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Chapter 1: Time Master's Visit

"Tut. Tut. This war is not going well at all." A middle-aged ghost commented sadly. He was floating in front of a time portal that showed him the year 2016, in which rogue ghosts and their terrible leader waged ruthless war against the humans of a high-tech city called Amity Park.

"I must take the child to safety." The ghost decided grudgingly. He sighed, morphed into an old form of himself in his remorse, and zoomed the time portal in on a large room painted soft blue. Inside was a handsome mahogany crib and rocking chair, a changing table, many toys, and sleeping peacefully inside the crib was a little boy of two years, 350 days, five hours, and six seconds...according to the ghost's time staff. Clockwork frowned at what he was going to have to do and flew through the portal, knowing it was the only way to protect the child and the time stream.

Now inside the baby's room, the ghost sighed deeply and picked the sleeping boy up. The two year-old yawned in his sleep and cuddled close to the ghost, who smiled in spite of himself and laid a note in the empty crib before he pressed a button on his time staff and disappeared.

Mere moments later, another ghost entered the room, having sensed the other. This ghost was tall and handsome. He wore a black and white jumpsuit with a white symbol that read DP, his long messy hair was of the purest white, and his angry glowing eyes were a piercing green. The white-haired ghost immediately realized what was missing from the room and flew hastily to the crib. He tentatively picked the note up and read it slowly as anxious understanding set in.


Don't fret; your little man is safe with me. I won't let him be harmed by the dawning war. You and your friends will take good care of him in 2006.


The letter read and uneasiness beginning to drown him, (he wondered what the time ghost meant by the 'dawning war') the ghost pocketed the letter and flew straight to tell the baby's mother.

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