swam up and then walked towards the thick white beach blankets spread out on the ground. She descended on the first, now facing her dripping wet boyfriend as he rose from the water like some sort of Greek God. She looked away, blushing at the thought. His glistening wet body was doing things to her... forcing her legs to cross, all the while enjoying the heady appreciation in his eyes for her alone. He obviously loved what she wore, but there was more to the story. He not only loved her... he wanted her.


That's what Kim recognized as he approached, his white swimming trunks offering little modesty in relation to what was on his mind. She secretly craved the fear of knowing how he felt, as it matched her own growing need.

Mercy, even his wet hair sent her heart racing.

Her heart wasn't the only one as Tommy slowly approached his love, having never found her as beautiful as she was today.

Slightly embarrassed by the not-so-innocent images coursing through his mind, Tommy carefully settled in beside his girlfriend on the blankets, both now gazing at the clear blue skies of Hawaii. For a time they simply enjoyed the peace and tranquility of their surroundings, as if the worries of last week were behind him.

Tommy breathed in the fresh air as Kim was safe and sound by his side. There was only on problem. Having visited the beach with her many times, he's seen her in swimsuits before, but nothing like she's wearing today. Her gymnastics-toned figure took his breath away in that two-piece pink string bikini she wore. It was daring and sexy and certainly revealed more skin than he had ever seen before.

He hadn't expected it. She was forever beautiful in his eyes, but what he knew of her usual swim attire was a bit more conservative, though always feminine. What she wore today was nothing less than provocative.

Stealing a sideways glance at her, Tommy felt he just had to say, "You look incredible."

"Thank you," Kim managed not to stutter while fending off a blush. Darting a quick gaze at him, her tongue wished it were chasing a droplet of water cascading down the side of his hard chest. Did she really think that, she smiled inwardly. "You look great too."

"Having fun?"

"Absolutely," she replied without delay, enjoying the suns warm rays. "You brought me to Hawaii and this fantastic waterfall for swimming and alone time. What more could a girl ask for?"

"A mall just up the road?"

"True," Kim laughed by his side. Alas, he knew her too well. "But as long as I'm with you I have everything I need."

"Same here." With the waterfalls rushing bluster sounding off nearby, Tommy found himself unable to just lay there. Shifting to his side, he balanced on his elbow while gazing at Kim, who seemed comfortable in him doing so. Her warm brown eyes found his own as they bathed in the silence of simply watching each other for what felt like the very first time. They didn't shyly turned away when they found the other looking, or were interrupted by someone passing by. The six-tone beep of their communicators didn't end another quiet moment between them, nor were they in a group setting where such a thing would be frowned upon.

Here they were utterly lost in each other, all pretenses to the contrary forgotten.

As if fate and destiny demanded it, Tommy and Kim slowly fell into a deeply passionate kiss serenaded by the waterfall, drawn together by a love born of sincere admiration, trust, and physical attraction. Blossoming hunger swelled between them when he covered her body with his own, nestled between her slender thighs. They were outside themselves in paradise, testing the waters of their sensuality. A gentle surging began, amping up the pleasure they shared in a way they never had before. Their intense feelings were as enticing as they were scary, this newfound territory they were exploring for the very first time.

With her arms locked around his neck, Kim gasped around the tender exploration of his tongue inside her mouth, dragging along her own. His hard body framed perfectly over hers as if they were created to fit together perfectly... God, the weight of him felt so good over her. Urgently kissing her as he wanted her so badly. She reveled in the sensation, all the while sending it back at him. She just couldn't stop kissing him, her hands roaming all over his muscular back, even daring his firm ass.

As their bodies began to move in an age old rocking rhythm that surely was leading to so much more, Kim suddenly froze up. She stiffened beneath him as the feel of his hardness pressed to her center was sending her to some delirious land of wanton ecstasy. It was too much too fast. She just couldn't...

Gently, but firmly she pressed her hands to his chest and began to push him off. Though surprised, Tommy shifted aside her, and then quietly told her, "I have protection."

As if dashed by a bucket of freezing cold water Kim shot up, her eyes widened in horror. "Is that why you brought me here?"

"No!" Tommy immediately explained, all amorous thoughts left behind. "No, Kim. I did not bring you here so we could make love. That wasn't on my mind at all when I started thinking about this trip." He watched her closely and saw that she seemed to believe him. "My dad and uncle always told me that their first times weren't planned, but were spontaneous. So my dad gave me two condoms that I keep in my wallet just case something happened with us. But no, I did not bring you here to sleep with you. That's not the kind of person that I am."

