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The Punk and the Princess

Lita, Trish, and Matt arrived at Cameron High safe. They knew how Lita and her driving could lead up to a serious accident so they all including Lita wore their seat belts.

"Thanks for the ride Lita. I really appreciate it." Trish said looking at Lita. Again, it was the first day of school and she was kind of nervous about seeing John but she tried not let them see her nervousness.

"Girl, you don't have to thank me. I know since you and John broke up you'll need a ride for the school year unless you found yourself a man and I know you will." Said Lita perkily.

Trish smiled at her friend for her kindness. She couldn't believe she was in the tenth grade and was the most popular girl in the school. She took a deep breath, got out the car, and looked up at the school. She had her eye out for two people. One was John and the other was Jeff. She, Amy, and Matt all started walking toward the school

"Oh shit Amy he's here." Said Trish nervously.

Amy looked up towards the entrance of the school and saw John talking to a couple of his friends. He stood there with that confident cocky smile looking so sexy yet so dangerous. His blue eyes had this mysterious glow to them as to say if you look at me I'll fuck you up. And Amy just shivered at the thought.

"Don't worry Trish." Amy said confidently. "If he does anything to scare you just let me know, okay?"

Trish nodded silently and just kept on walking. Just ignore him Trish, just ignore him. He can't do anything to you with Amy and Matt here. He wouldn't dare lay a finger on you in front of the whole school. Or would he? Trish thought to herself. She kept on walking until an arm grabbed her.

"Hey Trish-…" said a guy's voice

"Don't touch me." Trish said as she whipped around so fast.

She looked up to see those baby blue eyes she once thought she knew, she once thought she loved. The flashback appeared.


The doorbell rung and Trish was watching her favorite show Smallville. She had on her blue pajama pants and blue tank to that showed off her flat stomach and fitted tightly around her chest. She answered the door.

"Hey baby." Said John in a sexily voice.

"Hey. You know I was just about to call you." Said Trish

John put his hands around her waist and she put her hands around his neck.

"Baby you been on my mind lately." John whispered in her ear.

A chill was sent up her spine as she felt his hot breath against her ear. He kissed her. She started to kiss him back. She opened her mouth a little to let his tongue enter her mouth. It was like they were having a war with their tongues. She deepened the kiss as if saying she wanted more. His hand went down to her butt and he slapped it. Trish was startled and surprise but she moaned into his mouth.

"Tell me you want more. Tell me." He whispered.

"I want more." She said breathlessly.

He laid her on the couch and started to kiss her neck and nibble on it gently. Trish moaned his name.

"Oh John." She said.

He moved his hand down her shirt and started to lift it.

"No John." Trish said a little frightened. "I'm not ready."

"Come on baby I love you. I thought you loved me." He said with a little anger in his tone. He went to pull her pajamas down.

"John I do love you but I said no." Trish said a little more frightened.

"Come on Trish. We've been going out for a couple of months now and I think it's time that we have sex."

John pulled down her pants off the rest of her body.

"No John, I said no!" Trish yelled.

She tried to pull him off her but he was to strong.

"John please." Trish pleaded. Tears started to run down her face as he started to rape her.

End of Flashback

"Come on Trish don't act like that." John said

"I said let me go!" Trish demanded.

Instead of letting her go he pulled her by her waist and started to rub his hand up her thigh. She stated to cry.


How could everyone just stand here and watch this. Where is Amy and Matt? She thought to herself. She turned around but they were no where to be found. Trish started to panic. Man I gotta do something quick before he hits me or something. Trish thought. Before his fist could reach her face, someone came and kicked him from behind. She fell to the floor and saw Jeff punching John in the face.


"Oh yeah," John said as coughed up blood. "And what are you going to do about it".

"You will see." Said Jeff in a warning tone.

Jeff was about to kick him in the face when he fell to arms go round his body.

"Jeff, no. Please, it's not worth it." Trish said trying to calm Jeff down.

Jeff sighed. He looked at Trish and then back at John. "Oh alright." he said as Trish smiled at him

"Come on." Jeff said. He grabbed her hand. "I want to take you somewhere I like to be alone."

She smiled at him sweetly and with the softest voice ever she replied "Okay."

End of chapter

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