Careful What You Wish For

Summary: Dean had always hoped that when he died it'd be fast, painless and that Sam wouldn't have to witness it. But now that he's dying it's long, painful and Sam's right there next to him.

AN: I promised I'd be back, didn't I? And now I'm back, even maybe not as fast as I thought but I am. Give this story a chance, okay? I haven't decided where this will go, it's way more interesting for me to write if I don't have it all planed out and it gives you the possibility to give ideas. :D My friend works for me as a idea bank but that doesn't mean that I don't listen to other ideas, too. Okay, so, to the story.

Warnings: Language

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Chapter one

"Son of a bitch..." Dean said as he landed hard on the floor of a small bedroom of an old house. He was face to face with the spirit that was hunting it and still the only thing that was screaming in his mind was: Don't let Sam walk in.

The spirit made it's way to Dean's side. It was a girl, around 15 and she looked as innocent as any teenager could. But the way she smiled when she put her hand on Dean's cheek made Dean shiver. How could such a beutiful smile look so cold? Dean didn't have time to figure that out because the next thing he felt was pain that was so intense it made him yell in agony. He could hear the girl whisper 'die' over and over again and when the pain became unbareble he realized he was wishing that he would.

Suddenly Dean didn't feel the hand on his cheel anymore. But still, just taking a breath made his body scream for mercy. Dean heard two gunshots and a scream but he had no energy to look up. He closed his eyes, willing the pain to go away, willing for it to stop...


Oh, crap, Sammy... No Sammy had to get out, the spirit would take him, too... That couldn't happen, Dean couldn't let that happen...

"Dean? Dean, please, answer me. Say something, please!"

"Hurts, Sam..." The words came out of Dean's mouth before he had any chance to stop them. He opened his eyes to meet Sam's brown ones. "Sam, the spirit..."

"I shot her with rock salt, Dean, she's gone for a while", Sam said. "We have to get out of here, you're bleeding pretty badly..."

Bleeding? When did I start bleeding?

"Dean? Dean, you have to stay awake!" Sam suddenly said.

"I am awake, Sammy", Dean mumbled. He opened his eyes that he hadn't noticed he had closed again. "God, it hurts, Sam..."

"What hurts, Dean?" Sam asked, his voice edged with worry.

"Everything", Dean answered honestly.

"Okay, Dean, I'm gonna get us out of here. Just don't fall asleep, okay?"

"Whatever you... say, Sam."

Sam didn't know should he be amused or scrared by the fact that Dean actually let him take control. That didn't happen too often. With a gulp, Sam lifted Dean from the floor as gently as he could and put his arm around his own shoulder. He was carrying most of Dean weight, which made it extreamly hard to walk but he made his way to the door, none the less. But just as he was gonna step put of the room, the door slammed shut. Sam heard the little voice of key turning in a lock and then the complete silence took over. That was until Sam kicked the door as hard as he could, trying to open it up but his efforts were in vain. The door remained shut.

"What's... going on... Sam?" Dean asked.

"She... she locked us in. We can't get out of here", Sam said. Panic was slowly making it's way to his mind as he put Dean against the wall and kneeled down in front of him. The older hunter had a wound on the side of his head but for some reason Sam thought that wasn't the fact that he should be most worried about right now. "Dean? Does it still hurt?"

Dean put all his will power to show Sam that everything was going to be fine. But right now his will power wasn't enough and he just nodded. There was no point in lying, Sam would know anyway.

"How bad?"

"Bad", Dean wheezed out. Sam winced. Only the fact that Dean admitted he was in pain meant that it was bad but the fact that he said it was bad out loud...

"I have to stop the bleeding..." Sam said, desperately trying to find something to focuse on.

"It's not... that bad..." Dean breathed.


"No... Just... try to find a way... to get out of here..." Get the hell away from here, Sammy. Forget about me, just get the hell out! Dean thanked every god in the world when he saw Sam nodding. The younger brother got up and went to the floor but no matter how hard he tried it didn't open up. The only window of the room was way too small and even if it would have been big enough, it was way too high.

"I don't know what to do, Dean. The door is shut, there's no other way to get out... I have to get you to a hospital", he said, kneeling back down. Dean didn't say anything, he just looked at Sam with eyes that told Sam he was scrared. "We're gonna get out of here", he promised, trying to assure himself more than Dean. He had to keep this promise. Of all the promises that he had made or would make, this was the one he had to keep.

"No, Sammy. You... are getting out of... here", Dean said suddenly. Sam's eyes widened.

"What're you talking about?" he asked, fearing the answer he thought he would get.

"There's... no way... you can get me out... with you with a spirit... after you... And besides... Even if you would... make it out... I don't think I could... hold on that long..."

"Dean, no!" Sam said, cutting his brother off. "You're gonna get out of this. I mean, c'mon... It's just a little head wound..."

"No, it's... not", Dean said, saying the thing Sam already knew. "It did something... to me... I don't know... what exactly but... something bad... Sam, I don't..."

"Dean, please", Sam begged. "Stop it. You're gonna get through this, we both are. Hold on for me, please! Please, Dean..."

Dean hated Sam's tone. It was scared, it was desperate and it needed Dean to promise something he couldn't. Sam may not want to believe it but Dean felt it. He was dying. This was so not the way he wanted to go, but still the way he was going. Of course, Dean had thought he would die once before, too, but let's face it: Sam couldn't find a faith healer that wife was controlling a reaper from the little bed room they were in. Even finding one from the whole USA had been very unlikely.

"Maybe if I kill the spirit..." Sam's voice broke through Dean's thoughts.

"How... could you... do that...? You have no body... to burn here..." Dean pointed out.

"Maybe there's another way", Sam said.

"And maybe... there isn't... Sam, just... stop..."

"I can't Dean!" Sam said sharply. "I can's just sit around and do nothing. I'm not giving up, not when we still have a chance!"


"Don't talk like that, alright? We still have options."

"What options? You've got burial and cremation. I know it's not easy but... I'm gonna die. And you can't stop it."

"Watch me."


"The reaper... Dean? Is it after you?"


"So naturally, there's no way to stop it..."

"Hey, you can't kill death."

"Man, you're uh..."

"I'm screwed, Sam."

"No... no no no, uh... There's gotta be a way... there's gotta be a way.. Dad'll know what to do."


"Yeah, you've never... been too good... in just sitting around... have you, Sammy?" Dean said, a little smile on his face.

"Guess not. But I'm happy about it", Sam replied quietly. Dean sighed.

"You know sometimes... it could do... good for you..."

"Like now?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, like... now", Dean answered. Sam shook his head, no. He couldn't let Dean die, not like this, not in any way. He knew that if he was the one hurt, Dean wouldn't even bother to respond to Sam if he said Dean should just let him die.

"I'm gonna find a way to get out of here. I'm gonna get us both out, Dean. You hear me?"

Dean didn't say anything. He heard the spirit whispering to him again.

"Die... die... die... die..."


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