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You're only a Heartbeat away ~ Come back to me ~


Ash (17)/Misty (18)/Brock (20)


*Viridian Pokemon centre. *

"Attention, paging Misty Waterflower, paging Misty Waterflower. Please pick up the nearest Videophone." An automated voice echoed through the busy Pokemon centre.


"Like, hi Misty! We have, like, some great news for you!"


"Like, the Gym belongs to you. It's officially, like, yours. You qualified baby sis!"

"Oh… Yeah, thanks…"

"Like, Misty, you should be happy! So when are you coming home?"

"Soon…I have to go, bye Daisy."

Misty quickly hung up the videophone. Sighing she left the booth in search for her friends.


She smiled and watched as the boys fought over which of them got to sleep on the bed or the floor.

"Huhmm… I think you have fought enough. I will have the bed and YOU get the floor." Misty said smugly.

Both boys stared at the redhead grinning in the doorway.

"Wha… Mist, you always get the bed. This is so unfair." Ash whined.

"Shut up Ash." Misty growled back.

Ash sprang to his feet and glared at her. "NO, I won't shut up. I have a very important battle tomorrow and I want a good nights rest."

Misty snickered before answering. "You are such a BIG baby!"

Brock sighed. 'Great, another round of flirting. I don't understand these two.' Putting his hands over his ears to help try and muffle their fighting.

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Shut up! No more… please…I can't take it anymore!" Brock interrupted them.

"Please make it stop… Please make it stop… Please make it stop…"

Ash and Misty stared at their older friend, amused as they listened to his mumblings.

They enjoyed tormenting him as much as play fighting with each other. Brock was to easy of a target.

"I can't take any more of AM NOT and ARE TOO! Please no more, I beg you. Please!" He pleaded with the two snickering teens.

"Chill Brock-o" Ash struggled to say through his fits of laughter.

"Yeah Brock, now that's scary." Misty giggled. 'I'm going to miss this…'


Dear Diary,

I should be happy that I finally have the Cerulean gym right? But, I'm not. Okay, It has been my dream for a long time to run the gym and live in the beach house… What about Ash? I may never see him again, and should I tell him… before I leave? So many thoughts...

At least one of my dreams will come true…

Misty Waterflower.
12th July 2015


Sighing she finished writing in her blue diary and put it back into its secure hiding place.

This was going to be a hard decision. She really wanted to take over the gym, make a name for the Cascade badge again. Leaving Ash was going to be difficult.

'I should let Brock know I'm leaving soon.' She thought to herself, before leaving the room.

"Brock, can I speak to you for a moment?" Misty shyly asked.

"Sure Misty, what do you want to talk about?" Brock replied.

"I had a call from my sisters this morning, and… well… the gym officially belongs to me now."

"Congratulations Misty. You're officially a gym leader".

Misty smiled weakly. "Yeah, thanks."

"What's wrong Misty? I thought this is what you wanted" Brock questioned, and then frowned as if he realized something. "Oh… Ash, right?" He asked thoughtfully.

Misty simply nodded. "How am I going to tell him Brock?" She whispered.

Understanding her dilemma and situation Brock answered truthfully. "When you're ready Misty. You'll know when the time is right."

Feeling more confident and at ease, she smiled and hugged her older friend. "I'm going to miss you Brock."

"I'm going to miss you too Misty. It will not be the same without you."

Laughing nervously, she let go of her older companion, and wiped away the odd tear that rolled down her cheek. Not at all Misty-like, to show her emotions.

He smiled and ruffled her mop of red hair. "Cheer up 'red' nothing bad is going to happen. You'll see each other again some day."

"Yeah, you're right" she said swatting his hand away.


The crowds cheered and roared as Ash's match came to an end.

"Ash Ketchum is our new League champion!" The commentator yelled over the cheering fans.

"We did it Pikachu!" Ash cried, scooping his little buddy up into his chest. "Pika!"

"Congratulations Ash" Misty whispered into his ear and gently kissed his cheek.

Blushing beet red he smiled and thanked her.



The cameras and reporters surrounded the two teens, who were staring into each other's eyes. Not caring if the whole world witnessed his first kiss, he moved closer and kissed her back on the lips.

Ash felt the shivers and twinges of pleasure rise and fall through out his entire body when he touched her dainty soft lips.

Winning a Pokemon battle in front of thousands of people and on national TV was a lifetime experience, but this was far better than the thrill of winning a League competition or a chance to be famous.

Not even winning the title of 'Grand Pokemon Master' could beat this over whelming feeling of desire and pure happiness.

