AN: Bare with me on this one, the fun will begin in the next few chapters.

Chapter One: A rainier day than usual.

"I'm booooooooooooooored." Wailed Rosalie. Edward was playing the piano serenly Carlisle was reading a newspaper. Esme was decked out in overalls and was repainting one of the walls of the sitting room. Emmett and Jasper were making a card castle. Alice was giggling over a magazine with Bella. Everything was tranquil, calm. Rosalie hated that. They all looked at her and she stared furiously back at them.

"Well . . . there is one thing I've been saving for a rainy day or to be more accurate a day which is more rainy than usual." Carlisle said putting down his newspaper and addressing the room at large. Rosalie rushed over to him and knelt at his feet.

"Please tell us." She pleaded.

"Its a little messy." said Carlisle hesitantly.

"Anything. Anything." Rosalie begged.

"Well. . ." said Carlisle dramatically. "We could play the "Holiday" game." Edward stopped playing and his fingers slipped to a clashing chord that echoed around the cavernous room. Emmett and Jasper's card tower collapsed. Esme turned very quickly and splattered paint across the room. Alice gasped and stared at Carlisle. Bella didn't do anything, she hadn't a clue what the hell was going on.

"The holiday game?" Edward repeated.

"What's that?" Bella asked confusedly.

"We haven't played that since the seventies." said Emmett monotonously staring into to space, his face streaked with horror.

"What are you talking about?" persisted Bella.

"I still have nightmares about. . ." Esme was unable to finish.

"About what." said Bella, frustrated.

"It'll be dangerous."

"What. . .?"

"It'll be daring."

"Why. . .?"

"It might not work."

"What won't. . .?"

"It'll take over the whole house."

Bella didn't have a chance to even start her question when Rosalie jumped to her feet triumphantly shouting "Let's do it!"

"What is it?" said Bella also jumping to her feet.

"I'm only playing if I get to be with Carlisle." Said Esme and shuddered. ". . .and if we cut out bonfire night."

"But it's no fun if we cut out bonfire night." wailed Emmett.

"Well we'll just have to replace it." said Edward calmly.

"With what?" Rosalie asked grumpily.

"I'll think of something." Said Carlisle and he stood up. "I'll go and prepare the hat, you lot explain the game to Bella." He instructed.

The Cullens nodded simultaneously and Rosalie grinned.

Bella sat on Edwards lap on the biggest sofa in the gigantic room, the Cullens were gathered around her.

"So let's get this straight." Said Bella meeting the eyes of all six vampires gathered around her. "We each get a room and five hours to set up a holiday in which the rest of the players will spend half an hour." Everyone nodded. "What holidays?" she asked.

"That all depends on what Carlisle decides." said Alice nodding towards the kitchen door. "Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, that sort of thing."

"That sounds innocent enough." said Bella happily. Edward grimaced and hugged her tighter to him.