Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim any rights or responsibilities for the characters within this short bit of fiction… though I'm quite fond of the newborn pup who makes his appearance.

Izayoi's Journal


his newborn fingers,

tipped with perfect, tiny claws,

curl tightly round mine.

My mind turned to poetry this morning. It has been months since I composed haiku. Perhaps there is hope here for my son and me? Unbelievable, that he is mine to love, touched as he is with strange power. I'm awed by what his presence in my arms means. Inuyasha. He is so like his father. Silver and gold. At first, I was frightened, for I could not find his elfin ears. But soft, flopping points quivered atop his head when I cooed over his soft cheeks. Wonder of wonders—ears, pricked up like a puppy's! Now, I sing softly to him while I go about my work, and those little ears swivel and twitch, following my voice attentively.

finest baby fuzz

reflects like silver moonlight

on each little ear.

He knows my scent. His father used to compliment me on the way I smelled. Funny, I'd forgotten until the other day. I had brought my little inu up to my shoulder to burp after his feeding, and he buried his nose against my neck with a sigh. I blinked back tears over the memories that surfaced. I cherish each, for they're all I have now. I will never forget Lord Taisho—so ancient and great and powerful and oh, so precious to me.

wide and innocent,

his burnished gaze holds molten

gold like his father's.


End Note: This drabble was entered during the Live Journal iyissekiwa community's contest for the theme "Journal." The intersecting poems really are haiku… poems in which the lines each contain five, seven, and five syllables respectively.