Aware of his character, Kim gave a slow nod and then created a little distance between them. She sat at the edge of the blanket, her head bowed, arms around herself. Sooner or later they had to have this right of passage talk, though she wasn't exactly afraid of it. It's just that for the very first time a lights been shone on the elephant in the room and they can't avoid it any longer.

"I'm not a tease," Kim declared while lifting her gaze to meet his.

"I never said you were. I never thought that for a second."

"Yeah, but I know guys."

"You also know me. At least you should."

She did. Better than anyone. Furthermore, she trusted him. But she was a normal teenage girl who listened to all the same music everyone else did, watched all the same TV shows and movies, and heard the same guys talk about girls however they wanted. "I have never bought anything to wear to the beach or to go swimming that I wanted to look sexy in. I mean, I've bought things that I thought I looked nice in or were cute, but nothing that I wanted to draw all attention to me. At least not until I bought this," she finished, her finger twirling the string on her hip. "I saw this and I couldn't help but to think this would knock you off your feet."

"It did," he assured her and saw the ghost of one curl her lips as well. "You look fantastic."

"But it goes back to what I said before. I don't want you to think I'm a tease. I didn't buy this to make you think I was ready to have sex. But I do admit I wanted you to want me."

"I always have."

"I know, but..." This conversation was difficult to say the least. Kim sat up straight, hands in her lap, watching Tommy very closely. "We've been going out for a while now and we've known each other for a couple of years. We're in a relationship and we're in love. I know you must have some expectations."

Tommy wasn't quite sure where this was coming from. "I have never pressured you or anything like that. I respect that you want to wait and you're not ready yet. I've never had a problem with that."

"But you're ready, aren't you?" she dared him to deny, and when he looked away she knew the truth. "See, that's what I'm talking about. There are so many girls out there that would give themselves to you without a second thought. And I hate to think that you might think I don't love you enough or I'm frigid or something. And don't get me started on any of that after school special stuff, because I know a ton of couples at Angel Grove High are having sex." She sighed heavily in the wake of his silence. "I must look like such a little girl to you sometimes."

Tommy shook his head while scooting closer to her. He reached out and gently took her hand in his and gave it a squeeze. "I think you're a beautiful young woman who's mature and honest enough with herself to know that she's not ready to have sex yet. And I don't take it personally and think that you don't love me enough or aren't attracted to me."

"Or that I don't want you," she added a bit nervously. "I do want you, Tommy. I think about sex as much as any other girl my age. I'm just... I'm just not ready yet. And I'm not sure when I will be."

"Then we'll wait."

"Until you get tired of waiting."

"I love you."

"And I love you too, but after knowing me for so long and us being together don't you feel you deserve..."

Tommy quickly interrupted, "Kim, that's not the way I think."

"That's the way a lot of guys think."

"Not me and you know that." Despite being a bit frustrated with the comparisons to other men, Tommy could see just how hard a topic this was for her to discuss, and how scared she was in a way he never expected her to be. She's so confident and headstrong. But here she's a bit insecure and unsure of how to proceed.

Tommy covered the small hand he held with his other, drawing her attention. "We don't have a time limit, Kim. We're not trying to keep up with other people and what they do. We love each other and when its our time then it will be our time. There's no rush at all."

And she thought she couldn't possibly love him anymore. Moisture wet her eyes when she spoke. "I'm sorry. I'm just in a mood."

"Its okay," he smiled, squeezing her hand again. "Look, I love you and I'm not struggling with us waiting to make love. It'll happen when it happens. We're fine. You don't have to worry about that."

"Thank you." Exhaling, Kim hugged Tommy, holding on for a brief moment to revel in the feel of his strong arms around her. At long last the elephant fled the room and she could breathe again. "You are the most patient, handsome, sweet, brave, super-sexy boyfriend ever. You have great hair and a good inner-mall compass for a guy."

"I just carry the bags and follow the short girl wearing pink."

"As you should."

Laughing as she ran her fingers through the damp strands in his hair, Tommy lifted her hand and kissed it. "So we're cool?"

"Yeah, we're cool."

"So now that's over with," Kim said while standing to her feet with him. "What's next?"

"I'm getting hungry, so you go get dressed in something warm. London awaits us."

