The Punk and the Princess

Trish was sleeping in her nice comfy bed having a dream about her first day of high school for the second time. She was a sophomore at Cameron High school in North Carolina. Trish was the most popular girl at Cameron High along with her best friends Amy and Matt. Her alarm clock rung at 7:00 am meaning it was time for school."

Ughh", Trish said as she slid out of her bed." "Trish come on you have to get to school on time", said Patti Trish's mom. Trish simply ignored her and went into the bathroom to take a shower and change her clothes. Trish came out of the bathroom looking hot. She was dressed in a pink halter and black mini skirt with pink polka dots. She also had on some black thick knee highs and black uggs.

She looked in the mirror." Boy do I look hot." Trish said to herself. "I'm gonna blow all the senior boys crazy." With all the attitude she left.

Jeff awoke to the sound of his alarm clock at 7:00 am. "Jeff, man, come on, we're goin' be late for the first day of school" yelled his older brother Matt. Jeff was not popular. He didn't like pep ralleys and school gatherings. Infact, he hated school.

Jeff groaned, got up, and took a shower. He threw on his black cargo pant, his black wife beater and his black Cameron High hoody. Today, his hair color was red and orange. He grabbed his book bag, his sketch pad and was out the door.

Amy was waiting patiently for best friend Trish in her car. It was her first day of school and she didn't want to be late. Plus, she had to pick up her boyfriend Matt.

"Hey" Trish said as she got into the car. "Hi" replied Amy." Do you have to take such a long time?" "No. It's just the first day of school so you know I have to look hot!!"

"I know, but I can't believe we're sophomores. Ughh, finally." Said Amy.

"Yeah I know. I mean it was just last year when we had a hard time but we were still popular cause you had Matt and I had John." Said Trish.

"Speaking of Matt, I have to go pick him up so you have to get in the back." Said Amy

"Do I have to? I mean I know you guys are dating but come on I'm your best friend." Said Trish. "Yeah, now go to the back sis."

Meanwhile Jeff's POV…………

Matt is sitting and eating breakfast. Jeff comes down the stairs and fixes him some cereal.

"Listen Jeff, I know dad told me to look after you while he's gone this week, but I know of can take care of yourself.

"What the point of this." Said Jeff uninteresting. "The point is for you to stay out of my way. Tonight, I am having a party and its best if you don't invite any one over or sleep over at one of your friend's houses, okay?" Said Matt in a harsh tone.

"Whatever man. It's not like I want to be around all of your preppy friends." Said Jeff.

He actually thinks I care but now I have to call Ashley and see if it's okay to sleep over at her house Jeff thought.