This chapter used to be a prologue, but I've decided to make this chapter one.

Chapter 1- Broken

He couldn't sleep.

Despite the fact that Ethan Winthrop was dead tired from work, he couldn't seem to close his eyes.

Something was on his mind.

It was a dream that seemed hopeless yet he wished that it was real.

All he ever thought about was Theresa. He finally realized that she was indeed his real true love. Unfortunately, his hope of having another chance with her back slipped away through his fingers when he found out from Pilar that she left Harmony, never to be seen again.

Ethan was pained by this. Theresa had stepped out of his life forever.

How could he go on without her? How could he live without her? His love for her was like the oxygen you breathe in. With Theresa gone, he felt as though he was about to die…

"Theresa…" Ethan murmured.

He turned to his alarm clock. It was 12:05 p.m. He was up late once again.

Ethan hasn't slept well in days but he didn't care. This wouldn't have happen if he listened to Theresa in the first place when she was telling him the truth all along. The truth about his wife, whom he thought was loyal and honest and wouldn't do anything to deceive him.

He was wrong.

"How could I have been so stupid?"

It happened two months ago when the tabloid editor J.T. Cornell exposed Gwen's darkest secret that she kept locked inside her for the past six years. She exposed his true paternity to the tabloids and framed Theresa for it so she could get another chance with Ethan.

Ethan, as usual, wouldn't believe a word that his ears heard, until he confronted his wife himself. After the unexpected meeting at the Blue Note, he called her to meet him at home. Not knowing that was going on, Gwen wondered apprehensively why Ethan cancelled their dinner plans.

It wasn't the night she thought would turn out to be.

At last Gwen arrived at home to see her husband with a cold look on his face. The confrontation began and it ended very ugly.

"How could you do this to me, Gwen?!" Ethan asked in disbelief.

"I'm sorry-

"You're sorry? Sorry?! Saying sorry to me doesn't fix the mess you created!"

Gwen saw something in his eyes that she never saw before. He was furious. Was he hurt? Of course he was. But he was angry most of all.

"I know, but please...Ethan…let me explain"

"Why should I believe any word that comes from your mouth?" Ethan said coldly.

"It's the truth, I swear" Gwen was almost in tears.

"It's nothing but lies, lies and more filthy lies! I can't believe that you would have done something like this. After all this time, Theresa was telling me the truth all along, hasn't she?"

"But Ethan…"

"Just answer the damn question. Has she been telling the truth? HAS SHE?!"

Ethan exploded with anger toward her as he threw a picture of himself and Gwen across the floor and the clinking sound was loud enough for any neighbor to hear.

"It's over Gwen!" said Ethan imploded. I want you to pack your things and get out of here. I want you out of my house and I certainly want you out of my life!"

That dark cloud of an unpleasant memory faded away from his mind. That evening haunted him but he swore to himself that he would not let it ruin his life.

Ethan sighed and stared blankly at the ceiling. It was way past midnight now. He knew this for he had been up these late many nights before.

"I was such a fool…" he murmured. "A damn fool…."

A single teardrop trickled down his left cheek. He couldn't hold it in much longer; he had to let those tears flow out from a crying soul…

His meaning of life meant nothing…without her. It seemed pointless to live another day.

Ethan had his chance to be with her; now he couldn't ask for it back. You could either take it or lose it.

And he definitely lost it…

He clung to his pillow and buried his head into it. The softness of that pillow didn't bring much comfort to him, as it had been stained with overflowing tears as he cried himself to sleep.