Streatham Ice Arena

386 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 6HT

Monday, May 12, 1995 Late evening

London, England

"This might not have been one of my better ideas," Tommy muttered nervously while holding onto the railing where the ice rink's frozen floor began. Kim's snickering behind him wasn't helping. "Can't I just watch you skate?"

"You brought me all the way to London to take me ice skating and you have the nerve to ask me to do it alone?" she argued playfully. "I'd kick you really hard if you didn't look so cute when you're unsure of yourself."

Two guys who looked to be around his age fell on their butts not far away, drawing a chorus of laughter. Tommy didn't care for the expressions of embarrassment they wore as he was looking to dodge that himself. "Ice skating and dancing are kinda similar. Well we both know I can't dance."

Coming around to face him, Kim crossed her arms in a pose that offered him no retreat. "I taught Billy how to ice skate and after his initial concussion two weeks later he was skating just fine."


"Kidding," Kim playfully swatted his arm. "I'm just kidding about the concussion part. It was just a small head wound." Tommy almost looked queasy at the mention. "But yes, I did eventually teach Billy how to ice skate and I can surely teach you."

"I'm going to fall and people are going to laugh at me."

"So what? Everyone falls their first time."

Scanning the modestly packed skating arena, Tommy saw ample opportunity to make a fool of himself. But if his Beautiful wanted to ice skate with him the least he could do was try. That made sense in his head, but his legs still weren't moving. "Kim..."

"I have seen you leap off of thirty-story buildings, pilot Zords into outer space, fight your way back from alternate dimensions, battle groups of Putties by yourself and even solve a Rubik's Cube."

Tommy fixed a curious gaze at her. "I never did that last one."

Kim shrugged. "I know, but I was trying to boost your confidence. It sounded good at the time."

"Cute," Tommy intimated quietly between them, earning him an endearing smile. Shifting aside for another couple to take the ice, he watched them hand-in-hand begin to skate across the rink through a few lines of traffic. Obviously they weren't first timers and looked to be having a great time.

Summoning up his courage, which seemed silly considering what he was about to do, Tommy took the two scariest steps of his entire life onto the ice rink.

Well, at least was standing upright. Kim brushed past his right side as if she were born on ice, moving with skill and confidence. Tommy often wondered if she did everything that way. "Okay Sensei-Hart, help me stay upright."

Considering that Tommy looked about as stable on the ice as a piece of tissue paper in the eye of a tornado, Kim felt encouragement was the best way to go. "You're doing fine so far. Now I want you to steady yourself and find your center of gravity. Get a feel for the ice. Relaxation and technique are the keys to skating well." The tension clearly written all over his face was priceless. "Breathing helps too."

"I'm breathing."

"No, you're turning purple."

Inhaling and then exhaling a deep breath, Tommy soon found his balance, though he still wasn't moving very far. At one point five children skated circles around him, giggling at his obvious inexperience. At least no one was videotaping this.

"I wish I was videotaping this." Her boyfriends glare did little to deter the Pink Ranger. She favored him with a wink. "Okay, use the railing as support and try to walk. That helps build your ankle strength and gives you a greater sense of balance and comfort on the ice." For a man who's trained in the martial arts nearly all his life, Tommy looked as if he just stepped off a spaceship and didn't know what ice was. "Honey, you've been thrown off high rise buildings. Falling on your butt won't kill you."

"One day," Tommy began as he slowly walked while holding onto the railing, gaining the sense of motion necessary to skate, "I am going to ask you to do something you're not to sure about doing."

"Outside of sex right now I'll try anything once."

"Fine. When we leave here we'll walk past those rows of stores down the street and not go in any of them."

"What kind of medieval torture are you speaking of?"

Yeah, Tommy knew his sweetheart very well indeed. Back to the ice, he's finally moving at faster better pace, though still not quite skating. "I'm doing alright so fa... oh... oh... I'm doing a split. WHAT DO I DO?"

"Shouting only draws attention," Kim kindly pointed out while grabbing his forearm to straighten him upright. Casting her gaze around the massive skating rink, she wondered how many of these people would be shocked to know that the handsome guy who could barely move over the ice was actually the leader of the super hero team that protected the world. Then again, she kinda enjoyed their secret and that she was his heart's desire. "You're right-footed, so I want you to lean on your left foot and push off diagonally with your right. Try it a couple of times with me holding your arm until you get the hang of it."