Ash and Misty's intimacy not only got a reaction from the reporters and photographers, but from the crowed of roaring fans. Quickly they moved away from each other blushing and feeling embarrassed, hearing the whole stadium suddenly echo with dog whistles and cheers.

Ash gulped and made his way up to the stand of microphones, Misty at his side. "I could not have done this without the help from my friends, family, and my Pokemon. Thank you all".

Fans cheering and News reporters shouting as many questions all at once followed Ash's short speech.
He didn't get much of a chance to add anything else, as the cheering grew loader.


Misty sat alone in their room, thinking about what had happened earlier on. She still couldn't believe Ash kissed her in front of thousands of people and on national TV. 'Maybe, just maybe he feels the same… but I'm leaving soon… I have to tell him.' Her thoughts were broken when she heard the door open.


"Hey, Ash."

"Mist listen um… about before… I'm sorry… if I umm… you know, embarrassed you…" Ash stammered.

Misty smiled trying to avoid eye contact. She felt a little uneasy around him, and the thought of leaving and breaking the news still rushed around inside her head. 'Just tell him…you can do this Misty'

"That's Okay Ash, you didn't". She replied.

Ash smiled and sat down beside her. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Misty spoke. "Ash, I… I have something to tell you…" 'You can do this… tell him.'

"What is it Mist?" Ash questioned.

'Oh God, I can't tell him… quick make something up!' Looking up into his beautiful shining brown eyes that sparkled with happiness, she stuttered. "Um…I just wanted to say… I'm happy for you Ash."

"Thanks Misty, that means a lot to me".

Gazing into each other's eyes. They didn't notice themselves leaning in closer to one another.

Misty was the first to snap out of her daze when she felt Ash's soft breath on her cheek. "Um… Ash, I really don't feel so good at the moment. Why don't you go back down stairs, I'm sure everyone is wondering where you've gone." She whispered.

"What's wrong are you Feeling alright?" He asked anxiously.

Misty nodded, "Yeah, I just didn't get very much sleep last night. Don't worry about me."

"Are you sure Misty?"

"I'll try and come down a little later, Okay."

"Oh…sure. Night Misty." Ash replied and kissed her forehead before leaving the room.

'What am I going to do?' She kept asking herself.

Falling into her pillow, she let the tears fall freely, and managed to cry herself to sleep.


Misty woke up later than usual, sighing she got out from under her warm duvet and into the chilling air. "Brrr" she shivered throwing on a jumper over the clothes she wore from the night before.

Yawning and stretching she walked out of the bedroom in search for her friends. It didn't take long to find them.


She heard her name, and turned to see who it was.

Ash and Brock sat in the lobby waving her over.

"Hi guys. Sorry about sleeping in so late. I know you wanted to move on today Ash." She apologised.

Ash flashed a smile in her direction and shrugged. "That's okay, we can make a move anytime."

Misty smiled back and took a seat in front of her two companions. "So… um… Ash, where are we headed for anyways?" Misty stuttered.

"I was thinking of taking a break and going home. I think I deserve a rest from training. Right Pikachu?" "Pika!"

"Sounds just what you need Ash." Brock replied.


Misty was not really listening to the boy's conversation, more like listening to her thoughts. They had been bothering her all night. 'You're going to have to tell him sometime and soon.'



"Hmm…oh, sorry Ash, I was just thinking."

"K, I asked if you wanted anything to eat, before we go"

"Um…no, but I would like a freshen up before we go, give me half an hour. K"

Ash nodded. Once she had gone he turned to Brock, "do you think she is avoiding me?"

"Wow, this is sudden. Why, because of yesterday and the kiss?"

"Yeah, I have a feeling something is bothering her."

"I am positive she's not avoiding you, but if you're worried go talk to her."

"Yeah, I'll talk to her later. Thanks Brock."

"No problem man."


*Viridian forest*

It was late and getting darker when the three humans and two Pokemon decided to call it a night.

"It's getting late Ash, I think we should call it a night." Brock stated.

"Okay, sounds good to me."

Misty walked a few feet behind both of them. She really needed more time to think about how to tell Ash.

"Mist!" Ash called.

Running to catch them up, "Coming!" She called back.


'Brrr, I'm so cold. This is something I am defiantly not going to miss. He always hogs the heat…'

Ash really wanted to find out what was bothering Misty. 'Maybe I should ask her now…' Plucking up the courage to finally ask her, he was interrupted before he even had a chance too.
"Ash, you always sleep near the fire!" Misty whined.

