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Chapter 2: A Favor

Ten years before the white-haired ghost read the time ghost's fateful letter, three teenaged friends walked through the city park on a fine autumn day.

"It sure is good to relax." A black-haired, blue-eyed boy of fourteen commented contently. He wore loose fitting blue jeans and a white shirt with a large red oval in the center. His bagged eyes closed and he took a great breath of the sweet afternoon air. The girl who walked by his right side chuckled at his gesture of happiness.

"Yeah Danny, you haven't gotten a chance to relax since I can't remember. You deserve it!" She said laughingly. The girl (Sam) was tall, nearly as tall as Danny, with equally dark hair that fell to her shoulders and shining amethyst eyes. Though clearly Goth at first sight; the girl had a normally cheerful attitude, particularly toward her two best friends.

The other boy was silent. He wore a distinctive red berretta that clashed with his clothes and he was always seen to be poring through his glasses over some piece of technology or another. This boy, Tucker, was currently fiddling with his coveted PDA and took no notice of his two best friends.

"Do you guys want to head over to the Nasty Bur-" Danny was cut off by a distinctive blue mist floating from his mouth; his ghost sense. He gasped and glanced hurriedly around before transforming into his infamous superhero alter ego, Danny Phantom. Sam gasped and dug into her pocket for the Fenton Lipstick and Tucker looked up from his PDA and casually removed a Fenton Thermos from his backpack.

A blue green vortex suddenly appeared directly in front of Danny and when it died, Clockwork, the master of time, floated before him. His face was grim and his figure was old.

"Daniel, how nice it is to see you again as a teenager. I have a favor to ask of you." Danny nodded, keeping eye contact with the wise ghost.

"A war is about to begin in the future and this boy mustn't be a casualty if the future itself is to survive. Without my help, unfortunately, he would not be able to survive. My task for you it to keep him safe until the war is passed its ultimate danger. Can you do that?" Danny blinked; Clockwork was asking for his consent. He looked to the ghost's feet and saw a boy of no more than two years standing there, looking around at his surroundings with apparent wonder.

"What's his name?" Danny asked. He saw Sam slap her hand to her head out of the corner of his eye, but ignored her. Clockwork smiled.

"Allan. His name is Allan." A startled look crossed Clockwork's now young face and he pushed Allen into Danny's stupefied arms.

"The first battle has begun! I must leave you now." And with that he was gone.

"Uh, what was that all about?" Tucker asked after a while, completely dumbfounded.

"I have no clue." Danny said, setting the little boy on his feet. This would have been the perfect time for Sam to remind Danny that he was clueless about everything, but she was a bit preoccupied.

"How 'bout you Sam? Do you know what's u-" Tucker stopped mid-sentence when Danny turned around to see why his mouth fell open and he raised his brows in bewilderment.

"Isn't he just adorable?" Sam cooed as she helped Allan draw a picture in the dirt.

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