Tommy did as he was told. Closely watching his progress, Kim released his arm after a little while. "Good, good. Now keep doing that and try gliding. Just let it come to you naturally." Skating side by side with him, they soon fell into a natural rhythm as he was a quick study. Not that she was surprised at all. "Look at you go," she complimented wearing a loving expression.

"Thank you, Sensei-Hart." Tommy graced her with a bow. Having found a comfort zone, he reached for her small hand, taking it in his as they began skating around the rink. "Have I completed my training?"

"Nope. Its time you learned the triple axle."

"The triple what?"

"Never mind," she laughed, thoroughly enjoying their time on the ice as they toured the rink to the tune of the instrumental music playing, and at one point even raced the same group of kids that had skated circles around Tommy earlier. They didn't win, but put up a good fight.

One of the girls even had a Pink Ranger shirt on underneath her jacket. Kim thought that was the coolest thing ever. "Now that kid has good fashion taste."

"Shouldn't we get some royalties or something from Power Ranger merchandise?"

"We sure should. I wouldn't turn down the cash. Although I would redesign the girls Pink Ranger pajama's I saw at Target."

"I saw some White Ranger boxer shorts at Wallmart and it kinda freaked me out. They had a picture of the White Ranger on the butt. It just wasn't right."

"At least Rocky's merchandise is something you can enjoy. Ruby Red Ranger Kool-Aid."

"That stuff tastes pretty good."

"It really does."

An hour and a half later they were tired of skating and famished, so they made their way to the CafИ after returning their skates. Suddenly, a familiar six-beep tone sounded from their communicators. Calmly as to not draw attention they faded just behind a fire exit.

"Tommy here. What's going on?"

"Hey, why are you breathing so heavy?" Aisha's gossip-curious voice rang out.

"Sha, is everything okay?" Kim asked as worry began to creep in.

"Okay, why are you breathing heavy too?" Aisha's mind filled with the most obvious of assumptions. Ribbing was in order and she was just the person to do it. "What the hell are you two doing... or have already done?"

Aisha's hidden meaning behind her question was unmistakable as Tommy shook his head. "Nothing that is any of your business, now do we have a Ranger situation or not?" Over his communicator the sounds of other voices came from Aisha's end.

"We're done boning, so what do you want?" Kim couldn't help but to tease, even though she blushed when she did. No doubt she surprised Tommy, who pressed a kiss to her lips as it obviously affected him. Even if it were just her words.

"You two are the most lowdown, horny, technology-hogging individuals I have ever met," Sha began, and then threw something in the background at someone. "I contacted the guys as soon as Tommy arrived at your place, Kim. They were in lunch and when I told them what you two were doing they were flabbergasted, frustrated, annoyed and... what were those other words Billy?" A pause for a moment, "Aghast, disenchanted, malcontented, and querulous. Now I don't even know what all of those words mean, but I trust Billy's vaunted vocabulary. You two are... ROCKY I SWEAR IF YOU EAT ALL MY DADS CHOCOLATE DONUTS I WILL ROUNDHOUSE KICK YOU IN THE FACE! ... now where was I?"

"You were reaming us out good, Sha," Tommy declared with his arm locked possessively around Kim's slender waist, who was grinning against his shoulder.

"Exactly! Anyway, the guys all felt that staying at school today would only hinder their learning because they would be distracted by all the fun you two were probably having. So they all ditched their next periods and came over here. Now my house is a Ranger-shelter for disgruntled teammates and its all your fault."

"We're uhm... sorry."

"No you aren't, Kim! You're just happily boning away while I entertain our teammates and... ADAM, LEAVE THE PIANO ALONE! YOU ARE NOT ELTON JOHN!" The White and Pink Rangers were laughing so hard on the other end, which in turn made Aisha laugh too. "Okay, all jokes aside I hope you guys are having a great time."

Kim assured her, "We are, trust me."

"So were are you guys now?"

"In London," Tommy explained. "We just got off...

"I bet you did!"

Kim rolled her eyes, "We just got off the skating rink, Sha. Get your mind out of the gutter."

"If my mind didn't live in the gutter it would have no home at all."

"Sha, we're starving and need some lunch. We'll catch up with you guys later."

"And you will make this up to us someday, won't you Tommy?"

The menace clouding her voice made the White Ranger gulp. "Yeah, of course. We'll come up with something."

"Later, Sha. We got more boning to do." Amidst Aisha's shout Kim pressed the button on Tommy's communicator to end the transmission. "I just love messing with her."

