Part Two: Scum of the Earth

Ch 14: Scum...

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Warning: Heavy violence, blood, & strong language. Viewer discretion is highly advised

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Remember: Mewtwo's voice are in italic format.

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...How 4 months became hell...

...where one's end becomes a beginning...

...One things for sure:

It starts here.


"I hate myself for doing thins, but it must be done. Even if it meant facing the consequences...I will

Daunted by the horrible recollections of his disgusting past, Mewtwo flew as far away with all of his heart. Or what's still left of it anyways.

Into the stills of night, he was no more than a gleaming shadow of a falling star, streaking through in a flash before disappearing to the other side of the horizon. Bad enough as it is to know he won't be able to live past another year, knowing well that what he had committed, is considered the breaking point in his own eyes. But his situation can be further explained, once he has cleared any ill forgotten thoughts of his pasts.

No matter where, when & why, his past...always managing to seeps into the clone's conscience. Of all the wrong doings he committed. A strangle in his heart, far more painful than a physical experience. Of all the times that it must return with a vengeance, it had to occur now.

First came in the recollections of his arrival to the land of the living, killing all the scientists that were only interested in conducting research for their own personal quest for godhood...

"Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!" the clone yelled to himself. Nobody(?) was there to hear his shout.

Again, more gruesome images Many of the untold victims he slain when worked for Team Rocket...

...That was the low point in his mind. To cruelly slaughter the innocent. Amongst the tally, a majority was of women & children. Especially children. Each ghastly look upon their lifeless faces drew pain anything that he could comprehend. Robbing away hope to the future generations that might have made a difference.

No amount of righteous acts from the depths of the darkness, could wipe away the terrible phantasmagoria of his wrong doing within his tortured soul.

"Right. Whatever I had done, were of my choices. Atonement alone won't delivery me the peace I so ache for. Where must I start? Where.."

Indeed, thinking about the choices the clone made, a new twist had now opened up the pandora box of the so-called possibilities. One of which, his first counterattack attempt at New Island. At one point, images of possible alternate realities of the dire consequences that were supposed to happen, project the once awaiting plot of the final solution to all that is perfect:

...Empty vessels of the former living, littered across the seas, evidence to show that they were 'weak' in his eyes.

...The decays of chauvinism, so too did perished.

Remnants of a society that greedily wanted to feel the warmth of omnipotent power, crumbled into useless rusts & debris...

...Crimson liquid seeping back to the earth, spoke of what the aftermath became...

The innocent...the guilty...they did not see it coming...

...Truly, a barren wasteland, no life other than himself & his creations...

...Whispers of the winds blew in a ways, replacing the cries for mercy that had never arrived...

...and on top of the dead skies, the very thing that did it all for reasons of thoughtless vengeance.

For now until the end of forever, their strident cries echo into his conscious for amusement...

And a dark smirk could be seen on his face, knowing well he is in total control over this once striving world.

In a fit of frustration, Mewtwo shook his mind, in need of driving away far from the very possible scenario that was within the reaches of coming to life-


Mewtwo never heard & knew what hit him 'till it was already too late.

Out came a stroke on unimaginable pain, in his right eye. The twitching nerves of touch was overloaded with so much terrible sensations. Blood seeped out from the wound...

...Along with the remains of his eye. And the culprit that did so. A 1¼ inch bullet with a black sun insignia on the side of the shell.

Mewtwo thrashed about, doing whatever it takes to rid the unnatural pain inflicted by the unknown...

Retched confusion colliding with control, pain was at the least bit too bland to describe what he's feeling right now. "My eye!" The clone howled in agony, as it distracted him from the real threat. If there were such things as real monsters, then there is the possibility of a cry that never should have existed. The sound that sends chills down your spine & will forever haunt your very essence.

Every twists he made, gave a view to the dance of despair, his cloak made an elaborate material to display his distress. By all means: it hurts like a motherfucker! The sheer torment had obstructed his mind from what is to be unfurled.

Gleaming down from atop of the dark lit heavens, a bellow roar parted the skies with ferocity. Slithering downwards towards the clone above & behind his six, an image of green, yellow & black. Riding on top of the green beast with a toting rifle, the kneeling blond culprit.


True to her new title 'Black Sunshine', she's here to bring the cold glow of death. Her true target: the wounded clone himself, Mewtwo.

A sadistic smile can be seen, plastered on her face. "Hey there: Long time no see, Mewtwo!"

He silently let out a curse only he could hear. This was all that Mewtwo needed: more of his past, coming to claim his head. One hand over his wound, he shouted, "YOU! What do you want from me?"

Without a second to hesitate, did the mercenary aimed for another shot. This time, she aimed for the clone's shoulder. Pulling the trigger, did Domino fired another harsh blow to his shoulders. Too slow for him to evade do to the injury, he took the full blunt force & tumbled back some meters away. Fortunately, the wound only served to block out the major infliction on the clone's eye.

In a cold tone, Domino responded. "What needs to be done. I'll give you a head start. Makes things more interesting to hunt you, like the scum fucker that you are. Rayquaza: follow that freak & don't it's size fool you. He's a true piece of shit that can match up to you!"

The chase went on. As commanded by it's master, Rayquaza relentlessly gaped it's jaw. Swarms of yellow light were congregating into a sphere of immense power. The target is now locked on & there's no loss of sight.

Mewtwo, bleeding quicker than ever before, did the only idealistic that came up to his mind.


To be continued...


A/N: The whole idea of Mewtwo's dirty past was inspired by the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie series. A bit of the 'Freddy Krueger syndrome' if you will. Very gory, heartless & sickening. It is the right ingredient to make my version of Mewtwo more vivid. Not as an omnipotent being that can graze through life without emotions. But as a mortal creature, conflictions that are real amongst society.

Don't you worry folks, Mewtwo won't kill kids in here. Well...not in this version.

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