"Tough Misty, if you don't like it, then just leave." Ash fought back. 'Damn… not good Ketchum…' He cursed inwardly.

"FINE! I guess you're going to get your wish." 'Good one Misty… always know when to open your big mouth…'


"Ash, I… I'm going back home. The gym belongs to me now."


"Ash, I was going to tell you, but I…"

"Misty, just leave…" he interrupted her. 'What are you doing?'

"Ash?" 'Oh god no…'

"I said leave… pack your stuff and go." He said without emotion. 'No! What are you saying fool!'

Misty stared at him for a moment before she picked up her bag and Togepi. "I guess this is goodbye then…"

"Yeah whatever…" 'How could you do this?'

She felt her eyes fill with tears. Not letting them show, she let her anger and pride take over. "Fine, I…I Hate you Ash Ketchum." 'No I don't… I love you…'

…More silence…

"I wish I never met you!" Misty continued. 'Why?'

"The feeling is mutual." He resorted back. 'What?'

She turned and ran, not even saying goodbye to Brock or Pikachu. "Ash, what are you doing?" Brock asked.

'No…Misty come back…don't leave me…please I need you…I'm sorry…'




"Go after her now Ash!" Brock yelled at the weeping boy.



Ash ran as fast as he could calling her name repeatedly.


Pushing branches and bushes out of his path, desperately wanting to find her safe. '…What have I done? I'm going to lose her…'


She could hear her name being called, but continued to run through the forest. Blinded by her tears she tripped and fell to the ground sobbing.

What had just happened?

This was not the way it was meant to go…

Ash could feel his throat throbbing, but still called for her. Fresh tears mixing in with old ones ran down his cheeks onto the ground. Falling down on his knees he sobbed into his hands. "…Misty, please come back…"


Cerulean gym…

Miss Misty Waterflower

26c, Cerulean Waters

Beach house 2 CE38CCW

15th  September 2015

Hey Mist,
I know you don't want me contacting you. Being your least favourite person and all, but I really needed to write to you. I hope you're reading this. Just like all my other letters, I guess.

I'm sorry Misty. I didn't mean anything I said. I just want some sort of reply or message letting me know you're safe. Please it's all I ask.

Forgive me…

Yours, Ash Ketchum.

Another letter… maybe I should get in contact with him… No! don't let him get to you, you don't need him anymore…'


"Like, Misty? Anyone home in there?"

"Misty?" *Sigh* "She has totally spaced out again Daisy." Lilly told her older sister over the intercom.

"Another letter?" She asked sarcastically.

"You got it."


Ash sighed. "Pikachu, I don't understand it. It's been two months and still no reply or word from her."

Pikachu looked up from his Ketchup bottle sensing his friend/trainers discomfort. "Pika, pika…"

"Yeah, maybe."

"Ash, will you stop being so stubborn and go to Cerulean." Brock sighed.

"But Brock, I just can't up and leave. What about…um… well…my um..." Ash stuttered trying to rack his brains for an excuse why he couldn't go to Cerulean. The truth was he was scared and didn't want to upset her more than he had already.

"What Ash?" Brock replied sarcastically.

"You don't understand Brock. So just…stop already." Ash resorted and left the room.

Brock sighed again, looking down at the little yellow mouse Pokemon holding tightly onto the Ketchup bottle. "I don't understand him sometimes Pikachu. How long will it take him to realize he's in love with her and can't live without her?"

"Pikachu, pika, pika."

"I hope so too Pikachu."

*** ~ message direct: - I AM FINE AND I STILL HATE YOU.

Sent by: -

Ash smiled when his message appeared on his screen of his new Pokedex T2000.

"She's fine, but still hates me. She can't stay mad at me forever… what do you think Pikachu."

"Pika, pika" his little buddy shrugged.

"At least I know she reads my letters." He replied brightly.


*1 year 1½ months later*

Packing up his sleeping bag as quietly as possible, so as not to wake his sleeping friend and Pokemon. Ash took two letters out of his pocket and set one of them next to his friends. 'They'll understand why… I have to see her… I need her…' He thought, staring at the remaining letter in his hands.

With one last look at his two sleeping companions, he smiled and walked deeper into the darkness of the forest. He had a long journey ahead of him. At least a two week hike to Cerulean.

'I can't live without her anymore… face it Ketchum, you've got it bad.'

Brock opened one of his eyes and smiled at the little electric mouse. Watching his younger friend leaving quietly. "It's about time. Hey Pikachu." He whispered.

"Pika" The yellow mouse sighed.


To be continued…

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