"You know we're never going to hear the end of this."

"We'll think about that later. For now I am only interested in chili dogs, cheese fries, and milkshakes."

"You say the sexiest things."

"That's why I'm your Beautiful."

Undisclosed location

Monday, May 12, 1995

Undisclosed city and country

Having just arrived at their latest secret destination, Kim stood with her back to Tommy. His strong hands rested comfortably over her eyes, their bodies pressed snug against one another. The romantic adventure her boyfriend had whisked her away on today has her heart soaring. So much so that she could have cared less where they went just so long as they were together. "Okay, so why the blindfold treatment?"

"This," Tommy began warmly against the shell of her ear, "Is a very, very important stop. I want this to be a complete surprise for as long as I can. Trust me."

"Of course I trust you," Kim assured him, patently waiting for him to take the lead. Judging by the dry room temperature, they were certainly indoors. She smelled chemicals of some kind, like cleaning liquids, but wasn't sure. Suddenly Tommy's fingers slipped away and she opened her eyes to... "A janitors closet?"

Tommy thought her pouty tone was cuter than cute. "You're not seeing the big picture."

"No, but I see two mops, a bucket, a broom, and some Mr. Clean." His familiar laughter soothed her soul as she leaned into him, her brown eyes scanning the small room. Soon they settled on the writing on the walls and some of the bottles on shelves. It took less than a second to tell none of the writing was English. "What language is that"

Taking her small hand in his, Tommy opened the door, peered out down the empty hallway and then led Kim outside. Without uttering a word, he took her past a row of elevators and a broad, curving window overlooking a gorgeously lit city with a clear night sky above. The breathtaking view of the city, with its massive neon signs matching the lettering on the cleaning supplies finally clicked something in her mind.

"Japan?" Kim mouthed quietly, her hopes rising like the morning sun as she hoped she was right in her assumption of why Tommy brought her here. The subtle hues of green marble, granite, and original pieces of art echoed an understated modern decor that was a beauty to behold. Gazing out the window, she surmised they had to be on the thirtieth floor at least. "If we're in Japan..."

The sight of her hopeful expression was a home he could forever live within. "Right down that hall," he pointed, "Is Trini's hotel room. I brought you here to see her." Tears moistened his Beautiful's eyes, and so he drew her in his embrace, tucking her head underneath his chin, pressing a kiss to her temple. "I know you've missed her so much and I'm sure she's missed you just as bad. Well I think its time you saw her again."

As wonderful as her heart told her he was, Kim swore she'd underestimated him. Lifting her gaze to his, she caressed his cheek, so in love she was pleased to note that it could feel even better than what she read about in her romance novels. "I'm crazy about you."

Bowing his head as a blush teased his cheeks, he nodded while holding her so close. "I'm crazy about you too." Sighing, he added, "I just wish we could stay longer than two hours, but we had better get a move on. I didn't have time to reach Trini, but I'm sure she'll welcome the visit."

"I've missed her so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Before he could say a word she captured his kiss, riding a sweet rhythm of lips and tongue caresses, drowning in how he loved her so well. Breathing heavily when they parted, she felt as if she were floating on air. "Let's get going. I just hope she's in her room."

"This way." Hand-in-hand, Tommy and Kim all but ran down the hall, banking a right towards room #3244. Upon reaching the door a gasping sound of some kind greeted them behind it, halting them in place. They heard loud groaning noises and then something loud crashing to the floor. They looked at each other, both clearly worried, and then something rattled hard against the wall on the other side of the door.


The worried expression on Kim's face said it all. Tommy took a step back and then launched himself, kicking the door clear off its hinges, revealing a small hotel room... and two naked people on a bed in a dimly lit room.





Awkward... no, this wasn't awkward. Not at all. See, awkward left town three years ago compared to what just happened here. This was downright surreal. Like the first time they all morphed kind of surreal. Or when one of their enemy's made a purse or a vacuum cleaner or a toy turn into a thirty-foot tall creature out to crush them.

Yeah, this was damn surreal.

You could most definitely hear a pin drop.

The last 345 seconds of Trini, Jason, Tommy, and Kim's lives would be very hard to forget, although all will try to the best of their ability. Upon kicking the door in, an intimate moment was disturbed, causing the two people on the bed to race for the covers while the two people at the door stared in shock. They attempted to run away, only to run into each other, thus crashing to the floor.

It was very Three Stooges-like.

