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She's an Extraordinary girl
In an ordinary world
And she cant seem to get away

He lacks the courage in his mind
Like a child left behind
Like a pet left in the rain

It seemed like no time had passed befor the preppy (lol, every time I write preppy when describing Luna I almost wrote 'pretty'.) girl returned. Except this time she came back wit a teacher. He was kinda tall and had dark haire but I didn't recognize him. He was kind of cute, though he looked really scared and stuff.

"W-w-w-whats going on in here?" he asked, looking over to see Amy, then back to Luna (the preppy girl). "I don't see a problem here.'

"I don't know if u can see professor but I think she was attacked by nargles.' Luna nodded, talking to him.

'What the hell is a nargle?' I asked and blunk my big red eyes. I hardly noticed the bain of my broken leg.

'Well, it's a type of beast that attacks people.' Luna nodded. Ugh. Like that helped. Stupid fucking prep.

'Ms. Lovegood, would u kindly go be insane over… THERE? Away from me?' the teacher asked, pointing off in another direction. I like him already. The prep simply nodded and walked over there.

"Now. Wat to do with u…" the professor looked at me obviously thinking. 'I guess I cold just float u there, but u have to stay very still.' He emphasized.

'Excuse me but who the fuck r u?" I finally asked

"Watch your mouf, student. I'm professor quarrel. "Eh got out his wand, pointing it at me and muttering sum thing. I began floating.

"I thouht you died cus you had Voldemort on your head or something."

"No. he didn't kill me. He…" Quarrel paused after he looked at me "It's n-none of your business. He's gone now… Gone. Forever." It was rely weird. He looked more sad then anything else.

She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying

She sees the mirror of herself
An image she wants to sell
To anyone willing to buy

Soon she was in the hospital wing. The doctor chick was already asleep so I had to stay there for the night. There was another person on the bed next to me who was also awake.

"What're you in for?" He asked, looking over to me. I gasped. He was so fucking hot! He had green hare and glasses, though they looked like they had been broken a lot. Like mine! I mean, I no I rely liked Harry, but… I and these guys' glasses matched! We were totally mint to be!

"I. uh. I fell down some stairs." I reached my hand up and messed with my hare lightly.

"Heh. Like In fight club?" he asked with a smirk. Satan. His smirk was cute ///

"Ya!" I laughed, grinning. "Ur cool. What's your name?" I asked, smiling shyly.

"Kevin. You?"

"omg! I herd about you" When I said that he looked a bit worried 'don't worry, it was al good. U burned down your house, rite?" I grinned a bit. Hehe. Burning things was fun. Except when they were thrown at me. He sighed and head desked.

'Yes. Well. No. I burned an egg. An started a fire. And… it wasn't on purpose.' He shook his head

"Oh. Cus I thought it was pretty cool.' Oh well. He was still hot. And his hare was neat. "Oh and my name's Amy."

"Oh. Ur the new girl." He paused "so how bad r u. u no. from falling down the stairs."

"I'm okay. why are you here?"


He steals the image in her kiss
From her hearts apocalypse
From the one called whatsername

She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying


She's an Extraordinary girl
an Extraordinary girl
an Extraordinary girl
an Extraordinary girl


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