Open up wide!

The mission seemed impossible, it was the most difficult task in his life but he had to do it. It was going to be a life or death situation. His opponent was the most skilled and diabolical challenger.

A most worthy adversary indeed, Minato thought.

He grinned while sweat was growing on his forehead, he only had one chance and victory would be his!
He wasn't called the Golden-Flash for nothing! Beads of sweat dripped from the side of his face, but he held his stance.

I can do this… I made my own famous techniques and I am the frickin' Hokage. I can obviously do this! BELIEVE IT!

Minato saw an opening and moved hand, and believing he finally took down his enemy.



"AH! Sorry! SORRY SORRY NARUTO!" cried Minato while wiping the baby food off the toddler's face.

Yes, it was another hard day for our favorite father of Konoha. It was high noon, Naruto had not been fed his lunch, and he was a very picky baby when it came to food. Unfortunately, for Minato, Naruto hadn't grown any teeth and he couldn't start eating ramen (and that his wife would give him a good scolding). Which we know is both his wife's and son's favorite food. Now usually his wife had been the one feeding their son, but today Minato insisted that she should have a nice time out with her friends. It had nothing to do with that Kushina would bring about the face Naruto would make that he's never seen when eating his meal.

"Come on Naruto, you gotta to open wide and eat!" he scooped up some of the goo in the baby frog spoon and attempting once more.

"Hmhm!" Naruto turned his head as Minato tried moving his spoon closer to his mouth.

"Naruto, here comes the birdie!"

"HMPH!" Naruto turned to the left.

"Yum yum, eat this and you'll become strong like your daddy!"

"HMPH!" Naruto turned to the right.

"Here comes the Anbu in for the kill!"

"BLAGHY!" He made a revolted face to his father in his taste of food and music.

"Naruto, please tell me what is wrong, is the baby food too cold? Too warm? Too food?"

"Yo sensei…"



Minato turned his head into the direction of the noise that was calling him. A silver haired teenager, stood at his door fame waving his hand as a sign of greeting.

"Ah Kakashi, so nice of you to drop by," smiled Minato.

"Naruto-kun giving you troubles again sensei?" asked Kakashi, looking at the fidgeting baby, trying to escape this torturous device known as the high chair.

"Yes… too bad Naruto can't go back to his breast feeding stage like good old times," Minato sighed nostalgically , as he spooned more food and having Naruto slap the utensil out of his hand.

Kakashi had a horrible flash back of that day of that horrendous event.

"Sensei, here are the new mission folders I have to give to –," rushed in Kakashi in the room.


There stood Minato with a strap on his body. Where his chest was suppose to be, were two milk bottles jutting out of his chest while Naruto happily suckled away at his father's bosom. (Referance Meet the Fockers)

"I'll just put them right here sensei…" The damage of this image was so great, the image actually imprints itself on his sharingan techniques.

Kakashi shuddered in silence, the old image sent shivers down his spine. Minato continued to try to get Naruto to open his mouth and eat the vile contents of baby food.

"I've tried everything!" cried Minato putting his arms in utter defeat and putting the bottle beside him.

"Everything sensei?

"YES! Airplanes, trains, birdies, flying pigs… then I tried doing juggling…."

"Sensei... no juggling….Remember what happened to Tobi's eye?"

"Oh yea…."

"Hmm is Naruto-kun easily amused?" pondered Kakashi, rubbing his chin.

"Well I guess he is for any infant…" as Minato scratched his chin.

Without a notice, Kakashi moved his hands into a seal and summoned his nin-dogs on the spot. Before Minato got to give Kakashi an earful on animal hygiene and what they could do to babies. Naruto opening his eyes to the sound, giggled in joy seeing the animals. He took this golden opportunity, Minato spooned a wade of food into Naruto's mouth. The baby looked a little shocked and his cheeks were puffed up with the goo inside.

"Yes! Now Naruto swa –"

Before Minato could even finish his sentence, Naruto spat out the food on to his father's face and gave him a look of disgust and annoyance on how he was tricked into eating that. Kakashi silently laughed in the corner holding his tears of joy in.

"….We were so close too," sighed Arashi wiping off the contents off his face.

"We could always use chidori…"

"HATAKE KAKASHI!" screamed his teacher.

"I was only joking!"

Minato gave a long hard look to his son, and Naruto gave a long hard baby pout look to his father. Trying to win this battle, Naruto pulled out the really pouty lips and then shined his eyes to BISHONEN STYLE TO THE MAX-YO! (Note the author will not be sued for using such horrible slang). Minato blinded by the cuteness, admitted to utter defeat.

"Sensei, what is in this stuff anyways?" asked Kakashi, as he sniffed the unknown white contains.

"I don't know, I got from Uchiha-san. He said it makes strong healthy babies," replied Minato looking in the little cup himself.

Both adults curiously dipped their finger in the white-brownish substance and put it in their mouths getting a good taste. With the same reaction as Naruto, both spat it out and made a face. Looking at each other replied the same thing.


Next day, Minato went and bought actual baby food from the store and not the one that had been handed by Sasuke's Papa. Also Kushina was upset at the mess in the kitchen and refused to let her husband feed Naruto. As for the natto paste... I mean who really feeds their kids that? Only an insane child would like it. I mean why do you think Sasuke grew so grumpy? He hated all the other children who got to eat normal baby food while he suffered the ultimate punishment. Look at Itachi, why do you think he wanted to kill off his clan? Spared some future Uchihas the suffering.

Natto - Fermented Soybeans, but since they are babies NATTO PASTE.