Jason sat perfectly still, head bowed, running his fingers through his short dark hair. Seated next to Trini at the foot of a king sized bed. Clad in the matching white bath robe she wore, he was sure this was the most embarrassing moment of his life. Even with his third grade Christmas play debacle when he forgot his lines on stage and got so nervous he peed on himself, tonight eclipsed even that dark day. The daggers Kim stared at him wasn't helping. "I'm sure you both have a ton of questions?"

"Questions?" Kim looked back and forth between her best guy friend and her best friend period. Head tilted, still shocked, her knees shook as she tried to convey her thoughts. "Look at Tommy." Sitting stoic beside her staring straight ahead, she noted his mute state. "He saw you naked, Jason. Naked! Images of your naked ass are now burned into his memory." Tommy covered his eyes beside her. "He hasn't even seen me naked yet and now he might be scarred for life."

Jason didn't need to hear any of that. "I doubt the sight of my naked butt will..."

"Not another word Mr. Naked Man." Kim now focused her attention on Trini, who seemed all too amused by the whole thing despite the embarrassment. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Kim held up one finger. "How long has this been going on?" Then another. "Why don't I know anything about this?" The third finger rose. "What is Jason doing in Japan when his email told me he was going to be in Sweden?" A fourth and fifth finger joined the others. "How dare you two have sex without my consent and are you both happy?"

Laughing at what Kim added at the end, Trini sought to provide her answers. "I don't have anything to say for myself because I'm an adult, Ms. Nosy Pants. As for how long this has been going on, only two weeks. We're fairly new," she smiled at Jason. "I tried calling you three times late last week but I got nothing but your answering machine."

"Oh that," Kim recalled. "I was accidentally flung back in time to the 1800's and almost never made it home. I ended up saving the world in the past with ancestors of the current Rangers. No big. Same soup, just reheated."

What an amazing life her friends led, Trini noted, missing it herself a little. "Well its good to see your time traveling escapade worked out okay," she had to chuckle again, all the while noticing Kim trying to suppress a grin. As for Jason and Tommy, they continued staring at the floor. Typical silly male behavior. "To continue answering your questions, Jason had to sub for another Peace Conference Representative who came down with the flu, so he flew in with me. As for the sex, that's pretty new too," she cheesed to further Kim's stunned state. "I never had any intention of consulting you before I lost my virginity, thank you very much." To finish, she declared sincerely, "But we are very happy. New, but very happy. We kinda of connected in London over a weekend and one thing led to another. I don't know how to explain it. Our feelings deepened and we kissed and..."

"Did a heck of a lot more than kissing," Kim felt needed to be pointed out as she swallowed the ick of knowing they did it down. Allowing herself to push past the initial awe, she saw how her sister in heart looked very much in love. She knew the feeling. "So you're happy?

"Very." When Kim launched at her, Trini hugged her tight. There were a couple of whispers and finger-pointing at the guys, as well as well wishes for the new couple and a promise to detail everything that led to them hooking up.

"Okay, Jason. Honey, you need to accept that Tommy saw you naked." Trini watched Jason shake his head, still bowed, unwilling to accept this. "He saw you in all your hot glory, naked and you will live. The world won't end."

Kim reached for Tommy's face, lifting his chin. "Yes, you saw Jason's naked glistening ass. You saw it, but sweetie, it'll be alright. Accept it and move on. I doubt his naked backside will ruin your life."

Trini and Kim stood back, looking at their current loves, hands on their hips.

"Kim, men suck."

"Did I not tell you this in the third grade when Petey Collins threw my lunch box in the mud."

"Yeah, but I didn't think he counted since you knocked him unconscious."


At this point Jason and Tommy's catatonic states were beginning to get on Trini's nerves. Then she thought to ask, "Uhm, what are you and Tommy doing here?"

"Oh that." Kim smiled. "Tommy's utter fear of losing me forever last weekend gave him the great idea of taking me on a little politically incorrect, teleportation control stealing worldwide vacation today. It was a spur of the moment thing."

"You rebels."

"We try."

"Boys, play nice," Trini said. "I'm going to talk to Kim alone in the bathroom and order us a pizza. Girl-talk and all. Try to... move, or something. Talk. Walk around the room to stretch your muscles out. Do the guy thing. No burping or passing gas, but a gentleman guy thing. Be good."

The bathroom door shut, leaving Tommy and Jason alone. Both men raised their heads, looking up at the same time. Their matching expressions said it all.

Sorry women of Earth, but there was just no getting past this. Only the tried and true, time-tested lifestyle choice of Man-Logic would provide an answer here. Man-Logic was the means by which a man made decisions in life. It wasn't based on facts, or details, or the truth, or even common sense. Man-Logic dictated by any means necessary a man had to get past a situation he didn't want to deal with.

Taking a deep breath, Tommy offered, "Jase, I'm gonna walk out of this hotel room, lift the door back up, and then set it aside and walk back in. When I do it'll be the first time I saw you in Japan."

"Thank God," Jason sighed.

"It never happened."


Tommy walked out the hotel room and then right back in. "Bro, good to see you again."

Jason hugged him. "Good to see you too, bro. Lord Zedd keeping you on your toes?"

"No more than usual."

All was right with the world again.

Loch Ness

The largest lake in Great Britain, located at the northern end of the Great Flen fault line

Monday, May 12, 1995 Nighttime

Loch Ness, Scotland

Materializing on the sandy shores of Loch Ness, Tommy marveled at the natural beauty of Scotland. The peace and quiet of a gorgeous night sky, reflected majestically off the legendary lake was captivating to the senses. Somewhat spellbound by his surroundings, he sat the oversized white lawn chair they "borrowed" from Trini's hotel near the shore. "So why are we here again?"

Zipping up her jacket as the lake's brisk wind brought about a slight chill, Kim noted, "I didn't think it was fair for you to pick everywhere we go today, so I thought of someplace I have always wanted to go that I probably wouldn't on a full vacation." The skeptical look he wore spurred her to add, "See, I'm a child of the Unsolved Mysteries era and I have always been fascinated with the Loch Ness monster."

"And here I thought you'd want to investigate something like vengeful spirits haunting malls," Tommy smiled jokingly. She swatted his shoulder for the dig.

"Nothing could ever scare me at a mall except it closing down. That would give me a heart attack," she noted playfully. "It would be like you seeing Jason's bare naked, curvy butt again."

Shuddering at the mention, Tommy lifted his hand. "That never happened!"

"Whatever you say," she laughed at his obvious discomfort before inhaling the fresh air. Having seen this place on television plenty of times, all of those shows failed to capture the true beauty that was Scotland. The thick forests and towering mountains in the distance were glorious to behold. She recognized one of the countries most famous castles, Eliean Donan Castle, and wished they had more time so that she could tour it. "There have been hundreds and hundreds of Loch Ness monster sightings, you know."

Sitting down in the oversized chair, Tommy sighed happily when Kim nestled between his legs, allowing him space to wrap his arms around her as the waves crested the shore nearby. "Don't we have enough monster sightings in our lives already?"

"Ours are alien. But if Nessie is really out there," she pointed towards the lake, snuggled in her boyfriend's loving embrace. "Then she's a native of our planet. A real life Earth creature that's managed to dodge being captured for decades. She's been the focus of countless books, movies, and TV specials. But no one has a clear photo or video of the creature. So its one of the greatest mysteries in the world. And now we're here to witness it first hand. Oh, and I know Nessie is a she because no male would have been smart enough to stay hidden that long."

"Watch it, Kim. The comedian in you is showing," he joked. Her request to come here came on the heels of them preparing to go home, But Tommy couldn't deny her this last wish. And it wasn't as if he wanted their vacation to end. Spending alone time with her was his favorite thing to do. Especially since it was so rare they were all alone. "Hey, I'm not complaining. Its just we've experienced so many strange things already I wondered why on a chance to get away from it all you'd still seek out the strange?"

"I was turned into a boy once. I'm the poster girl for strange."

"Honey, I don't need to be reminded of that." Kim had the nerve to giggle. "I'd like to forget that as much as..."

"Jason's butt?"

"Can we please change the subject?" Tommy asked quietly, nuzzling the soft skin on Kim's neck with gentle kisses. She hummed her approval in his arms, loving his affection. He flinched when she tickled his side, now aware of his Achilles heel. "Hey."

"I know all your secrets, Mr. Oliver. Even that you're ticklish."

"Kindly keep that to yourself, Ms. Hart." As if in perfect sync they shifted just enough to kiss, twining their arms around each other. Their lips swayed in a timeless rhythm, mingling playfully before deepening. This was heaven. The purest heaven imaginable because at the heart of it all, they just wanted to be together.

"Thank you so much," Kim said while softly stroking Tommy's face, her brown eyes caught in his rapture. "This has been one of the best days of my entire life. Probably the best if I think about it."

Having pleased her, his goal was complete. "Me too. Just so long as we never discuss Jason's butt ever again?"

While enjoying that Tommy didn't mind swimming in Denial, Kim brushed her lips over his again. "Deal." Moving his arm behind her, He reached inside his jacket pocket. Soon he was dangling a green and white cotton necklace with a gold medal at the end. "Is this my best girlfriend of the year award? Cause if it is I was expecting diamonds."

Grinning, Tommy shook his head. "This happens to be the very first medal I ever won at a martial arts tournament," he told her, holding the medal out. "Two years before I moved to Angel Grove I won this in Arizona at a junior competition. I had never trained so hard in my life and I couldn't sleep the night before the tournament. I was so nervous my teeth were chattering before the competition. But I had my parents and my two favorite uncle's cheering for me. When I won it was the best moment of my life... until the day I met you."

Hearing that almost made her cry. Smoothing the pad of her thumb over the medal, she realized how much it meant to him. The first one she ever won was just as special to her. But nothing was more special to her than him. "I remember when I won my first gymnastics meet I was so overwhelmed I don't think it sunk in until the next day."

"Same here." He watched over her careful appraisal of the medal, turning it on all sides, considering just how hard he worked to earn it. "Kim, I want you to have this," he explained. Her eyes suddenly widened in surprise. "I don't have a letter jacket to give you because I don't play sports for Angel Grove High, and the class rings were a bit out of my budget this year. But this... this means so much to me because it was the first thing I ever earned with hard work and determination. I used to think everything I am began with this medal. But everything that defines me starts with you, so I want you to have it."

Try as she did to fight off the tears, his heartfelt words left her emotions in overload. She hugged him so hard, truly touched by his gift. It wasn't diamonds or expensive or anything that could be bought at a store. He earned this and gave it to her because she meant the world to him. That made this medal priceless. "I want to say something clever or flirtatious to appear really cool, but honestly, I am just so in love with you I'm gonna hum and snuggle with you. So I hope you don't have a problem with that?"

"Not at all, Beautiful. Not at all."

Silence reigned as they settled into the quiet and comfort of being simply together, so relaxed and at peace that twenty minutes later they fell asleep right there by the shore.

And when a not-so mythical creature dared to dip its head above the calm waters, she caught sight of the couple by the lake, asleep in each others arms and wondered why in the world humans were so interested in her that they would sleep outside to catch a glimpse. Oh well, at least they were cute.

Silly humans.

The Next Morning

Reality slapped Kim in the face so fast when the sun began warming her skin that when her eyes opened she screamed,"OH HOLY CRAP!"

Tommy suddenly shook awake, almost sending Kim to the ground. He held her close, trying to shake the sleepy cobwebs loose from his mind. But as he opened his eyes, yawning, the bright sun brought everything back to him bigtime. "We are so dead."

"Come'on, Tommy," Kim shouted, still clutching her medal. "Teleport us home now and start thinking of plausible excuses that won't get us grounded for the next year." Pacing a circle around the chair while Tommy attuned his wrist communicator, the deer in headlights expression he wore wasn't helping. "Why aren't we home yet?"

"My wrist communicator isn't working."

"That's not the answer I was looking for."

"Perhaps you'd like to swim home."

"I don't need your attitude, k. I need you to get that teleportation thingie working again."

Grumbling to himself about having a bossy girlfriend, Tommy tried to contact Billy, but the first voice he heard sealed his face.


Zordon's unmistakable voice gave them both reason to swallow hard. Tommy replied, "Yeah. We're fine."


Tommy half-hugged Kim by his side, almost smiling despite their dire circumstances. I'm sorry, Zordon."

"Me too, Zordon," Kim added, her arm around Tommy's waist.


Arching a curious brow, Kim asked, "Did Zordon just make a joke at our expense?"

"I think he did. And I think he was right."

"Maybe we should just go ahead and have sex now. We might not see each other alone again for a very, very long time."


"Joking," Kim laughed. "I was joking. Jeez, the male mind is always stuck on sex."

"No... no its not. I knew you were joking."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

Exasperated, but overwhelmingly happy, Kim brushed a kiss over his lips again. "The next time we play hooky we're going to have a much tighter game plan."

"The next time?"

Kim winked just before they were whisked away.

The End